Eve of Gods
2 New God Maugus
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Eve of Gods
Author :Maugus0
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2 New God Maugus

Ahan teleported to a semi-plane. He looked around and this semi-plane was like a whole new empty dimension in the void with no signs of life. Suddenly, a huge amount of buried memories in his mind surfaced. He started assimilating with all these memories of countless eons! He was in a Divine Kingdom. His Divine Kingdom.

Contrary to the popular trend of unlucky fellow World Travelers who arrived anywhere randomly in a new world and started from scratch, he had traveled to a Divine Kingdom and he had become a god!

Once again, with his hand shining with white blinding light, he drew Om in the air.

He was back! Sitting on his bed with a laptop on his lap, back on Earth.

He drew Om again, and there! He was back to his Divine Kingdom again.

But Ahan did not think that he was all that lucky; in fact if he had the choice, he would rather switch places with those other World Travelers, Transmigrators or Reincarnators in a heartbeat.

Why, you would ask? Because atleast they could start afresh in a new world! New world, new beginning.

With his memories gradually assimilating with him, everything made sense. He was God Maugus, the second member of the Supreme Gods Trinity. He maintained the order and harmony of the world, which is periodically created by Brom and periodically destroyed by Siva to prepare for the next creation of the Mortal World. They did this so that the mortals could never escape their fate of being controlled by the Gods! When the human civilization reached the inevitable point of being powerful enough to be able to overthrow their Gods, Destroyer Siva would destroy the whole Mortal World for another cycle and that is how the three of them had always reigned as Supreme Gods!

Maugus was worshiped in many forms and in several avatars (incarnations). He was an important, somewhat mysterious god. Less visible than nature gods that preside over elements (such as fire and rain), Maugus was the pervader — the divine essence that pervades the world.

He was usually worshiped in the form of his various avatars.

He was the only god in this world that had the ability of divine descent, descending to the world in the form of avatars.

Avatars were savior forms of God Maugus that descended to the World to intervene whenever help was needed to restore dharma (moral order) and peace. Eventually, Maugus got tired of watching the looping cycle of Brom creating the world and Siva destroying the world while he tried to always keep the human civilization's progress to a minimum. He started to believe that even if the humans progressed to be powerful enough to overthrow them, Gods will not fall!

As Gods were the fundamental law of the Mortal World itself. They were the eventual evolution of all immortal level beings in the Mortal World! Therefore, there was no point restraining the Mortal World's power by destroying it time and again.

He fought the other two Supreme Gods in a war of faith, so that all the races of the Mortal World could take their fate in their own hands, whether they destroy themselves, or continue to prosper. However, he lost in this war of faith, and reincarnated as Ahan in the other world called Earth, to save his life. Apparently though, this disaster came as a blessing in disguise as now his Earthling body was imbued with a tinge of the divinity of his previous body of a God from this world.

His unprecedented situation granted him an ability that no God in this world would ever possess; the ability to be able to travel through the void between two different worlds without losing himself in the process or suffering from the suppression of the will of the other world.

As a god from a different world, if he entered another world he would inevitably have to face suppression from the will of that world! But, now he had a body of an Earthling which had a soul from a God of the Mortal World.

Technically, he was an anomaly who belonged to both worlds!

This loophole granted him abilities which were beyond the imagination of all the Gods of this world. Though, now that he was back in the Mortal World, his Divine Kingdom was shattering and almost on the verge of destruction! Moreover, the backup Divinity and Godhood that he had left here was already borderline unstable, to the point where if he merged with them to once again ascend as a God, soon after he might not even be able to keep his power as a God and die.

This was because after his fall, his strong and thriving church fell and disbanded in the blink of an eye -- most of his believers killed and the rest converted. In this world filled with different gods, being an atheist in itself was an act of heresy.

All of the races believed in one god or the other, and from this faith the Gods derived their power. With his church destroyed, the God of Harmony and Order, Maugus, couldn't even stabilize and merge with his Divinity and Godhood. He was only alive and able to travel between the two worlds because of his last devout believer left in this world, steadily providing him with faith energy; his last Saintess, Nandini.

But, even she was in trouble. She was fighting believers of other weak Gods, hell bent on destroying his last church in the Eastern Island, so that their Gods could find the location of his Divine Kingdom and devour his remaining Divinity and Godhood.

It was Nandini's praying voice that he heard on Earth and remembered everything. He had to save her. If it were the Old God Maugus facing the same mess as he was, he would probably only be able to close his eyes and wait for his inevitable death.

But, this New God Maugus was different. As your standard webnovel writer from Earth, his creativity was unmatched in this world!

First of all, improvising on his VR simulation skills he used his faith energy to measure the amount of faith energy left, chalking it up to hundred degree. As for why he did not set it as just one degree, it was because he found that the faith energy he had left was too powerful. If he were to convert it all to raw energy and throw it at the Mortal World, it would probably be able to immediately disintegrate a city of millions, more or less the power of a nuclear bomb.

If he wanted to stabilize and merge with his Divinity and Godhood, he would have to rack up at least a thousand degrees of faith energy constantly from his believers by a ritual of sacrifice through the Divinity Altar. In this world, the Gods had control over a variety of different fundamental world laws which formed the natural order of the Mortal World, but at the very core, each God was composed of three basic fundamental laws: Divine Mercy, Divine Power, and Divine Law.

To put it simply, through Divine Mercy, a God could communicate with his believers in the Mortal World in the form of prophecies or revelations! There were a lot of Sanths and Sadhus in India, who would make statements to the media like:

"Yesterday, at night, God came into my dream and told me that 1000 tons of Gold is buried under Fatima Mahal!"

The whole of India would always break into an uproar and the Archaeology Department would be sent to confirm if that was indeed true or not due to the pressure from the hardcore bhakt public.

It was through Divine Mercy that Gods rewarded their believers by imbuing them with strength and power, which was basically forcefully increasing their grade. Priests and clergy of their church would also call upon the God's power through the law of Divine Mercy to perform spells and divine feats in the Mortal World.

Divine Power was a God's right of power, it was the most fundamental law of the Mortal World's will. This power was of a threshold that mortals who had not bonded with the World Will could never encroach, or even think of tainting.

Divine punishment was an extension of this trait. If any Mortal ever tried to encroach on the authority of the Gods, they would face Heavenly Lightening Tribulation from the World's Will!

Divine Law or Godhood was the basis of a God's divinity -- it was a power so great that it was on the same level as the laws of Mortal World itself. For example, The God of Fire, Agni could ignore whether a volcano was dormant or active and make it spit lava, as long as it is part of their sphere of influence, Gods could single-handedly affect the natural laws of the world! It was through their domains that Gods in the Mortal World would always have huge amount of believers in a race that was innately talented in their domain or sphere of influence!

Ahan had an advantage here as he had an additional trait, Divine Descent. The old him, used it to descend himself in the world.

But, as webnovel writer, he could not allow such a powerful ability to go waste.

He would use his remaining faith energy to make a system and a server. With the help of virtual reality, he would create the best game on Earth. He would transport players from Earth straight to this world and use them as his countless immortal warrior avatars to take back everything he had lost in this world!


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