Eve of Gods
3 Game Developmen
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Eve of Gods
Author :Maugus0
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3 Game Developmen

Having written his fair share of Webnovels and designed many VR games on Earth, Ahan knew how hard it was to design a virtual reality game. A VR game needed a set of systems from a variety of games such as role-playing, trading, adventure, life simulation, and more! There was also the issue of re-spawning dead players.

First of all, Ahan used all of his remaining faith energy to create a system linked with a battle server.

What is a battle server, you would ask? Well, the entire gaming company he was about to make would have only one person; him!

A battle server was something like a cloud-based server-hosting service that was specifically tailored for his fake VR game by his faith energy. As he could neither afford to purchase nor maintain his own server bank, he would conveniently use his faith energy to do it!

In the system he linked with his battle server, he made clear the core algorithms with which his game would work properly on faith energy.

Now, his second problem was the perpetual consumption of faith energy required for this system to run without a hitch.

He set a core algorithm for that. All game elements will have a tinge of faith energy, In-game currency, faith coins, player's equipment and so on. The creatures killed in the Mortal World by players would be sacrificed to him, which would provide him with faith energy and the players with experience points to level up.

His third problem was the issue of the players and their re-spawning. The Old God Maugus used his ability of Divine Descent to form avatars for himself to go down to the Mortal World because it required a strong soul to use these avatars. But, during his stay on Earth, Ahan had realized that all earthlings have a strong soul.

In essence, Experience Points were derived from faith energy. Upon receiving sacrifices from his avatars, he would be able to split the faith energy obtained into two: 80% would be kept in his Divine Kingdom, while 20% would be given to the player who did the sacrifice through their Path of Faith in the form of Divine Mercy. As the energy continues to accumulate, the faith energy would be converted into a form of energy that could be used by the players, i.e: leveling up.

His greatest power was to create an army of Immortal Avatars who had the ability for unlimited growth until Legendary level made from faith energy, which was not visible to the naked eye. It did not require any matter, but only the presence of souls. His player's bodies could be renewed after death, without a decline in their levels.

He made a core algorithm which would be responsible for when a player dies, the divine power in them will not be erased. It will be saved into the server of his game and when the player re-spawns, that divine power and their soul will automatically be sent to their new avatar.

But, after dying, the players would have to pay the cost of their re-spawn corresponding to their grade and they would have to face a two hour time-span for re-spawning, so that when their souls return to their rightful bodies, there are no permanent side-effects to their mind.

Ahan was also unable to infinitely re-spawn the players so he decided to adopt this method of taking a corresponding amount of faith coins to their grade to re-spawn. The amount of faith coins needed for re-spawning would be so significant that the players would dread dying and would be more careful. This way Ahan could avoid having to re-spawn them again and again to a particular point.

He would also brand the player's soul with his Om Symbol, so when they start his game, they are loyal to him or even if they aren't, he could kill them with a snap of his finger.

With these systems in place, his game would work without any problems, while also allowing him to earn enough faith energy to stabilize and merge with his Divinity and Godhood, and rise through the ranks of gods once again!


2140, Earth

Ahan opened his eyes. He was back in his room with a laptop on his lap.

He quickly started on the process of development of his game. He could finally use the skills he learned in 3 years of college, VR Simulation and entrepreneurship. He had a renewed hope on his lofty dreams of earning a fortune in this world and making his parent's proud!

He registered a gaming company with the name of "Pantheon" and developed a gaming website which he connected with his system and battle server. He pulled up the back-end management of the Content Management System(CMS) of his gaming website which he coded in PHP and Core Java, they were the most popular programming languages even in the 22nd Century, PHP 13.0 was the most stable version of the langauge! It could be used in collaboration with all kinds of technology related fields like VR and AI.

Ahan then started coding his battle server in PHP which was infused with his Divinity and Godhood through his faith energy, there were many codified prayers to God Maugus interspersed throughout the code, he linked this battle server with his gaming website and while he was at it, he specially added an image.

The image was a square formation with an Om(Aum) symbol on the inside in the other world's calligraphy, making it look extremely mysterious. With this, when the player download his game, the content of the fake game will be sent to the virtual reality headset of the player. Then, the image of the formation with the symbol of Om will automatically appear in the soul of the player, branding him/her and their spirit will be sucked into the battle server.

In the battle server, the soul of the players will be imbued with a tinge of his faith energy, which would make their souls, technically, a native of The Mortal World as well. The souls of players, once branded and imbued with a tinge of his faith energy, would be able to travel through the void between the two worlds without losing themselves in the process.

Next, from the battle server, their souls will be sent straight to his Divine Kingdom where they will configure their avatars and descend unto the Mortal World. With this secure plan, there was no way that the players from Earth would ever know that they were in an entirely different world. They would just think that it was all part of the VR game with very realistic graphics and perfect simulation.

In this 22nd Century, where technology was advancing day and night, and since the invention of the virtual reality headset, it had become increasingly important for all of the VR game developing companies to constantly find ways to improve the graphics of the games.

As long as he declared that the simulation of his game was near perfect, no one would be able to dig up any problems at all. As the virtual intrusion hackers could never make a public statement against him or sue him! Ahan gave an evil laugh as he reached the most important step of the game development process.

"What should I name the game?" Ahan questioned himself.

'Eve of Gods', he nodded to himself. He once again pulled up the back-end management system of his website, uploaded a mysterious icon from the other world for the game and typed in the words 'Eve of Gods' into the empty text box under the title line.

[ Eve of Gods : Visit the World of Maugus, a land of pure magic, mystery, gods and mythical creatures.

Tread the path of a Champion of God Maugus who seeks glory and power! Battle for your right to exist!

This game has been carefully developed by this website for a period of 3 years, almost achieving a 100% near perfect simulation.


Price: (Beta-version) Free to play

Storage required: 5 TB ]

All that "game data" was stuffed in by Ahan randomly, and the Eve of Gods on the game platform was just a farce to cover up the fact that it was fake VR Game. Only once the players have successfully gone through the process of soul branding would they be able to log-in the game i.e only when their souls had arrived in their respective Avatars would they be able to actually start the game!

Ahan checked everything for the last time and pressed on the 'Enter' key.

In a split second, Ahan's gaming website had been successfully uploaded onto the quantum network of Earth!


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