Eve of Gods
8 Anneliese I
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Eve of Gods
Author :Maugus0
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8 Anneliese I

Year 857 of God's Calendar, The Last Church

It was the fifth day since Asjad Iqbal's party 'rescued' Saintess Nandini. Their re-spawn point had already changed to The Last Church.

For the past five days, from The Last Church as the beginning point, Asjad's party had explored The Rakshasa Forest to the Himalaya Mountains. They were now veteran beta-players of EvG who had encountered and fought with ferocious enemies such as the Rakshasa Tribe fiends, monstrous creatures like Gajodhar, cunning monsters like Tendua and so on. The whole party averaged around level 13.

After coming into contact with NPC Saintess Nandini, they had joined her system faction. To them, Saintess Nandini was like the chief of the beginner's village in other games. She had enlightened the players on some basic knowledge regarding the Maugus World.

For instance, the entire Eastern Islands was unified by The Kalwar Empire who worshiped God Maugus as the official God of their Empire! The whole Island had been under their rule for the past hundreds of years before the War of the Ultimate Gods Trinity.

After the war, it had been divided into six factions. All the six Great Cities of The Kalwar Empire had their own City Lord who had sworn allegiance to either The Gupta Empire or The Maratha Empire as their vassal noble and ruled under them. All of the six factions had their own area of influence with clear borders. They had a number of towns and villages under them.

The nearest City Lord to the players was Supreme Shantanu of the Great City Sander which flied the Banner of Protector. These Banners were magical artifacts crafted by God of Harmony and Order, Maugus to buff the large legions of The Kalwar Empire. The Banner of Protector doubled the base defense of all soldiers of the Sander Legion, making them very hard to kill on the battlefield.

City Lord Shantanu was a Glorious Supreme Knight of the Creation Church. He also had a standing army of 100,000 soldiers. All elites of the Sander Legion were well trained and battled hardened veterans. The Marshal of the Sander legion was a half-step Supreme Warrior. He had ten Gold level Generals under him leading ten thousand soldiers as a unit called Corps. Each General had ten Silver level Commanders leading 1000 soldiers as a unit called Battalions. Each commander had ten peak Bronze level Lieutenants leading 100 soldiers as a unit called Company. Lord Shantanu was the greatest threat to the players after EvG's official launch!

Other than that, Saintess Nandini told them that once they reach Level 15, they can pay 1000 faith coins to her if they wished to form a guild. Unusually, Asjad and his squad had realized that the NPC Saintess seemed to have her own independent consciousness. Other than the necessary settings of a Village Chief NPC, she also seemed to have her own hobbies and thoughts.

Chitwan had realized that if the players sincerely role-played as a zealot believer of God Maugus, they would have high favorability with the Saintess. Such an advanced AI, created many uncertainties and increased the playability of the game.

Asjad, Chitwan and squad were once again in awe of the game developers!

During this time, the number of players in EvG had also increased to 97. Many of them played the game because of AsjadIqbal, ChitwandeepKaur, and the squad's recommendation.

Basically, everyone who had not tried the game, was highly dubious of it in the start. However, once they had played it, only then they would realize how realistic and playable the game truly was. Nobody could bear to stop playing the game once they had the experience.

Asjad and his party gathered outside the Rakshasa Forest discussing their future plans for the game.

"Do you guys regret making the decision of disbanding our Guild in PubG: VR Online? After all, we were in the top hundred on the server!" Asjad Iqbal, as the Guild leader asked while he looked at all of them one by one.

"Come on, we've been gaming together for so many years. We are all sensitive to the changes in the trends of the gaming market. All of us feel that EvG has a huge potential, and that's why we all quit firmly without turning back. I don't think there's any need to regret that. Moreover, as the first batch of beta players, we have a significant advantage. Would we still need to worry about us earning money in the future?" Abduleria answered.

"That's right! Though, I don't understand why there is no top-up option in the game! What about my pay-to-win gaming style!?" Chitwan said what was on everyone's mind. Though, not only Chitwan, in fact, everyone who was present had thought of topping-up cash to purchase silver or gold grade equipment.

Who would have thought that the game wouldn't even have a top-up option! They were absolutely speechless.

They wondered, that as anyhow, the game developed and finally launched officially, the small and new gaming company 'Pantheon' would also want to make money. It was only a matter of time until the top-up was made available. Moreover, faith coins in the game were extremely rare, so they totally could hoard the coins for sale. Making money was not something to be worried about.

"Then, is everyone thinking of creating the First Guild in EvG, like me?" a smile appeared on Asjad's face.

"Hell yeah! We are gonna be the best Guild in the game!" Abdul replied excitedly.

"Though, I've searched many VR streaming platforms and even VRtube without coming across a single advertisement of this game at all. What is Pantheon even thinking? Do they not even have the money to advertise?" PandaBubble wondered out aloud.

"Exactly. If Asjad hadn't accidentally found the game through his crawler and played. We would never have believed such an amazing game would be made by a small new gaming company." Sandy immediately shot back.

Genius people truly have a different way of thinking.

The small gaming company called 'Pantheon' was truly an amusing anomaly!


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