Heavens Assistant
4 The Truth
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Heavens Assistant
Author :Aileus
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4 The Truth

The system plunged Jacob into a world of death and destruction, wherever he looked allies and enemies alike would fall to each other's blades – pressure weighed down on his soldiers, cold sweat pouring down his face, he'd already died once and wasn't prepare to do it again.

Before he could react – again a sword aimed for his heart, this time he was ready. Moving his body along the path of the sword he drew his own blade and slashed at the enemy combatant, expectedly the armour repelled the blade easily however it exposed a gap between the head and chest leaving a clear gap to the neck, from somewhere else on the battlefield an arrow lodged itself in the soldiers throat causing him to collapse to the floor, motionless.


*In Jacob's apartment*

"Hah, the kids sleeping – and here I was thinking this would be even slightly difficult" The assassin gazed over Jacob's bed. His motionless body like a corpse was dead cold to the surroundings. "Sorry Kid, business is business."

Drawing his blade the assassin pierced towards his heart, cutting through his flesh without any resistance – Jacob still lay there motionless not even slightly responding to the sword in his chest

before he died.

Checking his heartbeat to ensure he was dead the assassin whistled before walking out of his room – throwing a lighted match onto a pile of clothes Jacob had been prepared to wash that night.

"It's just business… Just business." The assassin mumbled whilst fleeing the now burning building – screams of panic rising high into the night's sky.

He didn't know how many times it'd been now, ten? Twenty? Thirty? A hundred? No matter how many times he died he'd just reappear somewhere else on the battlefield – his body was slowly beginning to emit an aura of bloodlust, causing any soldier he faced to make small mistakes during

their battles.

[Warning! Host's Body has been killed!]

[Warning! Host's Body has been killed!]

Shocked by the sudden notification Jacob didn't notice the sword aiming for his neck, in an instant it was over again – but this time he didn't regain consciousness in another part of the battlefield, rather he floated in an empty void perpetually.

[Host has been recalled to the Main Camp of Heaven 33's Battlefield.]

[Please report to Commander 1201 for briefing on current situation.]

"What?! System! What happened to my body! What the hell happened to my body, SYSTEM?"

[Due to killing 941 Enemy Soldiers – Host has earned 313.6 Credits!]

"What use are credits when I'm dead? How the hell am I even still talking, I want answer!"

[Hosts Military Rank is too low. Commander 1201 has been briefed on your current situation, please

report to her for debriefing immediately!]

Without time to ask another question, Jacob was surrounded in light – contrasting the emptiness of the void around him.

"400 Credits! Just 400 Credits for this Warblade 4.x1! You won't regret it!"

"900 Credits! Just pay the small price of 900 Credits for a top of the line battle slave! Sure to

slaughter enemies on the battlefield, your investment will be regained in no time!"

As soon as he regained control of his body, or what he thought was his body, Jacob looked around at a market place which resembled 17th Century China.

"Hello? Hello!"

"Me? Are you talking to me?" Perplexed, Jacob turned to face a woman who was in her late twenties, at most in her thirties.

"Who else do you think I'm talking to? Nice to meet you, I am Commander 1201 – Just calling me 12 will do."

Turning around, she beckoned for Jacob to follow – hesitating slightly he finally decided to follow after her before she disappeared from view, walking in the direction of the Palace in the distance she didn't slow down or wait for him to catch up, rather she started to speed up – sprinting further and further way. Before he knew it he was having to sprint at maximum speed to keep up with her yet the distance only increased between them.

"You did good rookie!" After arriving at the Palace gates she stood there waiting for him – "4:03 most only realize they have to use their full speed well after 5 Minutes looks like I don't have to wait hours this time round."

Turning around she showed a badge to the guards at the gate before walking forward into the now unblocked path into the Palace.

"You coming or what?" With a self-depreciating smile he comforted himself, 'I'm not going to be running around all day… Not all day..."

"This is us." Pointing to an empty space on aboard, Commander 1201 said to him. "This is the Immortal Realm, and this is the Mortal realm." Pointing at both top and bottoms of the board respectively.

"Currently we are in the 33rd Heaven's Battlefield. According to the system, in the Mortal Realm your body has been killed."

Already prepared for it after hearing it from the system himself, it still was hard to get past the shock of being told you were dead.

"However, that's not the end of the world – if you were a normal soldier all you would have to do is spend your entire life on the battlefield as we fight in golem constructs with our souls, unless a Commander specializing in souls appears to wipe out soldiers it's impossible to actually die – of course soul injuries can occur. Anyway I divert, you can go back to the 33rd Heaven through Reincarnation – however just not into a Human.

Because you're a Heaven's Aid your situation is special, no Heaven's Aid has ever died in the Mortal Realm while in the battlefield so using this chance the System has decided to turn you into a python with dragon traits. Potentially you could reach the realm of a Dragon in the mortal realm – immensely boosting the power we can control here."

Staring in shock he didn't even notice when she had picked him up, only when she threw him into a portal did him realize what had happened, then he blacked out.

"Tsh it's just another Python, throw it back into the sea – dammit fishing lately hasn't given us a good haul in months! At this rate people are going to starve…"


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