I Am A Prodigy
423 This World Never Lacked Beauty
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I Am A Prodigy
Author :Rugao Under The Bridge
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423 This World Never Lacked Beauty

Those in the Mushroom Hut looked at Hu Yue'er and Zhao Liangying and felt an awkward atmosphere taking over. They witnessed the recent incidents themselves and naturally understood the intentions of the two women. The reason they were not butting heads was because of Ye Lingchen. At that point though, the situation just became more complicated.

However, thinking about it from a different perspective, they were able to let it go. Just based on the abilities that Ye Lingchen had shown so far, he was definitely a prince charming that all women dreamed of. Those that loved him were definitely not just limited to Hu Yue'er and Zhao Liangying. It would only become more complicated than they can imagine.

They lamented in their hearts. 'It seems this kind of trouble isn't something an average person would face.'

Those in the live stream similarly fell into a long silence. Most of the comments were cries from his female followers, voicing out their brokenhearted feelings.

[F*ck! God Ye has a girlfriend!]

[Sigh, I knew that an exceptional man like God Ye would've long been taken by someone.]

[Did you guys see Hu Yue'er and Baby Ying's gaze instantly turn dull? Poor things.]

[Ahhh, who was it that stole my husband? Unforgivable!]

[Internet celebrity eh? Guys, let's guess who it is. I can only think of Little Hui'zi and Chen Xiaoyan.]

[Previous post, we can remove Chen Xiaoyan from the list. She's in love with Singer Y.]

The great debate of the netizen started, eliminating the numerous internet celebrities one by one.

Huang Lei collected the plates for washing while the two women were still going on about catching fish in the afternoon. He was not interested in that topic.

Looking at the sky, he noticed the weather turning for the worse. The sky turned gloomy and a strong wind was blowing.

In less than 10 minutes, heavy raindrops started falling, splashing onto the ground.

The rain came strongly and suddenly, bringing the entire mountain region into a world inundated by water.

With such weather, going out was not an option. Even the gazebo was not accessible. Due to the heavy rain and strong winds, everyone could only wait within the Mushroom Hut.

Ye Lingchen had one hand behind his back while the other leaned against the door frame as he looked into the distance.

Under the heavy rain, the jade green leaves of the trees were swaying about in the wind. Wave after wave, just like an ocean of green. Within the mountains, mist enveloped the region.

In fact, the rainy scene was quite a beautiful sight as well. However, most people disliked rainy days, hence they would have their bias and think that rainy days were not as good as sunny days.

As the saying goes, this world never lacked beauty. What it lacked was the eyes to appreciate such beauty.

Looking at the rain outside, Ye Lingchen's heart calmed down. The rain was a crucial part of nature, just like life. Only by going through ups and downs would one's life be truly complete.

Zhao Liangying had quietly snuck behind Ye Lingchen. She reached out and tugged at the corner of Ye Lingchen's clothes, then poked her head out to look at the heavy rain outside. "What are you looking so intently at?"

"Do you have to? It's not raining knives outside. Why are you so scared?" Ye Lingchen asked when he saw the way Zhao Liangying was behaving. 

"It's so uncomfortable to be wet. I don't wanna touch the rain." Zhao Liangying pursed her lips, then forced the doors close, after which she pulled Ye Lingchen over to be seated by the table.

At that moment, Huang Lei and the others were also seated around the table with a cup of warm tea in their hands, taking casual sips from them. They looked over at Ye Lingchen with a smile on their faces.

Ye Lingchen's brows twitched. "What are you guys up to? Interrogation?"

"God Ye, since we've nothing to do here, why don't you continue to tell us some stories?" Wei Daxun voiced out bluntly with eagerness showing in his eyes.

The others were silent, but their heads were nodding quickly in agreement.


Ye Lingchen immediately shook his head without hesitation. He was very particular about that. He replied, "It's still day time, not the time for ghost stories."

"Please. We can just close the curtains and turn off the lights. Please tell the story," Huang Lei suggested.

"No. I'm not in the mood."

Ye Lingchen continued to shake his head. He then looked at the group. "Why don't we play a game?"

"What game?" Hu Yue'er asked.

"Why don't we play some brain teasers?" The corner of Ye Lingchen's lips curled into a smile, saying, "If you can answer even one question, I'll tell you a story."

"We only need to get one right?" Huang Lei looked at Ye Lingchen with an unconvinced look. "You're looking down on us!"

"That's right. You're just too condescending! I hope you don't regret this!" He Jia chimed in, high in spirits.

"God Ye, I admit that you're good, but I must say this. We're not weak either! Bring it on!" Wei Daxun felt provoked as well.

Zhao Liangying had already rolled up her sleeves and was eager to start. "Lingchen, there's the saying that three stooges tops one wise man. Moreover, we have so many stooges here. We'll definitely beat you!"

"Hey, how can you compare yourself like that?! You're just demoralizing us while cheering him on!" Hu Yue'er laughed bitterly at Baby Ying's words.

"Did I?" Zhao Liangying had yet to realize her own mistake. "What I said were words of encouragement!"

Ye Lingchen smiled, then looked at them. "Let's lay the ground rules. If I lose, I'll tell you a story, but what if you guys lost?"

"I'm old and frail. I can't do much other than cook for you," Huang Lei immediately voiced out.

He Jia followed. "I'm the same as Old Huang here, weak and frail. This kind of matter shall be shouldered by the younger generation. You can ask Wei Daxun, Zhao Liangying, and Hu Yue'er."

Hu Yue'er bit her lips, then stared at Ye Lingchen. "How about this. If we lose, we'll send someone to perform for you."

"Sure!" Ye Lingchen nodded. "Shall we start?"

"Let's begin. I refuse to believe that so many of us would fail to answer a single question." Huang Lei and the rest were rubbing their hands. "Let's pull off all the stops and show your skills!"

"Perfect! Let's go with the first question. Listen up."

Everyone kept quiet and listened carefully to Ye Lingchen's question. At the same time, their brains went into overdrive.

Not only them, but the viewers in the live stream were also waiting, curious to find out what questions would be asked.

"If there was a deep pit in front of you and you jumped in, how would you get out?"

Ye Lingchen's question had them all looking at each other. This type of brain teasers seemed a little different from the usual ones.

"Climb out of it. What else can you do?" Zhao Liangying was speechless.

"Since it's a brain teaser, the answer is surely not to just climb out of it. The edge of the pit will surely be slippery." Huang Lei offered his deductions.

He Jia nodded, then gave it more thought. "I think we can form a human ladder, then climb out over each other's shoulders."


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