Kar98K Upon Touchdown!
666 Liu Zilang, End of the Road?
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Kar98K Upon Touchdown!
Author :Midnight Iced
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666 Liu Zilang, End of the Road?

One team, two teams, three teams…

Liu Zilang gave up on counting after he had counted five teams.

"Gulp!" Misaka Mikoto swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and her eyes were wide open. "Shifu… there are so many people."

Liu Zilang was not one to admit that he was unlucky. His random pick of choosing the terminal stop had so many other teams jumping.

"It's all within expectations." He forced himself to be calm. "Continue with Plan A."

"Oh? We have a Plan A?" Misaka Mikoto was surprised.

Liu Zilang's eyes were emanating rays of wisdom. He continued speaking bluntly, "Of course, we'll first touchdown at the three warehouses. From there, we'll storm the town and kill everyone there!"

"Oh, oh!"

Misaka Mikoto nodded immediately even though she did not know when 'Plan A' had ever been initiated.

They adjusted their landing spots and headed straight down toward the three warehouses that were near the beach.

When they were at low altitude, they once again found themselves dumbstruck when they saw two other teams drop together with them!

'What kind of jinx is this?

'Who else would want to go to the three warehouses near the beach?'

"Shifu, Shifu! I see four people!" Misaka Mikoto delivered her intelligence report.

Liu Zilang tightened his lips!

'Your master isn't blind, you know!'

He took in a deep breath of air. "Don't worry! Let them do whatever they want. We will still proceed to the three warehouses!" he said calmly.


After that, he headed toward the northernmost warehouse of the three. On the other hand, Misaka Mikoto headed toward the southernmost warehouse under Liu Zilang's instruction.

Even though they scattered their firepower by doing so, it was nonetheless a safe move that did not put all their eggs in one basket. In case they did not manage to loot any guns, they would not die at the same place.


After touching down on the ground and ditching his parachute, Liu Zilang immediately began to run toward the warehouse.

In the corner of his eye, he noticed that someone was heading into the same warehouse he was headed toward from its backdoor.

'No cowardice if you're a real man!'

Liu Zilang took great strides into the warehouse and saw a Molotov Cocktail along with a level one military vest on the floor. He then heard the sound of footsteps and guns reloading near the back of the warehouse…

He decided that he did not want to be a real man anymore.

It was clear to him that the opponent had noticed him and was rushing toward him with a weapon.


Liu Zilang quickly headed back out.

As he exited the door, he saw the silhouette of a person diagonally across the road. That person was near the restaurant.

His original plan of crossing the road was canceled. Immediately, he switched directions and ran along the road.

He had not taken even a few steps yet before a swift flurry of gunfire erupted behind him!

Liu Zilang's heart skipped a beat!

Bang bang bang!

He realized that the gun being fired was a handgun and instantly felt hopeful once more!

Liu Zilang started his 'snake dance' as his pursuer came out of the warehouse!

Swish swish swish~!


Some bullets passed him by harmlessly while some landed on his body. Those that hit him caused an eye-catching spout of blood to spurt out from his body!

Fortunately, the damage output of the P29 handgun was not high. Furthermore, Liu Zilang had a level one military vest.

Without a headshot, his opponent's P29 was not a lethal threat to him.

Even so, Liu Zilang's body was not able to withstand so many gunshots. Hence, when his health level fell by half, he urgently ran behind the tree in between the two warehouses.

"Emperor Qin around the pillar?"

"Hahaha, I'm afraid that Vic will turn into a crate soon!"

"If Vampire from team Vega manages to finish off Vic like this, everyone in the match would owe him thanks."

"Oh? Wait, someone is crossing the road from the restaurant. It's Maxiz0r from the North American team TS. There's a Vector in his hands."

In the match, Vampire became impatient when he saw Liu Zilang hide behind a tree.

He thought that Liu Zilang's struggle was pointless. 'Without a gun, why won't you just accept your fate and die? Is there a meaning to all this?'

Even though he thought as such, he still dashed toward the tree.

The two people ran around the tree as Vampire occasionally went "bang bang bang" with his handgun.

Two spouts of blood appeared on Liu Zilang's body. His health level only had a few points remaining.

His life was hanging by a thread!

When he went around the tree one more time, he noticed that a person across the road near the restaurant had lifted his gun. He was obviously not on the same team as his pursuer.

This was because Liu Zilang had noticed that his gun was not aimed at him. Instead, it was aimed at the other person who had a handgun on the opposite side of the tree.

In a flash, an idea appeared in his head!

The next moment, when the person across the road had finished loading his gun and aimed in the direction of the tree, Liu Zilang immediately went prone on the ground.


Vampire's handgun had only fired its first shot when he was assailed by a hail of bullets from across the street.

The bullet speed of the Vector was incredibly fast!

In the blink of an eye, blood spurted out from Vampire's body. He stumbled and tripped, falling head-first onto Liu Zilang who was prone.

"TS-Maxiz0r knocked out Vega-Vampire with Vector!"

Tut tut tut~!

After Maxiz0r had knocked out Vampire, he immediately finished him off.

Vampire had not yet managed to crawl away when blood once again spurted from his body. He stretched out his legs and died on top of Liu Zilang.

Not only that, the crate he had left behind landed on top of Liu Zilang's body.

Gunfire was heard everywhere. Battles erupted as soon as people touched down.

Maxiz0r kept on looking around after he had killed Vampire, at the same time sprinting across the road toward the loot crate.

His eyes fell on Liu Zilang who was prone on the ground, but he did not react at all.

Liu Zilang was motionless and had a crate on his body. Without anyone paying too much attention, he looked exactly like a corpse.

"F*ck! How does that even work?"

"Bahaha, I'm guessing Maxiz0r's team coach will schedule an appointment with an optometrist for him after the tournament."


Everyone who had watched the scene began to laugh uncontrollably.

At this time, Vampire's streamer teammate arrived at the scene.

Through Vampire talking over their team chat, he knew that Liu Zilang who was under the tree was still alive.

He had knocked out Maxiz0r who had killed his teammate. However, before he could turn to shoot at Liu Zilang, Maxiz0r's teammate arrived just in time!

After a close-range spray, that person not only saved Maxiz0r but also eliminated all evidence that Liu Zilang was alive.

Liu Zilang who was prone under the tree with a crate on him had become a 'walking dead man'…

After such an experience, Liu Zilang felt like he would get a heart attack at any time no matter how big his heart chambers were.

Somehow or rather, fate had given him a chance to live at the end of the road!

He looked at the two people who were reviving not too far away and was wondering if he should give them a surprise.

Misaka Mikoto suddenly shouted, "Shifu, Shifu! Someone is heading your way!"

'Again?' Liu Zilang was taken aback.

He glanced at Misaka Mikoto's position, and his face darkened!


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