Legenday Punisher
1 The beginning
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Legenday Punisher
Author :Taeko
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1 The beginning

I am sorry to disappoint, but we cannot accept your CV. Said the person with a cold look in his eyes which did not escape Taek's radar, the person speaking was an officer responsible for collecting CV's that are to be studied by the company then call those that picked its interest to pass an interview.

The person did not even give a chance to Taek and just scuffed him off, just when Taek was about to complain and start cursing at the officer a breathtaking beauty passed by him, by the looks of it she looked more or less around the same age as him, he even suspected that she was slightly younger.

The officer's face that was filled with black lines suddenly brightened and a smile appeared on his face, he moved forward and bowed towards the beauty while respectfully saying "good morning vice director Ana". Apparently, her name is Anastasia but she forbad anyone from calling her that, the last one who did so got kicked out of the company, now everyone simply calls her Ana.

She nodded her head towards the officer then could not help but shift her gaze towards Taek, the later did the same as well and as both gazes met, time seemed to have frozen solid and everything around them became transparent, this lasted for a second before she woke up from the trance, she glanced at the officer and asked him what was the matter regarding the stranger.

The officer's face instantly became dark and with an expression akin to being wronged, started explaining how Taek's CV was a load of bulls***, he then handed the CV to the vice director and upon reading the content, she could not help but start giggling, the CV contained a picture which is not supposed to be used in any official document alongside a few words "I am good at fighting", that was it!

The giggling woke Taek from his trance, he felt weird for a second, the next second he shifted his gaze to the officer and a savage expression appeared on his face, the officer could not help but feel shivers running down his spine and actually backed down a few steps. Ana took notice of this and a smirk appeared on her face, she glanced at Taek and asked him to follow her to her office.


✾ { The office }


Taek sat on the sofa without waiting for an invite, he stared right at Ana's eyes, not blinking nor shifting his gaze despite her extremely beautiful and alluring features, others would feel that they are not even worth staring at her and some consider it a blemish to her beauty, but he was different, he who lived most of his life fighting, he who gave no f**** about beauties that tried jumping in his arms only to get bashed away, had long built a strong heart, unable to be swayed by beauty.

Ana took notice of this and was surprised, she did not let it appear tho, she checked Taek up and down and spoke: "do you know what company this is?".

"I do not know, I was advised by a friend to seek a job here" Taek's voice was resolute with no hints of being ashamed despite not even knowing where he applied for a job.

Ana's mouth opened wide open, this time she could not hide the shock in her heart; if anyone told her that someone is seeking a job in a company without even knowing the company's name or what they specialize in, she'd take it as a joke, but here she was with a live example, despite so, she still couldn't believe it!

Taek scratched his head, seeing her expression, he knew he somehow f***** up, he then looked at her and asked, "what does your company do?"

Ana didn't know whether to laugh or cry, she then slowly explained to him that they are one of the 10 worldwide VR-headset manufacturers of the recently popular VRMMORPG that goes by the name {-DOFUS-}, she herself was extremely interested in the game and started playing it the first day it came out, it has been 2 weeks now that the game is out and by the looks of it, the guy in front of her has no idea of what it is?!

Ana calmed the shock in her heart and collected herself, she then asked, "do you have any gaming experience?"

"No" Taek shook his head then he added.. "but I know how to fight!".

Ana at this point even started having thoughts of sending him back where he came from, but something inside her told her not to do so, she tilted her head towards the desk, on top of it was a well-maintained box, neat and tidy, she picked it up and handed it to Taek.

"This contains the VR-headset for the game, your task is to catch up the ladder in 2 weeks time, if you manage to do so, I will employ you directly under me." she left those words as she went on her way doing whatever needed to be done, from the looks of it she seemed very busy but still decided to spare some time for him.

✾ 2 hours later..

Taek reached home, he opened the box and found 2 things, one of them was the VR-headsets while the second was a thick tinny book, his eyes shone as he picked it up, he knew he had no gaming experience, so this book may be his guide! "if I want to succeed, then I at least need to know how to play the game and what is important to know" Taek said while tightening his grip on the book, it was clear that he was planning to put everything on the line to learn, become strong and climb the ladder.

✾ 5 hours later..

"I more or less got the gist of things, I believe I may have understood some things, but one thing for sure is that this game is named Dofus because there are 6 legendary egg-like things they call dofuses, they bring immense power to their holders and are extremely rare, some are only available against boss monsters others are available everywhere but with a tiny percentage of it dropping 0.0001%, this is crazy." Taek thought to himself while trying to condense his new foreign knowledge.

Taek logged the VR-headset to the wifi connection, he laid down on his bed and put it on his head, after sensing his presence, the headset started emitting a buzz which made him feel dizzy, Taek entered a sleep-like state.

"Welcome to Dofus dear adventurer!"

"Please pick up a name!"

Opening his eyes, Taek got greeted with these messages, getting the shock of his life and with a gaping mouth, he stared at the life-like background and the pop-up message that just appeared on top of him, it took him some time to stabilize his emotions, this was way too inconceivable.

>> Taek

"Do you want to pick 'Taek' as your name?" > once a name is picked it cannot be changed!

"Continue?" Yes / No

>> Yes

"Pick a class."

Taek already knew what he wanted to pick after reading the book, he found himself at ease with one class, the only one suitable for him and his personality!

"You have picked [𝐒𝐀𝐂𝐑𝐈]."

"Continue?" Yes / No

>> Yes

"Sacriers are berserkers whose powers increase with each hit! As they have nothing to fear from cuts or blows, they haunt the front lines in battle, ready to draw first blood! Sacriers are the perfect match for those relentless battle maniacs!"

After watching the tutorial which allowed him to gain a more clear understanding of the game basics, Taek clicked on his "Characteristic Tab" to check his stats, a screen opened up midair with the following information:


Name: Taek │ Alignment: Neutral

Level: 1

Experience: 0/100 │ Energy: 100/100


Health Points: 100 {HP}

Active Points: 6 {AP}

Movement Points: 3 {PM}


Vitality {Life points} : 0

Wisdom {Faster Exp} : 0

Strength {Earth} : 0

Intelligence {Fire} : 0

Chance {Water} : 0

Agility {Wind} : 0


Points to distribute: 0


He followed up by checking his "Spell Tab", only to find that he only has 2 available spells:

◆ Kick {Lv 1}: hit them with a strong leg kick! {Earth Damage: 10~13}, {Usage cost: 3 PA}, {Cooldown: 0}

◆ Attraction {Lv1}: attract a target towards you. {Usage cost: 3 PA}, {Cooldown: 2 turns}

Lastly, he opened his "Inventory" where everything he owns is stored, to his disappointment, it was empty, nothing to see, but he understood how characters can be equipped:

6 dofus slots {regarding the 6 legendary dofus};

1 hat slot;

1 cloak slot;

2 ring slots;

1 amulet slot;

1 belt slot;

1 pair of shoe slot;

1 weapon slot;

1 mount slot;

1 shield slot.

Taek opened the leaderboard and found out that the first ranker is level 17, it has only been close to 2 weeks and someone was already level 17! one has to know that everyone starts in a novice city called "Incarnam", one can only leave this noob city and travel the big world once they reach level 20, in other words, they cannot earn levels fast because the monsters in the city are mostly stupid and their level is low.

With a big stride, Taek takes his first step in the game!


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