Life of the Shadow King
6 Successor
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Life of the Shadow King
Author :Voidless_065
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6 Successor

A new day has come.

He heard someone yelling outside. "Lisa get out!" said the voice. The voice was male. "That guy might be the one Lisa told me about" he said. Lisa is still fast asleep. He pat her on the head. He puts his gear on and went outside. "You! Why did you take my Lisa!?" said the guy. "A Royal guard claiming someone? Well aren't you prideful. And Lisa isn't your's. She doesn't even know you" he said. The royal guard started to brag about himself. The royal guard is also fully equipped with steel armor, which means he's expecting a battle. Before the royal guard could say anything more about himself and start a fight Fate dashed towards him stopped in front of the guard and made him lose consciousness. "I don't want Lisa to get scared seeing this crack head" he said. He picked up the guard and brought it to the village. "How did he know that Lisa was at my house?" he said. A man then stopped in front of him,bowed, and said "I'm sorry I'm the one who told him. I overheard your conversation last night. If I didn't tell him he might ruin the library". "That's understandable. Thank you for being honest" said Fate as he continued walking. He arrived to the Adventurers Quarters.

He was welcomed by the manager and the lady in the counter. "Welcome, we'll have the people here handle him. Can you please come with us?" said the manager. He agreed to the manager. He handed the guard to the adventurers in the lobby. They went into the office of the manager. "Take a seat" said the manager. He took a seat. He could feel something is about to happen.

"Congratulations on being the successor of the Demon Lord" said the manager. "Let me guess is it because I have the Demon Blade? Is that the reason why the Royal capital posted the quest?" he said.

"Correct, it's so they can find a worthy Demon Lord. One that isn't as corrupted as the current one. As well as to stop the attacks the Demon kingdom has been doing to our kingdom" said the manager. He was not surprised anymore since he knew something like this will happen.

"Starting today, you will be at a training camp in the royal capital for a year" said the manager.

"I'll go, but I have one condition" he said. "I'll have to bring Lisa with me. I won't let her stay here and be stuck with that man" he then added. "Deal, but you have to talk to the king on what she will do there" the manager said.

With that done he went out the office and went back home. While walking he realized something. "How did I make that guard lose consciousness if he had armor on? I actually saw a dent on his armor. But how? I'm not that strong" he said as he continued walking back home.

He arrived at his cabin. Lisa was still fast asleep. He went to the bookshelf and picked up the Demon Lord's book. He opened it to the page where he left off. "Hmm... oh here it is. Oh! I also forgot to say that because you are now the wielder of the Demon Blade you are now also the the Demon Lord. Unless someone is already the Demon Lord. If someone is on the throne you could take the position from him/her by defeating him/her in a duel... That explains the training camp. You should've wrote this at the very beginning old man" he said.


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