3 3. Love and Sacrifice
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Author :BlackSwan_20
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3 3. Love and Sacrifice

A sudden strike of light sliced the enemies and as Alucard closed his eyes, he heard a very sweet, familiar voice making his eyes wide open. To his great surprise, he saw the maiden with a magical sword and staff in her hands protecting him together with a young man holding a sharp shining sword that pierced through the demons turning them into ashes.

Grateful was he to the maiden and the young swordsman, Alucard stood up, driven by his love and admiration for the maiden.

Regaining his strength, he fought alongside with them. Taking down the vicious demons, together they fought and annihilated the ruthless abyssal creatures, leaving nothing but ashes falling on the ground.

As they were exhausted after the fight, panting and loosing their mana. Fast as lightning, the angel of darkness took the opportunity to eliminate one of them, weilding his lethal dark sword, he came to their surprise and tried to stab the young swordsman.

Taken aback, the young swordsman was caught off guard by the sudden assault .Diverting her focus on him, the maiden saw an impregnable danger coming. Abruptly, she ran swiftly to protect him, taking the dark sword as it pierce through her heart that was meant for the young swordsman. From not too distant, Alucard was astound by the happenings he just witnessed when he saw his beloved maiden sacrificed her life amenably for the young swordsman whom he just met during the battle.

He was in a great distress, when he saw the young swordsman cupped the delicate face of the maiden that captivated his heart. Even more afflictive for him as he watched the blood running down the edges of the sharp dark sword. Overwhelming anger and revenge swallowed Alucard as he took his sword, the darkness filled...


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