5 Bonus Chapter: Poem of My Heart In Agony Untold Poetic Tragedy
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Author :BlackSwan_20
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5 Bonus Chapter: Poem of My Heart In Agony Untold Poetic Tragedy

Agony stole the bliss in my eyes,

As I saw my most cherished sacrifice her life,

To the man she really loved,

Oceans tear apart; thunders roar in the crying sky

How can I end the pain?

But anger blinded my sorrowful eyes

Amidst the war of the dawn and the dusk.

I heard demons inside me screaming for justice.

Everything flashed back vividly in my mind

The woman that I met in serendipity

Now, she fulfilled the prohecy;

Swans turned black; lake dramatically flushed.

Her ravishing smile metamorphose into excruciating pain.

I loathe the gods for giving me this life for it is now drowning me in vain.

How can I end the pain?

As she said "Lancelot, you will always be in my heart."

I felt the fathomless remorse that shattered me apart.

Is this a scourge or it is destined to be my fate?

Long did I know, only to realize it is too late.

Angels are crying; flowers are dying

How I wish this is just a nightmare that set my soul burning.

As I watched her blood streamed down her chest

I took my sword and executed all the demons on my way

I can feel the solstice; sun will stay

I was torn and all out of faith

Who cares? This is how I feel

I want to wake up and reckon this is not real!

My mind is not thinking straight,

She is the superfluity in my heart

Who filled the hollows and longing for love.

How can I end the pain?

When she dole out her last warm breath.

This is insanity! My love for you is tragedy

She leisurely closed her eyes and her tears fall.

The young swordsman ululate "Oh Odette! My beautiful Odette."

In silence, melancholy swallowed Moniyan.

I didn't noticed the tears overrun in my eyes

Where is the justice in my fate?

I tried to change it but it keeps on chasing me.

The goddess in human form,

Is the princess that I need to proctect;

We are now in the endgame of the fight

The Angel of darkness can't endure the light

He tug his sword fatally and gulped by the abyss

The black swans sang a grievous song

A crescendo that no demons can take it long!

The beasts and all the beauties vociferate their sorrowful exclamations

How can I end the pain?

When the untold prophecy of Esmeralda keeps on hunting me!

That in my past life,this cycle of love and death will perdure;

In my next life I will still meet her in the different body but in the same soul

And here I am again falling in love like a fool!

As Lancelot lay her down in the meadow,

I come to her with overwhelming anguish;

I knelt down and kissed her forehead,

The kiss of inexpungible love; I was crestfallen in her death.

She is the woman I silently loved

That was given to me from above.

Her red lips turned pale

The witnesses in her death are in gale

How can I end the pain?

When she died without knowing what I feel

Lividity enkindle the fiend in my hand
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I want their blood and bodies disperse on the ground!

Winter in the North

The heat of fire in the West

Wind of East; South seas

They don't know what kills me inside

Like a flower in the twilight my beloved died;

I missed in withstanding her from my nemesis;

I blame myself for being weak,

That this vigor in me fade away in just a blink

I took a stand with great zeal of revenge

The swans flocked majestically in my beloved

The caliginous Moniyan saw a light,

From the luminescence coming from her body

Like a pearl on the deep heart of the ocean.

Her body glide in the air as the swans sang a farewell song.

Histrionically she alchemized into a beam,

That acsends into the heaven.

The perfumed knight, Lancelot tapped my shoulders

I can feel his misery; we've lost the woman that we loved.

A strong wind blows in our face.

The night and day move in a swift pace.

The conflagration between the dawn and darkness is not yet over!

The heroes gathered, for it was prepared thousands of years.

The first blood of this war is my beloved.

I will never condone this inequity!

Once again, the mist filled the land

The ground shake as the giants move around.

The tears in my eyes dried,

Holding on, this is my fate!

I saw from afar the empire opened their gates.

The trumpets are blown,

A plethora of paragons in the Land of Dawn came.

Together with my puissance and devotion I will fight!

Even in the darkness that I can't see light

As I bid a bittersweet goodbye to my beloved, I looked into the horizon.

This is the untold love of the demon hunter.

In my next life I shall change my future,

In my greatest sorrow she is the only cure.

The denouement will come soon,

Serenity will embrace Land of Dawn

Angels shall triump over demons

The toxic kiss that is noxious,

Will be vanish; justice will prevail!

I know that this chaotic war will end soon.

The collision of stars and moon

This will be the end of my pain,

Acceptance of my fate in the prophecy

I am Alucard and this is the poetic tragedy of my heart in agony.





























After thousands of years a boy wake up in his long dream, he was sweating and panting he looked at his right arm with the demonic claws.



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