Mages Are Too OP
386 I“ve Tried My Best Despite the Circumstances
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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386 I“ve Tried My Best Despite the Circumstances

Roland had put all the tricks and skills he knew into the big fireball, three meters in diameter.

The magic power stored in the Mind-Calming Necklace was used up. He too was almost drained.

On the other hand, certain elements of the wind class were added to the fireball to make it faster and more volatile.

After he cast such a fireball, he would have to wait three days before he could do it again.

That was because it would take three days for the Mind-Calming Necklace to be refilled.

The three hundred players of the two guilds before the mine desperately watched the enormous fireball drawing close.

Even though it was dozens of meters away, the pressure of the fireball had raised a strong wind on the ground.

Everybody's hair was waving crazily… except for the Warriors who were bald.

The fireball was about to hit them, but it suddenly stopped when it was twenty meters away, as if it was stuck by an invisible power.

All the players were overjoyed.

Roland was confused to see that when he slowly descended from the sky.

What happened?

What had stopped his fireball?

Then, Roland suddenly realized it… Damn it. It was the magic resistance created by massive gold.

In this world, gold was an excellent magic-resistant material. But since it was too expensive, an armor made of pure gold would likely raise jealousy, so it was usually shredded into powder before it was added to the equipment in order to increase the magic resistance of the equipment.

However, the magic resistance of gold powder was not high and did not work for the spellcasters who specialized in Magic Penetration, or whose spells were particularly powerful.

But here, it was a whole mountain of gold below Roland.

Because of its huge quantity, the magic resistance of the gold extended twenty meters high from the ground.

The blue fireball stopped at the periphery of the magic resistance. It shivered slightly at first and then faster and faster.

The players under the fireball had stopped fighting and focused their attention on the fireball.

They knew very well that it was up to this fireball whether or not they could continue the battle here.

Under their eyes, the blue fireball trembled more and more violently, before it finally imploded.

The magic resistance of the gold could stop the outburst of magic power, but it could not block the shockwaves.

It was like a thunder had just rumbled over their heads, or a bomb had been detonated right next to them.

Instantly, everybody's eardrums were broken. The players with lesser health, such as Rogues, Assassins, and Hunters, were half-dead, their brains shattered into smithereens.

The agility classes whose levels were higher only passed out, blood flowing from their faces.

Those who were left standing were all Warriors, because they were the sturdiest.

However, blood was running from the ears of all the Warriors. They were dizzy and could barely keep themselves steady.

But that was not over yet. The fireball, after the explosion, turned into a blue ocean of fire that sprawled crazily.

Though its power could not penetrate the field of magic resistance, it could be paved above it.

Roland saw that the blue ocean of fire unfolded in midair and then flowed downward. As the ocean grew wider and wider, the color of the flames turned from blue to orange.

Intense hot waves surged from down below. Because Roland's body was light under the floating skill, he was easily propelled to the sky by the hot waves.

Roland could sense the heat in the air even despite the barrier of his magic shield.

The Warriors who were alive were even more miserable. As the ocean of fire was only twenty meters above them, their hair was soon ignited, and they were covered in sweat.

Many Warriors took action by running into the mine with Leap Slash, Charge, or whatever they could use.

Those who were fast enough to run into the mine survived, and those who were too slow passed out halfway and were dried into jerky.

Before they passed out, they saw that their health was plunging at an unbelievable speed.

About thirty Warriors made it to the mine. Before they could catch their breath, they found hostile players around them, and they immediately attacked the enemy crazily again.

Gold glittered everywhere in the mine.

The purity of the gold mine was very high. One could see pieces of gold with their naked eye.

By conservative estimation, the gold in this mine was worth at least a hundred billion yuan after it was fully refined.

Roland waited two minutes for the ocean of fire to disappear.

Seeing that the mountain was not reshaped at all, Roland gritted his teeth and flew back to the city wall of Winterwind with his remaining magic power.

Then, he sat down and took a rest.

Soon, the sheriff player came close and asked Roland hopefully, "Problem solved?"

"Though most of the players near the mine were killed by me…" Roland shook his head and said rather helplessly, "The mine is absolutely fine. I had intended to blow up the mountain and kill all the players from the two guilds, before I sank the gold mine deeper underground with Stone to Mud while they were being resurrected. But I forgot the magic resistance of gold. I couldn't have done it even without the players. The magic resistance of gold is too huge."

The sheriff player's eyes glittered as he said, "Killing them is also a solution. They won't dare to do anything now."

"You're underestimating the draw of the huge gold mine," Roland said regretfully. "Unless they're really dead, they will attack whoever occupies the gold mine relentlessly. There are only two ways right now. Firstly, to sink the gold mine deeper underground, and secondly, let a powerful organization that no players could compete with claim the gold mine."

Roland took a breath and continued, "Besides, all the players are aware of the gold mine here now, and more people will come and try to take a slice of the cake, or to fully claim it. This place will only become messier."

"F*ck!" The sheriff player jumped to his feet, his eyes bloodshot. "I'm going to fight them with my life!"

Roland didn't stop him, because he couldn't.

Besides, the players wouldn't really be killed. At worst, their level would be reduced to zero.

Thinking for a moment, Roland introduced the matter in the guild channel and asked, "Buddies, I'm at my wit's end. Do you have any solutions?"

All his friends replied with emojis and emotes, saying that there was nothing they could do.

But at this point, Schuck suddenly said, "Your intelligence is incorrect. Actually, more than twenty thousand civilians have been killed in Winterwind. The players from those guilds have achieved maximum evil, and the gods have been warned. Now, our goddess has issued an oracle. Three Saint Samurai are leading ten thousand Knights Templar to Winterwind. I will be among them. Also, I'm told that an archangel might descend in the Temple of Life to judge the evils. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, you'd better leave Winterwind as soon as possible, Roland."

Roland was greatly chilled to read that. He knew how powerful the angels could be.

Immediately, he swooshed away from Winterwind through Human Cannonball with whatever was left of his magic power.

He didn't land on a hill until he was ten kilometers away from the city.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》