Magical Adventures
1 The Beginning
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Magical Adventures
Author :LazyDude
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1 The Beginning

Not too far from a city, a boy lays sleeping on the ground. He was wearing modern clothes, his hair was black and eyes brown, not ugly but not handsome. He was peacefully sleeping, and it did not looked like he was going to wake up soon.

"BRAT,Wake the hell up!"

The boy suddenly opened his eyes and stood up from the ground hurriedly, his face having a startled and confused expression. He was dazed and sleepy while he looked around for the source of the noise.

"What the hell..." Adam was completely confused not finding anything, when suddenly the voice in his mind appeared again.

"You are finally awake brat, you sleep too much." Adam sleepiness disappeared almost instantly, while he felt a chill in his back.

"Who the hell are you?" Adam was trying to find the owner of the voice, with no sucess. He also finally noticed he was in a completely unknow place,probabily a forest.

"Where do you brought me?" Adam was panicking, thinking that he was kidnapped.

"Calm down, we both have a lot to explain to each other." The voice was calm, completely the opposite of the panicked Adam.

Adam took a deep breath,trying to calm himself. After some time, he finally started asking everything he wanted to know.

"Where we are?"

"I have no idea." Said the voice without a change in tone.

"How you don't know that? you don't brought me here?" Adam was shocked.

"I'm clueless about this place as you."Adam nodded and asked another question.

"Where are you talking from?"

"Your mind."The voice said a shocking statement with the same calm tone it had from the start.

"No,no,no, there's no way that's true. Stop joking." Adam started looking around again trying to find the voice owner.

"I am not joking brat, can't you realize that the sound of my voice is coming directly from your mind? No matter how much you search you will not find anything."

Adam searched for his body after hearing the voice, especially his head, trying to find something that could transmit song. He didn't found a thing and was getting scared.

'I am dreaming?' He thought of this possibilty.

He pinched his arm in a daze and cried out in pain.

"The hell are you doing brat."The voice finally changed it's calm tone, and it sounded like it was laughing.

"*Cough*Who are you?" Said Adam, who was somewhat embarassed.

"I am Asutrix Ahuxaryl, the most powerful Archmage of the Cranthland Empire." Said the voice in a calm tone again.

"Wait a minute, Archmage? And this weird fantasy-like name and Cant whatever empire... Are you trying to prank me?" Said Adam in complete disbelief,thinking that maybe the voice owner was a chuunibiyou patient.

"Brat, listen well. I am not joking with you and this is not a dream, stop wasting time and go find a place to get information of where we are."

Adam paused a moment to think and realised that he didn't had that much of a choice, it's either that or keep wasting time here chatting with Asutrix.

"Where do I go?" Adam asked after realising that he didn't have any idea of what direction he should go.

"If I know it I would have said it long ago, just go forward and see if we have luck." Said the voice without a care in the world. Adam, who was left with no choice, just walked in a straight line forward for a unknow amount of time.

Just when he was starting to pant, he finally saw something. It was a city. To be more exact, it was a eastern asian city, with buildings of all sizes. Staring at the city walls, he walked towards it's gate. There was a lot of people coming in and out of the gate,with some guard stationed there. They don't seemed to care much about their job and were staring at everyone coming and going with lazy expressions.

Adam was left bewildered at the gate, staring at the people entering and lefting the city. They were all wearing some sort of ancient chinese clothing, and had normal asian faces. Adam was the only one there with a western face.

"Brat, can you stop staring at everyone and everything and just enter the city already."Said Asutrix. Adam nodded while having some thoughts in his head.

'I have a bad feeling about this...' This was what Adam was thinking while passing trough the city gates.


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