Magical Adventures
2 Surprise
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Magical Adventures
Author :LazyDude
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2 Surprise

Adam passed the gate while the guards looked at him weirdly because of his clothes and face, but they don't really bothered to stop him so he just entered the city without trouble. Finally in the city, Adam started to think about what he should do now.

'I think I should ask people around for information, at least the name of the city or the country I'm in.' And that was his conclusion. He started looking around for anyone that don't seemed busy in the streets, and found a middle aged man.

"Excuse me, sir. Can you tell me what city we are in?" Asked Adam, who was worried that these people don't know english.

"You, you don't even know the city you are in? Are you joking with me?" Said the man in a annoyed tone.

"Say that you came from a far away village." Asutrix voice appeared in his mind.

"No sir, I came from a far away village. I am not trying to annoy you." Said Adam with a smile still in his face.

"Hmph, country bumpkins. This is Xuanping city, one of the four citys of Yuanzou province. Happy now? Go away." The man don't really seemed to be willing to have chitchat. Adam don't asked what the name of the country he was in seeing the man attitude.

After talking with the man, he searched for more people for other questions. The majority of the people were all for some reason arrogant jerks, and he had trouble asking something like the name of the country. After a lot of time, he finally found what he wanted to know thanks to some good people.

He was in one of the four countries of the Yellow Dragon Continent, the White Tiger Country. The other countries of the continent are the Vermillion Bird Country,Black Turtle Country and Azure Dragon Country.

'I definitely in another world right now.' This is what Adam concluded after hearing all of that.

"Hm.... Interesting place. Never heard of any of these names or of this culture. Their faces are also new to me, so it's either another world or another continent." Asutrix also said something. By his words, he never heard of chinese culture or any sort of east asian culture.

Unlike Asutrix, Adam was sure they were in another world because Earth was already explored fully, it's impossible for a entire continent be unknow, unless they were underwater, wich they definitely aren't.

"This world is also very familiar...." Adam thought of something even he himself don't believed.

"STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM!!" A sudden shout startled him. Adam looked towards the source of the noise together with a bunch of people. Two armed man with the same uniform as the ones guarding the gate were chasing a middle aged man that had a fierce face with a scar in one of his eyes. Their speed was incredible, even olympic runners didn't run that fast, Adam was shocked.

"Hey aren't these the Black Tiger Guard commanded by city lord Zhu?" Adam heard someone say that in the crowd, wich someone soon replied.

"Yes, these are the city guard. The criminal they are chasing is Ma Zhung, the one eyed devil. I heard this scum offended someone important doing his business." Said one guy in crowd with obvious disdain in his tone.

"That's some incredible speed right there, obviously above average human standards. They don't seem to be using runic magic to increase their body strength and aren't non-human creatures. What are they using?" This voice belonged to Asutrix, who had curiosity in his tone.

Adam said nothing, he just continued staring at the scene. What he thought of earlier seemed more and more plausible, making him completely dumbfounded.

"Hey brat, what is it with your face. Do you know something about this?" Said Asutrix noticing Adam expression. Adam sighed.

"No, it's nothing special. I just thought of something ridiculous earlier." Said Adam in a unfocused tone. His mind was in another matter.

'Did I really came to a XianXia world?' He felt like facepalming hard.


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