Marriage Agreement
1 Chapter One: Reuniting
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Marriage Agreement
Author :kookieelor
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1 Chapter One: Reuniting


Aria is exiting the house and heads to the hospital. As she walks by, she hears Alan's complaining to the nurses. "I want to see my sister! Let go of me!" Aria stands by the doorway. "You seem fine to me." Alan stops and he have a big smile on his face. "Sis! You're finally here." He hugs her. She laughs. "You need to listen to the nurses." "Humph." He pouts and cross his arms. She then shows George from Peppa Pig. "Here's your George." "George!!!" He takes it and hugs him. "Now. Your medicine." "Ughhh. Fine." He returns to the bed and lift his arm to the nurses. "I'm sorry." "It's alright." Soon Aria receives a phone call. She picks it up. "Hello." "What are you up to?" "Just wandering around the store." "Shopping again?" "I'm bored. Hubby is out and I have to stay home. It's no fun." "Alright. I'll be home soon." "I know." "I have a meeting to go to, so talk to you later." "Take care." The call ends.

[in the other end-England]

Mike is grinning at Roy. "Is there a problem, Mike?" "There is. There's no meeting, hubby." Roy smacks Mike on the head. "Okay. I deserve that." Louis enters. "You need to stop teasing him." "No can do." Mike shrugs. Louis then asks, "Is she just a toy for you or you already fall for her?" Ren didn't bother to answer. Mike goes, "Its so obvious. Look at him. Staring at that phone for hours. Seems like he's waiting for her to call him or send him a text." Roy throws a pillow directly towards Mike's face. "Shut. Up." Roy looks at the window and sighs. "Is it really that obvious?" They didn't say a word. He turns and looks at them. "Forget I ask." "Oh my! What's this? Is our wittle baby brother asking for love advice from us?" Louis seems disinterested. Roy glares at Mike. "You're the one who ask." Roy grabs his coat and left the room. "Hey. Where you going?" "Way the go, stupid." Louis follows Roy. "What did I do?"


Aria left the hospital to pick up her best friend, Shelly, who came back from her trip. Aria then bumps into a man. "Ah. I'm sorry." "It's my fault." Aria and the man bends down and picks up the documents. Then their hands touch. They looks up. "Aria..?" "...Leo" Aria snaps back into reality. She takes her hand back. She stands up and was about to leave. Leo grabs her hand. "Aria. Let's talk." "There's nothing to talk about." "Aria, please." "Let go." Then he sees a wedding ring. He looks at her. She calmly said, "Let go of my hand or my husband will misunderstand the situation." Leo was shocked. "Husband..? You're.." "Of course." "How.." "It's been two years. Now, if you excuse me, he must be waiting for me." She turns and walks away without looking back. Soon Shelly finds her. She smacks Aria's back. "There you are. I've been looking for you." "Ah. Sorry." Shelly notices and didn't say anything. She locks arms with Aria. "I'm starving. Shall we eat?" Aria laughs. "Let's go. My treat." "Yay." Shelly then sees Leo. (He's back already? Then....they already met. Judging their actions, she already told him that she's a married woman. Aria...)

Aria looks at Shelly. "What is it?" Shelly puts both of her hands on Aria's cheeks. " get fat?" "What?!" Shelly laughs. "I'm kidding. You, my friend, are the most beautiful woman I ever met." Aria shakes her head. "Let's go." Once they get in the car, Aria speaks up, "I ran into Leo." Shelly just listens to her friend. "I told him that I'm picking up my husband." "Wow I didn't know we're married, Aria." "Shelly." Shelly laughs. "Sorry. Sorry." Shelly then asks, "Is he treating you well? Your husband, that is?" She smiles, "Yeah he is." "How's Alan?" "He's a mess. He making ways to meet me." "Hahah. I would love to see that." "Yes, you would."

Leo is in the cab. He receives a phone call from his friend. "You're back in town?" "Yeah. I just got here." "That's good. Did you meet your lover?" "I did." "And?" "She's...married." "Ouch." "Tell me about it." "Are you willing to give her up then?" "I don't know. Anyways, congratulations on your marriage." "Ah yeah. I would love to introduce you to her." "I'm also curious what kind of woman who stole your heart." He laughs. "I am also curious about what kind of your lover is." "Let's talk once you come back from your business." "Let's do that."


Note: Sorry it's a short chapter for this one. Next chapter, I will try to make it longer. Thanks for reading.


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