Marriage Agreement
2 Chapter 2: Lies
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Marriage Agreement
Author :kookieelor
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2 Chapter 2: Lies

(At the restaurant)

"How's traveling?" "Oh my gosh. It was fun. The view is just perfect. I wish I could take you along with me." Aria smiles. "How' know, marriage?" "I don't know." "Aria." Shelly puts her hand on top of Aria's. "Are you happy?" "Happy?" Aria thinks for a bit. "Why wouldn't I? Married to billionaire man." "And Leo?" Aria pulls her hand away. "He's just a memory." "Aria. Do you still love him?" "Shelly, I'm a married woman." "By contract." "Leo and I will never be together. I choose this path. Even if the contract ends or gets broken. We will never be together." "Alright. I won't say anything no more. Let's order shall we?" Aria stands up. "I don't have an appetite." "Aria." "Sorry Shelly. I just...want to be alone. Order anything. They'll put on my tab. Take care." Aria left. Shelly sighs. She puts down the menu. "We're supposed to eat together. Aria, I just don't want to see you with the long face. *sigh You're not even enjoying yourself." Shelly then walks out after telling the waiter change of plans. Shelly heads to the hotel.

Aria arrives home. Instead of going inside, she heads to the garden. She takes a stroll. (Am I Happy? *sigh I forgot what Happy feels like.) She then looks up at the moon. (I have to move on. I decided to choose this route. I have to—) she got startled by the jacket around her shoulders. She turns around and sees Roy. "You're home?" "I'm home." "Aren't you supposed to come next week?" He pulls her close. "You don't miss me?" She leans her head to his chest. "I do. I really miss you." He notices something's off. He parted and look in her eyes. "Hmm?" "Whats wrong with my wife?" "'s just that....(he's back. Of course I can't say that.)" She looks at Roy. "Are...are you happy?" Roy got confused. "Am I Happy?" "Mhm. Are you?" He smiles and intertwines his fingers with hers. "I'm happy. Since I'm with you. Since we're together. And you?" She smiles and said, "I just miss you." "Then...What about this? Next time I go on a business trip, I'll take you with me. That way, you won't feel bored. Hmm?" "Sounds good." She leans her head on his chest again. He holds her tightly. (Aria. What's...really bothering you?)

Next morning, Aria receives a phone call from the hospital. "Hello?" "Aria." "Shelly?" "Alan, He's not breathing." Aria drops the phone. "Aria! You there!? Hello?" Roy comes out of the bathroom. "Aria..?" Aria snaps back and runs out of the house. "Aria!" He sees the phone on the floor. He picks it up. "Aria! Hurry! He might not able to live by the age of ten. Aria!" (He..? As in ...?) He looks at the door that Aria runs out. (Aria. I never see you making that expression. Like you're afraid of losing someone. Who is he?) He picks his phone and dials Mike. But he hesitates for a bit. He then calls Mike. "It's me. Find out why Aria kept going to the hospital. Keep me posted." He hangs up. He sat on the bed and sighs. (Aria. Is he important to you?) He rustles his hair then he laid down. He lifts his left hand, staring at his wedding ring.


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