Marriage Agreement
3 Chapter 3: One Year Lef
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Marriage Agreement
Author :kookieelor
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3 Chapter 3: One Year Lef

Aria arrives at the hospital. She runs and press the button to get on the elevator but it hasn't reach to the main floor. She then heads to the stairs. Once she reaches the correct floor, she runs until she reach Alan's room. She then sees Shelly, waiting hopelessly out of the room. "Shelly." Shelly turns and sees Aria. "Aria." "How is he?" "He's steady for the time being. He kept asking for you." Aria sits down on the bench. "Aria." "What is it?" "Alan...he won't able to hold on in a year." "Is that's so?" "Aria." "Shelly. He's all I have left." "I know." "He's the reason why I kept moving forward." Shelly puts her hand on Aria's shoulder. "I know, Aria. I know. He's the reason why you pull yourself together. For his sake. I know he means a lot to you. But...when that time comes, you need to let him go." Aria nods. Shelly then stands up. "I'll talk to the doctor for his condition." Aria nods. Shelly left. Aria then stands up and enters Alan's room. She watches him sleeping so peacefully. She then walks closer and touches his hair.

(Flashback; 5 years ago)

Aria holding Alan tightly in the corner while their parents are arguing and fighting. "Sis, when will they stop?" "Soon." "I'm scared." "It's okay. I'm here." She holds him a little bit close. Broken bottles shattered everywhere. Soon their parents left the house to their usual pace. Their father left to gamble while their mother left to meet with different wealthy man. Aria then cleans up the mess. "Don't touch anything, okay?" "Okay." Alan watches his big sister clean the mess that their parents made. As the time goes by, their parents never came home. Aria took her brother out to look for food. Aria checks on every single dumpsters. She then find food for her brother. "Here." "What about you, sis?" "I'm alright. Go ahead." Alan took the bread and ate it. Aria strokes his head. "Everything will be okay. As long as I'm here." Alan nods.

(Flashback When Aria is in college)

Aria was only into her studies until she met Leo, her world began to change. She only see the world as black and white. But after meeting him, she's able to see the world in colors. Once they started dating, Leo wants to introduce her to his mom. His mom disapprove their love since she's from a poor family and also she's in debts. Leo tried to convince his mom. But she wouldn't listen. A week later, she was stopped by Leo's mother. She then follows his mother. They talked. "Leave my son's side. You're not worth of my son's time. I already choose his wife." "I can't do that. We really love each other." "Love? He doesn't need that." She grabs Aria's arms. "Leave my son for good. You're just going to hurt my son's future." "Let go. You're hurting me." Aria push her for protecting herself. "Ahh." "Ah. I'm—" "I gave you my approval. Why you push me?" "Huh? I—" "Mom!" Leo came into the scene. "Leo, i—" leo slaps Aria. Aria puts her hand on her cheek. "I never thought you would do such a thing." "Youre wrong. I—" "I'm wrong? I just saw you push my mom." "Leo. I-" "I was going to tell you that my mom gave us her blessings but you —" leo turned his back on her. He went to help his mom. "Dylan, escort my mom. I'll be there." Once they left, leo still have his back on her. "I think let's put this behind us, Aria." "Leo...What do you mean?" "I'm going to Germany. Don't wait for me." Aria held onto him. "No! I don't want that. You said well be together." He scoffs. He turns to her and pushed her away. "Together with you? When you push my mom?" "I didn't. She was hurting me, Leo." "Aria! Enough!" He takes out the promise ring. "I don't need this crap." He threw it away. He turns and left. Aria fell down on her knees and cried.

Next day, Aria tried to have a talk with Leo, but she heard that Leo is leaving to Germany. She left and heads to the airport to find Leo. Aria search for him restlessly. Soon she find him. "Leo!" Leo ignores her. She caught up with him. "Wait." She grabs his hand. "No matter how many years go by, I'll wait for you." Leo breaks free from her grasp. He looks at her and said, "then I don't think I ever come back." "Leo.." "I already said it. Just forget what happen between us. It wasn't love." Leo turns his back on her and was about to leave. She then asked, "if one day, one dat you found out the truth...will you regret leaving me?" He turns to her and said, "I don't ever regret it. One thing I do regret is loving you." He left. Tears fell down on her cheek. (Leo. Why don't you believe me?)

(Present time)

Aria still stroke Alan's head. "Alan. I'm a bad sister, aren't I? Putting you through a hard time like this. I'm sorry. I couldn't be any help for you. I only watch you being in pain. I told you that I will protect you." Tears fell. "If (you're gone, how am I suppose to live? Where should I go? Without you, I will no longer have a home.) She then wipes her tears and left the room. Roy is in the hospital. Watching her afar. Roy recalls what he and Mike talks about. Mike said; "she have a brother named Alan, age 9. He has progeria but it seems he doesn't have time. He only has one year left." "One year?" "Yeah. Sister in law has been paying hospital fee for her brother. And for...her parents...." "where are they?" "Her father is a gambler, her mom is a hooker. They disowns the siblings ever since sister in law was in high school. In college, I'm...How should I say this?" "What is it?" "She and Leo was a couple but he...turned his back on her." "Leo?" "Apparently she push his mom. And he left to go Germany, cut ties with sister in law." Roy hangs up. (So your lover is Aria. You're trying to win her over. I won't let that happen after you gave her pain.)


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