Marriage Agreement
4 Chapter 4: Dinner
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Marriage Agreement
Author :kookieelor
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4 Chapter 4: Dinner

Later that day, Roy calls Leo. "Hey it's me, so you have any plans tonight?" "No I'm free. What's up?" "Dinner my place tonight. I want to introduce you to my wife. Plus Louis and Mike will be here with their dates." "What time?" "Be here at six." "Got it" The call ends there.


Aria is making dinner. Roy comes in the kitchen. "There will be one more person coming." "There is?" "Yes." "Okay." Roy tilts his head, looking how hard work she is. (Aria. You will be meeting him. Sorry.) She felt someone's looking at her. She slowly turns and sees him. "What is it?" "Nothing." He comes closer and whispers to her ear. "Just that you're really pretty tonight." Her ears turns red. She then stops what she's doing and push him out of the kitchen. "G-go and entertain the guest." "I rather entertain you." Her face flushed. "Roy." "Okay Okay. As you wish, my dear wife" he left. (Ah geez. Flirting and sweet talk when people are here. What is he thinking?) she continues to cook.

A few minutes she's done with prepping the food. Sasha and Sora came to the kitchen and help Aria sets the table. The doorbell rings. "Aria, can you get that?" "Sure." Aria opens the door. She froze. The man in front of her is Leo. Leo was speechless to see Aria. Roy then walks by. "Ah Leo. Come in." Aria steps away from the door. Leo steps inside while looking her. She avoids his gaze. She then closed the door. At the dinner table, Aria and the girls are serving them food. "That's right." He puts his hand on top of Aria's. "This is my wife, Aria. Honey, this is Leo. I met him in Germany." Aria looks up and smiles. "Nice to meet you. I'm Roy's wife, Aria. Feel free to ask me anything." Mike coughs. "Sister in law, where's the drinks?" "Ah. I'll go get it." Roy grabs her hand. Aria got confused. "Let me help." "Okay." They both heads to the kitchen. Roy brought the pitcher of lemonade while she brings the cups. Leo's gaze still lays on Aria. Mike notices and said, "Leo. Why did you decided to come back? Aren't you supposed to come back in another three years?" "Oh you know, change of plans." Sasha then asks, "Don't you have a girlfriend?" He looks at Aria, who's still avoiding his gaze. He replies, "I did." "Whats she like?" "She's cute." "Louis chimes in, "didn't you turn your back on her?" Leo moves his gaze to Louis, who was enjoying his wine. "...I did." Sora gasp. "Why? Did she do something wrong?" Sasha adds, "of course he did. He misunderstood her and hit her." Aria slams the table. Everyone looks at her. "Sorry. Eat without me. I don't feel good." Aria left the table and head to the bedroom. Roy looks at Leo. "So Who is she?" Leo glares at Roy. Roy continues, "didn't you say...she's married? Yet, you still hold onto her when it was you who threw her away?" Leo raises his voice, "I DIDN'T THROW HER AWAY! I—" Leo bit his lips and stands up. "It's late. I better get going." Leo left the house. Sasha and Mike both sighs. Louis speaks up, "so you arrange this dinner jus to blast both of them?" He looks at Roy as he stands up. "How childish." He looks at Sora. "Lets head out." Sora follows Louis, then stops. She turns to Roy, if you need anything feel free to ask us. And don't mind Louis's words." "Thank you." Sora nods and left. Sasha also stands up. "Mike, lets go." "Whhhhafff" Mike has his mouth full of food. Sasha sighs and pulls his ear. "If you need anything call us." Roy nods. "Oww. Sasha, pull it gently." As soon they all left, Roy heads upstairs. He enters the bedroom. the lights are off. Aria is under the blanket. "Aria." "...You knew?" "...yeah." She gets up and throw a pillow at him. He didn't dodge it. She glares at him. You knew?! And them?" "They knew. But he didn't know that you're my wife." Aria walks pass him. He grabs her hand. "Aria." She pulls away. "I'll be sleeping in a separate room for the time being." She exit the room. Roy walks and sits on the bed. He sighs. (If I don't do that, will you go back to his arms?'re still in love with him, aren't you?)


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