Marriage Agreement
5 Chapter 5: Cherish
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Marriage Agreement
Author :kookieelor
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5 Chapter 5: Cherish

Aria wakes up and gets ready to visit Alan. Aria comes down and didn't see Roy. (He's probably went to work). She heads out. Before she goes to the hospital, she went to buy a cake for Alan. As she reach to Alan's room. She hears unexpected voice. "Wow. Really? That's what your company looks like?" "Yeah." "So cool." "What's your position?" "I'm the CEO." "How did you meet my beautiful sister?" "I--" Aria interrupts. "Alan." Alan and Roy turns around. "Sis!! You're finally here." "Did you take your medicine?" "Ughhh. They're nasty though." "Then no cake." "I don't need a cake. "Really? You don't want strawberry cake?" He perks up. "Strawberry cake?!" "Medicine." "Ah poop." Alan takes his medicine and swallow it. She cuts a piece for Alan. "YAY!! Cakeyyy here i come to gobble you up." Aria smiles. "How is it?" "Yum-my!" "That's good." Aria wipes the frosting on his lips. "Sis, how come you didn't tell me?" "About what?" "Brother in law." Aria stops. "He's a billionaire. Wow. You can have anything you want, Sis." "Alan..." Aria looks at Alan. "Hmm?" She force a smile. "You must be thirsty, let me get you water. Okay?" "Okay." "Aria left. Roy was about to follow her. "Hey." Roy stops. "Did you force her to marry you?" Roy looks at Alan. "I might be young but I know my sister very well. I know she's been using someone's money to pay the hospital fee. Sis is a good person." "Roy sits next to Alan. "I know." "Why did you marry her?" "We have a contract." "...Even though you're in love with Sis." Roy was shocked. "He's back, isn't he? That Leo guy." "You knew?" "I met him once. I thought he would make Sis happy. He even promised me that he will marry Sis but he lied. He made her sad. I couldn't do anything but watch her cry her heart out. She kept forcing herself to smile. I never seen her real smile. I miss it." "When was the last time?" "Our family was a happy family....until mom and dad found out that i have progeria. They turned their back on me. Sis...she didn't. The thing is I'm not even Sis's biological brother. I'm just an orphan." "Mom and dad both lost their jobs and couldn't earn money so they....they tried to sell Sis to an nasty old man" Alan tighten his hands. "I couldn't do anything but tell Leo to help her. Once Sis come back, they torture her." Alan looks at Roy and asked, "Have you slept with her?" "...I--" "haven't you seen her scars on her back?" "Scars?" "So you haven't slept with her." Alan grins. "Umm..." "I guess I'm the only one who slept with her." Alan laughs hard. "Oh my stomach." Roy glares at him. Alan notices that Roy misunderstood. He said, "I slept with her a bunch of times. I feel safe when Sis is with me. She's the only one who show me warmth." "you.." "HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! You should've seen your face. Oh my gawwdddd you're killing me." Alan wipes the tears. "You realllly love her. I'm glad." Alan smiles then he turns to the window. "You should cherish her more, Roy." "Alan." "I know. I overheard the nurse. Roy." Alan looks at Roy. "Don't hurt her. She's not that strong as she seems. I still can't protect her. I...I don't have much time left anyways." Alan looks away. "As long as she's happy, that's all it matters." Roy said, "I'll cherish her." "Thank you."

In the other end, Aria was by the door listening to their conversation. She then left. Alan saw his sister's shadow leaving. (Sis. You completely heard it from him. He truly loves you. So why don't you stop torturing yourself.) Alan then said, "I wonder if sis is okay. Roy, go and check on her." Roy nods and left. He puts his hand on his chest, slowly inhaling and exhaling. He looks at the window. "It seems my time almost here."


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