Marriage Agreement
6 Chapter 6: Goodbye
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Marriage Agreement
Author :kookieelor
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6 Chapter 6: Goodbye

Roy went to look for her. Soon he found her, sitting on the bench. He walks towards her. "Aria." She looks up and sees him. She looks away. "Alan is worried about you." She stands up and was about to leave. He grabs her hand. "Look, I--" She takes her hand out of his grip. "You know, you're breaking one of the rules." She walks pass him. He sighs and then follows her. They see nurses running in the hallway. "Hurry! Room 1021. Patient is having seizure." Aria drops the water bottles. She then ran to the room. "Alan!" "Sorry, miss. You cannot be in here." "What happen to him?" "I'm sorry, miss."

Aria waits impatiently on the bench, praying. "Please. Please. You have to be alright." Roy sits down next to her, rubbing on her back. One of the nurses came out. Aria gets up and walks towards the nurse. "How is he? Is he okay?" "He wanted to talk to you." Aria looks at Roy. He nods. Aria went into the room. Her heart almost stops, seeing him breathing hard. "S-sis." He lifts his hand out. She took it and hold his hand tightly. "I'm here." "I'm sorry." "No. No. Dont be." Aria tries to control her tears. "Roy...he's a good man, sis." She smiles, "I know." Roy stands behind her. "Please take care of her for me, Roy." Roy stands next to Aria, putting his arm around her shoulder. "I will." Alan takes her hand and Roy's on top of one another. "Please be happy. Sis, y-you don't need to worry about me. I'll be fine." "Alan." "T-thank y-ou f-f-for everything. I--" Alan gasping for air. "Alan. Alan. Let me get the doctor." Alan holds her hand tightly. "Sis. Y-you don't need to hold back. If I could reborn again, I want to be your brother once again, but as your big brother." Aria's tears fell. "T-that way you won't suffer anymore. Sis...I--" Alan stops breathing. BEEP BEEP BEEPP... Aria looks at his heart monitor then at Alan. "Alan...? Alan...?" She touches his face. "Alan!" Roy pulls her close to him. She turns and cries nonstop. Roy looks at Alan one last time. [Alan, no need to worry. I will take care of her on your behalf. You can rest peacefully now.]

[Alan's funeral]

Aria stays next to Alan. [Alan..] She wipes her tears. "Aria." She remembers that voice. She turns and sees Leo. "I'm sorry for your loss." She looks away and ignores him. "Aria." "Leave." Leo tries to talk to her. She shouts, "I said leave!" Leo refuses to do so, she then threw flowers at him. Sora and Sasha came and stops her. "Aria. Calm down." "He's gone. H-he's gone."Roy came and pulls her close. "Mike, send Leo off." "Roy." "Leo. She doesn't want to see you now. Please leave." Leo looks at her and bit his lip. Leo left.

"Aria. Let's go home." "But Alan.." "Just a couple minutes." Aria nods. "Look after her for me." Sora and Sasha nods. Roy went out to talk to Leo outside. "Alan is a good kid." "I know." "I'll cut it short. Stay away from her." Roy was about to go inside. "Do you love her?" Roy stops. "Do you love her? Or is she just a piece of chess of your game? You never open your heart to anyone. Why her?" Roy turns to Leo and looks him in the eye. "She was just a piece of chess game. But right now, I want her wholeheartedly. Yes, I do love her. And I won't forgive anyone who harms her. Even if its you, Leo." They both glare at each other.


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