Marriage Agreement
7 Chapter 7: Gone
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Marriage Agreement
Author :kookieelor
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7 Chapter 7: Gone

Aria was left alone since Sora and Sasha are greeting the guests. Aria went outside to look for Roy. She was about to open the door but she stop. She can hear the conversation between Roy and Leo. "Do you love her?" Roy stops. "Do you love her? Or is she just a piece of chess of your game? You never open your heart to anyone. Why her, Roy?"Roy turns to Leo and looks him in the eye. "She was just a piece of chess game." Arias heart stops. She lets go of the door knob and was about to leave. "But right now, I want her wholeheartedly. Yes, I do love her. And I won't forgive anyone who harms her. Even if its you, Leo." They both glare at each other. "No matter what I'm taking her back." Roy laughs. "After you hit her? After you turned your back on her? What makes you think that she's going back to you? You know, you didn't just betray her but Alan too. Leave." Roy turns and head back inside. Aria then return to Alan's side before Roy could see her.

Roy returns to her side. "You ready to go?" She nods. She stands up and sees Alan in his casket. She touches his hair. (Alan. I will miss you.) She follows Roy out. As they went outside, Leo was still there. "Aria." Aria holds onto Roy's jacket. Roy then pulls her close. "Aria. Let's talk." "There's nothing to talk about." Leo grabs her hand. "There is." Roy interrupts, "Let her go." "Aria. Please." Roy then lets go of her hand. Aria was surprised and look at Roy. (Is he mad?) Roy turns and head to the car. "Roy." Leo grabs her hand. "He doesn't even care. Aria. Let's talk." "There's nothing to talk about." "Aria." Aria left Leo alone and head to the parking lot. "Roy." Roy drives away without her. Aria takes her phone out and was about to dial Roy's number but she didn't. (He's probably in a bad mood) She calls a taxi and didn't head home.

That night, Roy was waiting for her but she didn't come home. (Is she with him?) he sighs. He kept looking at his phone, then he decides to call her. "We're sorry, the person you're trying to reach is not available. Please try again later." "Damn it!" He throws his phone on the floor. Next morning, he wakes up and heads downstairs. She still not home. He sighs and heads to the kitchen. He sees an envelope on the table. He's curious and opens it. A wedding ring fell out. He picks it up. (It's Aria's) he takes the letter and read it.


The letter fell on the floor.



By the time you read this, I'm no longer in Tokyo. I don't want to get between your friendship with Leo. Thank you for marrying me. You care for me. You even make Alan smile and laugh. Thank you for that but I don't think I deserve to be your wife. You should find a wife that will return those feelings to you. I am sorry I left without saying anything to you. Please, do me a favor. Let me go since we don't owe each other anything. Please fill the divorce papers when you have time.




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