Marriage Agreement
9 Chapter 9: Rescue and Confession
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Marriage Agreement
Author :kookieelor
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9 Chapter 9: Rescue and Confession

Leo takes Aria to a hotel. He carries her and put her on the bed. He went to take shower due to the sweat that he went and chase Aria.

Aria groans and opens her eyes. She sees that she's at a hotel. (Will he come and save me?) She slowly gets up and tries to leave but her stomach was hurting. She sees the door right there. She made a run for it but Leo catches and push her to the bed. "Let me go." "I won't." He ties her hands with one of his hand and the other reaches and unbutton her shirt. "Stop! Stop it!" Leo seals her lip with his. She bit him. He glares at her. She shrinks back. He then loosen his tie and uses to tie her hands. "Stop this. Leo." "I won't! How many times did you slept with him? Huh!?!" "Stop!" He takes off his jacket. She uses her chance to kick him. But he grabs her leg and tries to loose her skirt while kissing her. "Stop! Roy!! Help me!!"

SLAM. Roy appears; all drench up with sweat and a heavy breath. He sees Aria in tears. Roy grabs Leo and punches him. "You dirty dog!" Roy grabs him by the collar. "Whats wrong? We're just making love." "LEO!" Roy punch him once again. "You guys divorce already? So what do you care?" "Who said we're divorce? I never agree on letting her go." Roy was about to punch him. But Aria went and backhugs him. Tightly. Roy sees how much she's trembling, Roy toss Leo aside. He turns and hugs her tight. He kiss her on the top of her head. He takes off his jacket and put it on over her shoulders. He carries her. Before he left win her, "here's a warning, Leo. If you harm her, I will kill you. For now on, we're no longer friends." Roy left with Aria in his arms. Aria looks at Roy, who's very upset.

"Master.m and ma'am." His driver opens the door and Roy gently puts her down. Roy then closes the door and went to the other side. Roy didn't speak a word. Either Aria. Roy just looks at the window. "Master." "Take her to her apartment." "Yes sir."

As they reach her apartment, Roy gets out and opens the door for her. "Keep the jacket. Your shirt is torn." "Thank you." "Mm. I already called Stacy. So go in. Take care." Roy left without looking back. Aria watches the car go further away. She grips on his jacket. She then returns to her apartment. As she opens the door, Stacy runs over to her. "Are you okay?" "Yeah im fine." "Thanks goodness." She hugs Aria. "Go take a bath and I'll cook someone delicious for you." "Thanks." As she takes a bath, she realized Roy's warmth when he carries her. She blushed and shakes her head. A few minutes later, she's done bathing. She heads to the kitchen. She smells something weird. She runs back to the bathroom. "Aria?" "Blechhh". "Hey? You okay." "I think so." "What's the smell.?" "its your favorite. Crockpot." "Mmph. Blechhh." Stacy notices and said, "say, are you pregnant by chance?" Aria freezes. She looks at the stomach. "...possibly??" Stacy takes her hand and head to the hospital. "Stacy." "Lets go and find out." "But.." "But what? Let's go." Aria went to check to see if she's pregnant. Aria comes out of the doctor office. "So?" "I'm pregnant." "Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh!" Stacy's laughs and got all excited. "You're pregnant. Wait. Hold on a minute." She looks at her. "Who did you slept with?" Aria avoids her gaze. "Roy?" Aria flinches. "Really?!" She covers Stacy's mouth. "Shush!" "Why?" "I don't know. I just.." "He's still in love with you. Can't you tell by his actions?" Aria stays silent. "Let's tell him. He is the father of our baby." "Okay." "Great!"

Roy and Aria plans to meet at the cafe. They're drinking coffee but they didn't talk much. As Roy begins to start the conversation, "Aria." "Hmm?" "What is it that you want to meet with me?" "Ahh. Umm. I—" "is it about the divorce papers?" Aria was shocked. "Do you...still want divorce?" Roy looks at her. Aria doesn't know what to say. "I uh..." then she sees Stacy behind Roy. Stacy is gesturing her to say it. She looks at Roy in the eye and blurted, "I'm pregnant." Roy's eyes widened. She looks away and said, "I might want to you since you're the father of this child." She then looks at him. She couldn't stand the silence so she stands up. "That's all I wanted to say. So yeah." She walks out. Roy was speechless. Then he gets up and chase behind her. He catches up with her and grabs her hand. "Wait. Aria." Aria looks at him. " still wants to be with me?" Aria blush and nod. Roy smiles and hugs her.


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