Marriage Agreement
10 Chapter 10: Holding On
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Marriage Agreement
Author :kookieelor
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10 Chapter 10: Holding On

Next morning.

Aria rubs her eyes and turns the other side. She comes closer but she realizes she's laying next to someone. She lifts her head up and sees Roy, sleeping soundly. She smiles and leans in for a kiss. An arm reach out and holds her head. She startles. He kiss her on the lips. She then taps on his chest. Their lips parted. "What's wrong?" "You—" "either way you're gonna kiss me." She blush. He grins and pulls her into his chest, laying down. She can hear his heartbeat. She smiles. They both soon fall asleep.

4 weeks later.

Before Aria takes her maturity leave. She spending time with her patients one more day. She was about to head for a lunch break. Someone came behind her and drugged her.

Aria opens her eyes. She's bound tot he chair. She then sees him, Leo, who is standing right in front of him. "L-Leo." She checks her surrounding. Shes in an empty storage room in the hospital. "You think I would sit back and watch you two have a happy ending? You two will never have a happy ending." He takes out a lighter. She soon realizes that there's gasoline on the floor. "Why do you have a lighter, Leo?" "Since I cant have you then he can't have you. Aria. Let's die together. In this room."

In the other hand, Roy comes to the hospital to check on Aria. But he sees a fire. He gets out of the car and head inside but he was stopped by an officer. "Sir, you cannot go in." He then sees Stacy. "Where's Aria?" "Shes inside. Leo is behind it." "Where is he?" "He's inside with Aria." Roy shoves the officer and went inside.

Aria finally breaks free and hit Leo on the head. She then head out, she falters due to the strong fire. She sees someone right in front of her. She smiles. "Roy." "Aria" Aria walks towards him. As she got closer she notices a fallen object coming towards Roy. She runs towards him and pushes out of the way.

Roy gets up and sees Aria on the floor, bleeding. "Aria!" Leo then comes out of the room, and sees Aria on the floor. "Roy grabs her and shakes her. "Aria! Open your eyes. Aria." Leo then escapes from the scene. She slowly opens her eyes. "R-Roy." "Aria." "R-Roy. There's s-something I wanted to say to you. F-for a long time." "What is it?" "I-I love you." She reaches out and touch his face. She smiles. "I-if something happens, please s-s-save our baby." Roy shakes his head. "No." "Roy. Please. I beg you. I—" her hand falls down by her side. "A-Aria. Aria." He touches her face. "Noooooo!!!!" He carries her and heads out with her.

"They're coming out." The nurses and patients gasps as soon as they sees Aria. "Aria." Roy takes her to a different hospital.

Roy sitting on the bench with his head down. Mike and the other comes running. "Hey. How is she?" Roy stays silent. Louis speaks up. "Leo is nowhere to be found." Soon the doctor comes out to the ER. "How is she?" "In order to save them both, we have to take the baby out and run some tests on the baby. And for Aria..." the doctor looks at Roy. "She might be in a persistent vegetative state. And for how's all depends on Aria. Whether she wants to wake up or not." Doctor then returns to the ER.

Roy sits back down. "I should've stop her from going to work." "Roy." "She told me, if anything happens, she wants me to save the baby. She's very cruel." He smiles painfully. "How can she—" Roy cries. Sofa and Sasha hugs him. "Roy. Stay strong. She needs you as much as you need her. Stay strong. She will wake up. No matter how many years gone by. She will wake up. She's got to. For you and for the baby. She won't leave you two." Mike chimes in, "Roy. Keep holding on. She will wake up."

Everyday. Every night. He kept looking after her. He takes her hand and holds it tightly. "Aria. Our baby is a boy. What should we name him?" He reaches out and touch her face. "We should go on a family trip. How's that sounds? Hmm?" Aria is still in a coma after the accident. Roy then left the room and visit his son, who's crying nonstop. He touches the window glass. "Son, you must want to see her. Your mother is still recovering. Soon you will see your mother. One day we will come together as one."


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