Marriage Agreement
11 Chapter 11: Waiting For Miracle
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Marriage Agreement
Author :kookieelor
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11 Chapter 11: Waiting For Miracle

[Ashton's narrating]

It's been 5 years since mommy's been a coma. I was sneaking out of my studies in order to visit her. Mommy is so pretty. I often talk to her about my day. I also....told her on dad what he did to me. Daddy is very strict man, I don't know why mommy even likes him.

[The day I skip my studies and visit mommy.]

I open the door where mommy is sleeping. I looked around and see if anyone is following me, then I close the door. I walk up to the bed. "Mommy. Ashton here visiting you." I push the chair so I can sit next to mommy. I sit down and touch her hand. Her hand is icy cold. I take her hand into mine. I blow into her hand until its warm enough.

"Mommy. I snuck out again. I don't like studying. It's too boring. It hurts my head thinking too much. School isn't fun." "Is that so?" "Yeah." Wait a minute. Who's...

I look up and see her smiling. "Mommy!!!" I jump on her and hug her tightly. "You're finally awake." She pats on my back. "There, there." I help her to sit up. I grab an extra pillow to support her back.

Roy comes home from work. One of the maids comes running towards him. "Master. Young Master has disappeared. We looked everywhere." Roy sighs. "I know where he is. Go and finish what you were doing." "Yes."

Roy then heads to the room. As he reaches the room, he was about to open the door but he heard Ashton's voice. "That old man...what do you even like him anyways? Isn't he mean looking person?" Roy got mad. He turns the door knob but he paused because he heard her voice. "He's still your father." "Ughh. That's the worst part." Mommy laughs. Mommy notices the bruises on my arms. "Did you get bullied today again, Ashton?" I hid the bruises on my arm. "Ashton." "I'm okay. It's nothing." I sighs. She grabs and picks me up onto her lap. "Tell me." "They....those kids kept saying you're not going to wake up and that old man is strict on me because's my fault that you're in a coma." I turn to face her. "Is that true?" She smiles. "The fact that I'm in a coma isn't your fault. Did you ask the others?" "No." "I was still carrying you in my tummy." "Really?" "Mhm. I was kidnapped but I escaped. The moment I see your father, i will safe. He's the best that ever happen to me." Mommy smiles. "I got hurt because I push him away from a fallen object." "you really love that old fart." "Ashton." "Humph." I pout and cross my arms. She mess up my hair. I look at her. "He's a good man. A good father. He's strict because he wants you not just follow his footsteps but do much better." "I guess." "Also call him father or dad or daddy." "Ewww. Do I have to?" "Ashton. Please for mommy." "Fine." She giggles and kiss me in the head. I hug her. "Mommy." "Hm?" "I love you." She smiles. "I love you too." "More then that old—" "Ashton." "F-f-father?" She giglgles. "No. I love you two equally." "Nuts."

The door opens. I gasp. "Hey old—" I take a peek over mommy. She's raised her brow. "Ughh. Hi f-f-father." That old fart walks towards us. He sits down on the chair and pat my head. I stunned. Wow he is nice. Wait, Ashton, don't get fool by him just because he's good looking. Old fart looks at mommy and smiles. Whoaaaa. Did I see it right? He's actually smiling. Did he get possess? Then I met his gaze. I froze. "M-mommy." "Hm?" I get down from the bed. "I-I'm going back to my studies now." "Okay." I dash out in a hurry. I met his gaze. How scary.

That night, I couldn't sleep due to a nightmare so I went into their room with my teddy bear. I tap on mommy. She slowly opens her eyes. "Mommy." "Hm? Ashton?" "Can I sleep with you two?" "A nightmare?" I nod. She smiles. She scoots closer to that old man. She taps beside her. I get on the bed With teddy. I move closer to her. She puts arms around me and I dozed off in a flash. Her warmth makes me feel at ease. When I wake up, somehow I'm in the old fart's arms. Why is he hugging me? Did mommy trick me? Ooohhh I swear I'll get my revenge. Later that day, mommy greets me. "Ashton. Good morning." I ignore her. Humph. "Here's your breakfast." Ooh pancakes. With lots, lots and lots of syrup. Yum-my! Fine. I'll forgive you this time. Next time don't put me with him.


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