Marriage Agreement
12 Chapter 12: Our Happy Ending
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Marriage Agreement
Author :kookieelor
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12 Chapter 12: Our Happy Ending

A month later

Aria is much healthier. She is planting some flowers in the garden. Roy just got back from overseas. The maid informs him that she's in the garden. Roy rush in the garden to see her.

He runs in the backyard and sees her all dirty. "Aria." She turns and looks up at him. "Ah Roy, you're back." She smiles and continues to plants flowers. Roy walks over to her and takes out handkerchief out. He wipes the dirt that is on homer face. "You should be resting." "I'm fine." "You just got better, what if you—" "Roy." She stops what she was doing and looks at him. "I'm fine." "Aria" She grabs his necktie and pulls him to close to her. Their lips meet. Roy was shocked of how bold she is. He wants to continue. He puts his arms around her. She jolts. She push him away. "Wait. We can't." "You tempted me to do so." "I know. We can't." "Why not?" "I'm....dirty..." He smiles. He carries her. "R-Roy!" "Lets take a shower together...and continue where we left off." Her face blushed! She hits him over and over.


A year later, she realizes she haven't had her period yet. She takes a pregnancy test, locks herself in the bathroom. She waits and waits. She checks on the results. She smiles with joy. She can't wait to tell her boys and the others the good news.

At dinner time, they are sitting by the table waiting for the food. Aria keeps fidgeting here and there. She decides to make an announcement. "Listen. I have something to say." Everyone looks at her and gives her a full attention. She stands up and finally said the words she's been dying to say. "I'm pregnant." Roy spilt out of his water. *cough cough.

"Roy, are you okay?" "*cough yeah im fine." She pats on his back. Ashton yells, "YAY!!! I'm going to be a big brother!!!!" Ashton gets down his chair, runs in circles. Aria smiles. Roy reaches out and touch her hand.

She meets his gaze. "You're pregnant?" "Yeah.." She looks at him. "You're not happy?" "No. No. I am." "Really?" "Yeah. It's just that..." Aria tilts her head. He pulls her onto his lap. "It's just that you just got better and what if..." She puts her finger to his lips. "Roy. I want to have this baby." She looks at Ashton who's all excited, running in circles and looks back at Roy. "if anything happens, it happens. You cannot change the fate of death, Roy." Roy looks away. "She sighs and gets off of Roy's lap. "I'm not hungry." Roy looks at her. "You need to eat." "I don't want to argue." She left the dinner table.

That night, Roy kept thinking about the situation. He sighs. (I don't want to lose her again. What should we do...?) He knits his brows. He feels a hand on him. He turns to the side and it was Ashton. "Dad, you're not happy?" He takes Ashton onto his lap. "I am happy, it just that ..." "Mommy is gonna be gone." He looks at Ashton. "but...mommy is happy being with us. and carrying the baby, right? isn't that all it matters? Yeah I will miss her and all. but she's always in here." He puts his hand on his heart. "Mommy won't go anywhere but here. She'll watch over us." Roy smiles and hugs Ashton. "You're right." "If its a girl, i bet she looks like mommy. but if its a boy I can play with him. but even its a girl I'll protect her." He smiles. "Thank you Ashton."

Roy went into the bedroom. Aria is on the balcony, thinking. He wraps his arms around her. "I'll support you." She startles about his answer. She turns around and look at him. "if anything happens, I'll do my best to raise our kids." She smiles and hugs him tightly. "Thanks Roy."

Five years later...

"Hurry!!!" "Dad, you slowpoke, hurry!!!" The two kids runs and reaches to the grave. "Happy birthday, mommy!" "Masha bought your flowers." " .....being slow like always." Ashton got smack on the head. "Ow!" He glares at his old man. "Mommy, dad just hit me." Masha wipes the dust off of her mom's stone. She sees a picture of her mom. "Wow. Mommy's pretty." Roy picks her up and holds her. "Aria. Happy birthday. I came with the kids. Ashton is now a fourth grader. Masha is now in kindergarten." "We got a puppy, his name is Gilbert." Ashton runs around the grass field. "Come and get me, Masha." "daddy put me down." "Alright." Roy puts her down and she runs to chase her big brother. Roy puts his hand on the stone. "Our daughter resembles you a lot. Also.." He looks at the picture. "I miss you."

The End.


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