Marriage Agreement
13 Prologue
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Marriage Agreement
Author :kookieelor
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13 Prologue

4 Years Ago.

Halle was about to head out to visit her aunt and uncle; however, as soon as she opened her door. There was something waiting for her. Two cops showed up in front of her door. She asked, "Sir, how may I help you?"

Officer #1 asks her, "Are you Halle Lu?"

She tilts her head and answered, "...Yes, I am."

One of the cops showed his identification to her. "You need to come with us."

She was confused, "I'm sorry but I'm not following along of what is going on."

Officer #2 said, "You are under arrest for a hit-and-run accident." (What? What hit-and-run accident?)

She was put in handcuffs and they read her rights to her. She was taken away as she was speechless of what is going on. (Just what is going on?) She had no idea what lies ahead of her; however, for sure, she knows she's innocent.

As soon as she entered the police station, she escorted into the interrogation room, she was still in handcuffs. She sat down as she waits for the cops to come in. Two different cops entered the room as the ones who went to picked her up entered the other room to be the judge if she's guilty or innocent. One of them placed a photo in front of her. "Is this your car, miss?" She looked over the photo and nods, "Yes. That is my car." "Where were you on the September 18th?"

(September 18th?) "I was at the Children's Shelter."

"Children's Shelter? What were you doing there?"

"I teach kids at Children's Shelter."

"Did you drive that day?"

"No. I took a cab then I took the bus home."

"Have you ever been to Newton Street?"

"Yes. My boyfriend and his family lives there."

"I noticed your car isn't at your place."

She nods. "Yes. My boyfriend's mother wants to borrow my car, I lend it to her to use so she can run some errands."

At the other side of the window, Officer #2 said, "Maybe she's not the one?"

Officer #1 said, "But it's her car."

"Yes, it's her car, however, she lend it to her boyfriend's mother to use it."

Officer #1 nods. "We need to bring her in."

A few minutes later, a woman in her 40s stepped into the police station as her hands were trembling due to nervous breakdown. "H-Hi. I'm the witness for the hit-and-run accident."

Officer looks confused. "A witness?"


"Just a minute." The officer went to the back room. Knock Knock. He opens the door and walks in. He closed the door behind him. "Sir."

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Officer #2 asks, "What is it?"

"Did any of you inform this accident?" Both of the officers looked at each other and said, "No." Officer said, "That's weird because there's a lady around her 40s."

Officer #2 raised his brow. "What did she say?"

"She's here as a witness for the hit-and-run accident."

Both cops looked at each other and said, "No one has mention anything about this case, so how did she know?"

Officer asks, "What should I say to her?"

Officer #1 and Officer #2 turns to the interrogation room where Halle was in. Officer #2 said, "We need to investigate thoroughly or else we're letting the killer loose." He turns to the other cop. "Where is she now?"


Officer #2 heads out to meet the lady. "Hi ma'am. How may I help you?" "Y-yes I came here as a witness."

"A witness of what?"

"Hit-and-run accident."

He puts his acting skills on. "Hit-and-run accident?"


"Errmm...I'm sorry ma'am. There isn't a case like that."

She was shocked. "You guys didn't catch her?!"

He knits his brows as he knew something's fishy.

"Her? Who are you referring to?"

"A-ah. No. sure there's---"

He cuts in. "I'm sure there's no hit-and-run accident. We're just dealing with theft at the moment."

He heard her mumbling. "H-how is that possible? She should be getting arrested."

He faked a smile and asked, "Do you need a ride home, ma'am?"

She flinched and said, "N-No. I'm good. Thank you." She turned around and left the station. He watched her leave. He takes out his cellphone and dials someone's number. "Hey. It's me."


Halle was taken into the custody for the time being so they could find the evidence; however, her car went missing. Two days later, a group of officers from the different division came to get Halle into their custody. Officer #2 cuts in as he stands infront of Halle, protecting her. "You have no right to take our suspect."

"Officer Chang, I apologize, this case is now belong to us. We have the right to take her into our custody." Halle touch Officer Chang's arm. He turns around to face her. "Ms. Lu.."

She said, "Thank you." She turns to the other officers. "I'll go with you." Officer Chang clenched his hands to fist. He and his team couldn't do anything but watch her leave. Officer Chang turns to his team and said, "No matter what, we need to find that car." His team nods and began to search all over again.

A month later, the court was set. Halle was informed that she has a visitor. As she walks into the room, she didn't expect to see Maggie Chao, the mother of her boyfriend's. Halle sat down across from Maggie.

Maggie asked, "How are you?"

Halle asked, "Does your son know....about your wrongdoings?"

Maggie was shocked by Halle's question. "W-What are you talking about?"

Halle looked right in her eye. "What did I ever did to you?"

Maggie scoffs. "You don't even know?" Maggie slams the table. "You--You witchcraft my boy to fall in love with you. You're all he ever talks or thinks about. You're...You're just nothing!"

Halle just watched her go crazy. "You're just ruining my boy's future! I gave you a warning. You ignore it."

"That means you killed that person and put the blame on me..." Halle laughs. She looks at Maggie. "You think if I admit to your wrongdoings, he's going to stop loving me?"

Maggie was shaken in anger. Halle shrugged and looked down on the floor, "Fine. I'll plead in guilty; however...Maggie.." She stands up and leans closer to Maggie. "Once I'm out, I'll make sure I'll give you ten times pain and suffer just how you did to me." Maggie trembled.

Halle yelled, "I'm done here." The guard opens the door and escorts Halle back to her cell.

Chao's residence...

Maggie just got home and saw her son walking back and forth with his cell in his hand. "Donny." He turned around and noticed his mother. "Mom."

"What are you doing?"

He sighs. "I'm trying to reach Halle, but she's probably mad at me."

Maggie head to the sofa and called her son. "Donny, let's talk."

Donny head to the across from his mother. "What is it?"

Maggie looks at her son in the eye. "She won't be coming here."

He was shocked. He stand up and asked her firmly, "Seriously, mom! What did you say to her?!"

She was shocked to see her son get angry.

"I know you hate her just because she's an orphan, but, mom, she's the one I want to spend my life with."

Maggie got angry, she stands up from her seat, "How is she the one, Donny? She's just ruining your life...your future. She just killed a person, for goodness sake. You should just forget about her."

Donny wasn't buying what his mother had said. "She's not the type of person who kill harm a person."

Maggie got even more mad. "Fine. You don't believe me. Go and see her at the prison."


Maggie stands up and head to her room.


Halle once again informed that she has another visitor. She walks in and didn't expect to see Donny. She let out a sigh and asked, "Why are you here?" He was shocked how she gave him the cold shoulder.

Halle sat down across from him. "Halle, just what is going on?"

"Ask your mother."

"She said you.." He didn't want to finish the sentence.

"It's true that I killed a person."

Donny said, "Halle, please stop. I know you. You wouldn't..."

She finally looks at him and said, "Really? Do you really know me, Donny?"

"Halle, stop joking around. Tell me."

She stands up from her seat. "I just did. Whether you believe it or not, it doesn't matter."


"From now on...(she looked at him in the eye) you're nothing to me."

Donny stands up and grabbed her hands. "Halle, enough of this." She pulled her hands away from him. "The Halle you once knew is dead." She turns her back to Donny and called for the guard.


Officer Chang and his team were at the edge. They couldn't find anything regards to the car. Officer Chang was frustrated. One of the cops rushed in and said, "The court date has been changed." Everyone was shocked. "What?!"

Officer Chang asked, "To what date?"

"...This Friday." Officer Chang was shocked. (That soon?!) Officer Chang grabbed his jacket and head out. "Officer Chang!"

He heads to talk to Halle; however, Halle refused to meet any more visitors. Officer Chang has no chance but called a friend of his.

Xiao Corporation...

SLAM! Officer Chang slams his hands on the desk. "Hey, Liu Huo! I'm serious here!" Liu Huo ignores his friend's plea.

"I cannot do such a thing."

"What?! Since when you follow the law?"

"Chang...she killed Kun."


"Wow. I didn't know you're a softie towards women."

Liu Huo stands up to head out. Chang walks in front of him. "Liu Huo. I'm dead serious. This case hasn't been revealed to anyone; however, how did that old lady know about the hit-and-run accident?"

Liu Huo knitted his brows. "Someone knows about this case? And you didn't even bother to mention to me?"

Chang put his hand on his face. "I did call you like dozen of times but it was you who turned your cell off."


"Liu Huo, are you--"

Chang's cell rings. "Hello?"

"Officer Chang, this is Sherry."

"What is it, Sherry?"

"This is bad. Ms. Lu admits the guilty plea."

Chang was shocked.

Sherry continues, "Her sentence is five years in prison." Chang looks at Liu Huo. Liu Huo asked, "What is it?"

Chang ends the call and said, "She takes the guilty plea." Chang was confused. "Impossible. If she's innocent then she---"

Liu Huo thinks for a while and said, "Maybe she's waiting for the right time to strike..."

5 Years Later...

Liu Huo finally receives the information about Halle Lu. His eyes widened as soon as he sees a photo. A photo of Halle puts her arms around Kun, who was smiling so brightly and freely. Ivan, his right-hand man said, "Boss, I asked around and they said they're always together."

Liu Huo thinks about it and asked himself, Are they a couple back then? How did they meet? Most importantly, he asked himself, Is she really innocent? Or is it just an act? He sighs. The door opens and it's Chang who have enter the room. He asks, "Are you planning to pick her up?"

Liu Huo said, "Why would I? I don't have time like you running around." Chang notices the photos on the desk. His eyes widens. "She knows Kun?" "Apparently."


X Prison...

She finally gets out of prison. (It's sooner than I thought it would be. Who helped me?) She smiles as soon as she notices her best friend, Meg. "Meg!" "Halle!" They run and hugs each other. "Ohhhh! I miss you so much, Halle." Halle laughs. "Me too."

"Come. My family are really dying to see you." "I want to see them too." They both head into the car and the car drives off. The atmosphere are dead silence, as Meg kept fidgeting, not knowing what to say as Halle looks out of the window. Meg finally asks, "So...has Donny visit you?"

"I don't know. Maybe; however, I refused to see anyone."

Meg nods. Halle then grabs Meg's cell and dials Kun's number.

"Who are you trying to call?"


Meg's eyes widens. She bit her lower lip and said, "He's here. I'll take you to him."

Halle was shocked. "He's in town...?"

"...Yeah...for five years now."

"Wow. I didn't know."

Liu Huo stops at Kun's grave. He sets flowers down on the headstone. (Baby brother...whoever did this to you, they must pay price with their own life.) He stands there for a few minutes, without saying a word.

As soon as Meg parks the car. Halle was confused and said, "Meg, this is the cemetery. Why..."

Meg said, "Follow me." She gets out of the car, Halle unbuckle her seatbelt and follows Meg out of the car. Liu Huo lets out a sigh and turns his heels to head back to his car. He froze on the spot as soon as he sees Halle. (What is she doing here?)

Halle walks past Liu Huo. Halle said, "Meg?"

Meg stops on her tracks and turns to Halle. Halle sees her best friend make a painful expression. She walks up to Meg as she puts a hand on Meg's shoulder. "Meg?"

Meg looks at Halle. "...Halle."

Halle stays silent as she listens to what Meg has to say. "...About Kun...He's dead."

Halle's eyes widens. "W-W-What? What are you saying?"

She removes her hand from Meg's shoulder as she takes a few steps back. Meg walks up to Halle as she puts both of her hands on Halle's shoulder. "Halle, listen to me. That hit-and-run accident that she caused. She ran over a person. That person is K-Kun."

Halle was shocked to hear about the news about Kun. "N-No. You're lying."

Meg steps a side and said, "Over there is where his family buried him." Halle looks up ahead and slowly walks towards the gravestone. (Impossible. Kun is not..) As she reaches the gravestone, she falls down on her knees as soon as she sees Kun's name engraved to the gravestone. Tears falls down on her cheeks. "H-How...How did this happen?"

Meg walks towards Halle and puts her hand on Halle's shoulder, comforting her dear friend. As they both grieve to their lost friend, Liu Huo was still standing afar as he watch the whole thing. (She didn't know about Kun's death?) He then turns his heels and walks back to his car.

Once he's in his car, he takes out his cellphone and dials someone. "It's me. Find out everything you can about Halle Lu. You got 30 minutes." He hangs up and drives away.


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