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Masters of Faith Medieval
Author :OmnipotentDad
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74 Memories

Looking at Frost Queen, Lu Fan felt regret.

Lu Fan and Frost Queen go way back, and like every game, the heat of the game will only last for a year before it slowly flows steadily. Because unlike Lu Fan, not all players are here for a hardcore gaming experience.

In all sorts of game, only a few dedicated five percent of the gaming community's total population will continue playing heatedly. The other 95% will just play the game with their friend with hunting, dungeon clearing, grinding, or spend the time to waste or earn some money from it.

These became the very basics of gaming, only a handful of dedicated players will continuously fight for the top.

Lu Fan saw Frost Queen for the first time again after five months, both of them regularly saw each other before that for trade and sometimes, Frost Queen would just regularly go to Lu Fan's using her alternate account, Snow Queen just to annoy him and spend some one-sided quality time.

Lu Fan closes his eyes slightly as he slowly remembers what actually happened before the Evil Faction's defeat streak started.

6 months ago.

"WE WON!!!"

Triumphant shouts echoes throughout the whole of the Evil Faction, although they had lost some of their territories, they took away some from the Justice Faction.

200 versus 200 kingdoms, the Evil Faction Successfully defended 160 territories and successfully took 70 territories from the Justice Faction.

But how come the Evil Faction actually won such a huge clash of might and numbers? The reason is simple, all of the top five guilds fought to invade the Soaring Falcon kingdom, and with their defeat, the smaller guilds followed with theirs.

Lu Fan... Or should be called Eternal became a heroic figure after that. But a lot of people from the Evil Faction felt it unfair, they also defended their own territories after all, so why was it only Eternal that's getting praised.

With those thoughts, about 30% of players decided to just enjoy the game and not sacrifice their precious time.

Although it might sound like a joke to some, but it became a terrifying event.

The second siege war became the start of everything.

As the players thought that a single Siege War wouldn't harm them much, those 30% of the total population decided to just grind away while the event is in progress and this caused them a huge setback, something they couldn't have expected with their little mind.

The Evil Faction already loses in terms of population, it's about one for two hundred, and with the decrease of 30%, it became total mayhem for the Evil Faction.

Just the single Siege War, they lost 180 territories, even, a single war is all it took to turn the tides as more and more players decided to join the Justice Faction, calling it the right thing to do.

At this moment, a month before the 3rd Siege War is to occur, Frost Queen made an alt and went straight towards the Evil Faction as soon as she can.

"Eternal oppa!"

At this moment, Frost Queen arrived, though she's using her alt, Snow Queen.

Lu Fan heard it and immediately looks back: "Hmm? What's the problem?"

Frost Queen and Snow Queen have the same features, so Lu Fan immediately recognizes her.

"Well, I`m just here to ask if you'd need my help now?"

Lu Fan chuckles: "What can you even do."

Frost Queen smiled shyly this time: "Well, it definitely is something no other can! Although it's minuscule, I can definitely help you bring a better tide for the Evil Faction."

Lu Fan only chuckles as he pats Frost Queen's head; "Don't worry, I`m a much stronger man than what you can actually see, we should just enjoy the game together."

"Fan'er! Michelle?"

But something unexpected happened after: "Please go out with me!!! I`ll bring the whole of my guild together with all of my allied conne-"

Frost Queen was saying everything as she looks at the ground, she didn't really recognize the word 'Fan'er' but a silhouette suddenly appears beside Eternal. Frost Queen slowly lifts her head up and saw a lady linking arms with Eternal as the two of them looked at her in shock.

Frost Queen: "Your... Your Big Sister?"

Lu Fan felt speechless for a bit before he slowly spoke: "My gi-"

But before he could even continue, Frost Queen suddenly became wrapped by blue light as she slowly dissipates into thin air leaving without a single trace.

"Fan'er... what was that... about?"

Lu Fan still shocked by what happened could only mutter: "I... don't really know..."

Though Lu Fan thought that it's already been decided, Frost Queen actually came back the next day, this time, she's together with Yuemin, or who the players knew as Divine.

Frost Queen: "Heeeeyyyy, Noonaaa~"

Yuemin sighs: "We're Chinese, not Korean..."

Frost Queen felt a little speechless but regains her will again: "Then... how do you call someone intimate in Chinese?"

Yuemin: "I won't tell you."

Frost Queen frowns but didn't back down: "You know, when will the two of you break up? or we can actually share?"

Yuemin: "I'm not really a selfish person, but the things I can't share are the ones I love."

The next day.

Frost Queen: "You two broken up yet?"

Yuemin: "No."

The day after day.

Frost Queen: "Now?"

Yuemin: "Never."

The day after that day.

Frost Queen: "How about today?"

Yuemin sighs: "We won't be breaking up anytime soon or until forever."

The day after that.

Frost Queen: "Ho-"

Yuemin: "I`m really busy today, you should ask me tomorrow."


Frost Queen: "He snores really loudly when he sleeps, I've been in the same bed with him."

Yuemin: "I know, I've been sleeping in the same bed too."

Hearing each other's words, the two of them blushes even though the both of them lied, but Frost Queen added; "For someone that looks like an angel, you have that wildness inside too."

Yuemin already reached her limit by now: "You're the one to talk, openly wanting to break a couple apart."

Frost Queen: "It's better than backstabbing, right?"

A spark can suddenly be felt between the two as they glare at each other, and while at it, Yuemin spoke.

Yuemin: "In the first place, you never told me you love him, the only thing you said is you like somebody!"

Frost Queen: "Oh, but I never even heard that you`ll be having a boyfriend anytime soon."

Yuemin: "I don't think that's something I need to shout to the whole world about!"

Frost Queen: "Oh come on, you can't even tell someone you had been talking to for the past 10 years?"

Yuemin: "I've already told you about him so many times!"

Frost Queen: "Eh?! The one from... from your middle school?"

But just at this moment, the main cause of their problem suddenly arrives: "Yuemin, wha-"

Before even Lu Fan could finish speaking, he noticed Frost Queen behind Yuemin, the duo couldn't hear Lu Fan's voice and continued.

Frost Queen: "You should know, that if I knew him before you, he'd definitely be mine!"

Yuemin started to get serious but in terms of friendship: "That's not my problem!"

Frost Queen: "Hmmp! Just lucky that you found him before I could, else, I would be his girl now and you`ll be my sister instead!"

Yuemin was about to speak but before she could, Lu Fan interjected, something he shouldn't have done. Never butt in a conversation between girls dear readers, that's based on experience.

Lu Fan: "You should cut it out already Queen, I and Yuemin will never be broken apart, I'm sorry but the thing between you and I will never be more than friends."

Yuemin hearing this couldn't help but be a shock as her eyes open wide: "Fan'er, you shouldn't-"

But before Yuemin could finish her words, Frost Queen spoke.

"That so?" Frost Queen spoke in a saddened manner, her eyes express pain, but in game, they couldn't really cry.

Frost Queen is in the middle of giving up Lu Fan for good, she knew all to well that sharing a single husband is forbidden, though some religion permits it, theirs don't. But hearing Lu Fan's words caused a piercing pain inside her chest.

Yuemin and Frost Queen knew of this, and every day, both of them are having a friendly conversation and argument about it. It's a way for the American girl Frost Queen, or her real name, Michelle to forget about the man she loves.

But right now, hearing the words coming out of Lu Fan's mouth, Frost Queen couldn't help but feel bitter and pain inside.

With a glare, Frost Queen spoke: "You`ll definitely regret this."

Immediately, Frost Queen was wrapped by a blue light before disappearing completely.

Lu Fan: "Did I... say something bad?"

Yuemin also felt pain, she can feel Frost Queen's aching heart just through her eyes, she couldn't really blame the dense Lu Fan and decided to shook her head: "Nothing... you just made a bad enemy."

After speaking like that, Yuemin felt that she needs some fresh air and decided to log out without saying a word.

Lu Fan was left behind speechlessly.

Ten years ago, Yuemin decided to play a game called 'Astaroth's Legacy', A really popular MMORPG game that time, Yuemin lacks knowledge in gaming aspects, and after a few days of playing, she met Frost Queen.

Frost Queen guided her ever since then and the two of them became best friends, the two of them parted ways from the next game after that but they kept contact of each other and would always video call once or twice a week.

What does Yuemin meant by Lu Fan making a bad enemy?

Well, Frost Queen is a genius at games too, but her prowess is only a quarter of either Heilong and Lu Fan's. Her real especially lies in preparation and connection, something that's extremely delicate in both real and game world.

Two siege wars had already occurred, but the Angels of Light didn't join any of it, Frost Queen also forbade her allied connections to join the event and solely focuses on economical boost, trading weapons, armors, materials, and skill books.

Well, the thing that turned the 'Masters of Faith Medieval' is the person that Lu Fan had actually annoyed.

But why is Frost Queen a threat? Her guild? The 'Angels of Light'? In terms of strength of the players, Lu Fan's Talons of Justice can fight it one-sidedly, but in terms of items right now, it would be like a behemoth against a rabbit.

The real thing starts now, even if both Heilong's Black Dragon Armada numbering in 50,000 elite players and Lu Fan's Talons of Justice consisting of 75,000 elite players fighting Frost Queen's Angel of Light numbering of 100,000, Frost Queen will definitely lose.

But what does Frost Queen have? She became a merchant type of player while grinding sufficiently to catch up to the top ranks, but there's something that Lu Fan and Heilong couldn't beat her in, and that is connections and gears.

Frost Queen in total has 5,000,000 players within her alliance of connection, and these players are heavily equipped from the tradings her guild and allies had been doing.

Heilong and Lu Fan already lost a few great deals of items from the past two Siege Wars, but what about Frost Queen? Her team is solidly uninjured from any type of harm.

That's how it became a one-sided battle.

Just facing Heilong's Black Dragon Armada is a huge toll in Lu Fan's back, now, the Angels of Lights and its alliance will move!

But that didn't end there, as just as the 3rd Siege War was about to start, an eerie notification sounded.


-Congratulations player 'Heilong' for being the first player to unlock the 3rd Seal!

-May the Faith of your destiny be in your grasp!

This announcement sent shivers to all hidden classes, all of them know full too well how hard it is to break the 2nd seal, and now, there's actually a player that broke the 3rd seal?

The players from the Justice Faction rejoiced while the players from the Evil Faction lamented.

But that didn't end there too, as when the 3rd Siege War is about to end, a secret meeting was held, and the one that led it is none other than Frost Queen herself.

She made a plan to leave the Soaring Falcon Kingdom, Aragon Empire, and the Dark Rock Mountain Kingdom and proceed with chipping away the Kingdoms without any strong guilds to block their path and once that's done with, they will strike the top 3 guilds of the Evil Faction together and completely erase them from the game.

This was immediately accepted by all guild masters, even Jiaolong approved of it, but there's someone that didn't agree.

It's none other than Heilong himself, he had just finished his 3rd Seal and wanted to have a fight with Lu Fan again, but suddenly suggesting something like that, he felt denied: "It's too cowardly to do something like that, the game is already unfair as it is!"

Hearing this, a lot of the guild master with honor looked at the ground ashamed.

But what followed next shocked them to the core.

Frost Queen sighs: "Then go and be defeated by Eternal and his guild for two more sieges before we clean your ass up, two more defeats from your record won't hurt our morale that much."

Although Frost Queen's tone is mild, but everyone can feel the fierceness of its meaning.

Jiaolong also sighs: "Guild Master, we could just have a fight with Eternal at the last moment, we should conserve our morale until that time."

Heilong know all too well how powerful Frost Queen's force is, with or without him and his guild, her plan will definitely succeed, it will just prolong the time by one more siege.

Heilong without anymore choice nodded: "Then I will also join."

3rd Siege War.

Dark Rock Mountain Kingdom didn't receive an attack from other players and only NPC came, this happened with the Aragon Empire and the Soaring Falcon Kingdom.

This news spread like a wildfire, and what's even harsher, is that all 100 Kingdoms on defensive mode were actually taken, The Evil Faction was left with only 209 territories including the Grand Empire of the Evil Faction, the Demonic Paradigm Empire.

On the 4th Siege, the three top guilds will be attacking, but all three of them decided to band together and defend other territories.

Sadly, the end of the results didn't go as planned, leaving the Evil Faction only 79 territories left.

Lu Fan and the other members of the Evil Faction were rendered helpless against the might of such massive amount of enemies, it felt like a 100-meter tall tsunami brushing off a 50-meter wall, completely unhindered.

The waves of players surging from the enemy bases actually made the war extremely easy.

Lu Fan and the others wanted to collect more to join their territory, sadly, 70% of the players decided to play safe for a while longer inside the stronghold. the morales of the players were too low to fight anymore, as such, the three of them gave up.

Lu Fan bid farewell to the other guild masters as he looks at the sky: "I wonder what I can do..." After a long pause, Lu Fan continued: "can I even do something?"


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