My Reich
1 Chapter 1
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My Reich
Author :Blacksovo
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1 Chapter 1

My name is Duke Mueller I've been obsessed with the cult since I was a child. As i got older i started researching it more and more. At the age of 53 after being a military historian and cult researcher for almost 25 years i decided to start exploring German Cult sites that werent really were known. My journey had me find an abandoned mine deep in the forest. Soon as i enter i felt an eerie feeling. As i go deeper in it gets colder and colder. I make my way to a huge room with an alter and strange symbol on the walls. As i approach the alter i see about 10 skeletons. I find a chest which was about 5 feet long and 3 feet deep. The lock was old and rusty looking i hit with the back of my flashlight and it broke real easy. I look inside and i see old ceremonial clothing, rusted swords, coins and a mysterious orb it was a glowing white light i hold it up and think to myself "what the fuck is this?!" I keep examing it noticed the white light is forming an eye and it looked at me and i heard a deep majestic male voice call out to me. It said " i need your help mortal" i replied with " who are you?" Then he countined to say " i am the guardian of Germany!!" My eyes opened wide and i said "what is it you need from me?" He replied "save germany and redeem it. I know Germany did somethings unspeakably but i wish for you to turn that fate around" i replied "you want me to save Germany??" He spoke again and said "yes i want you to save Germany. But i will reward you with knowledge and wealth to help you if you agree to help me." I thought about it for a while and said "I will make Germany the most dominant country in the world!!!" The Guardian laughed with joy and said "I'll send you back to 1920 you'll have the body of a 20 year old and use this. I grabbed ring with a red ruby in it. " That ring will grant you any type of currency from the era whether hard currency or paper use it as you see fit, also the ring has blueprints for weapons, planes, ships, tanks, and other civilian machinery" I nodded " im ready to go." The Guardian said "Goodluck Savior"


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