New Age Of Summoners
26 Cultivation realms
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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26 Cultivation realms

Hazegrove mercenary squad building.

In the building, all the Hazegrove mercenary squad member cheered as they got a new recruit in to their squad.

"Hey brat, welcome to the squad", Udo keenaxe said with a smile.

" Little brother, welcome to the squad", the remaining three youths shouted at Ajax.

"I will be in your care then", said with a happy expression on his face.

He is slowly getting over from his worry but didn't forgot the swear he made 'I will kill the organization behind the massacre even at the cost of my life'.

" Attention, all members hear clearly. Today I accepted a B+ Danger rating mission which is to escort the mason family's caravan from here to Coalfell. It takes 10 days including to return here", Seeing the Attentative look on everyone's faces, Edmond nodded his head in satisfaction and continued, "Except Ajax, everyone leave and prepare yourselves. We are leaving tomorrow".

" Ajax, you are not in this mission but I will give you another one, Take this 'Heaven and earth Elemental refining technique and practice according to it and officially start your cultivation", Edmond said as he took out a scroll from his space ring and gave it to him.

"But....? ", before Ajax say anything he pushed that scroll in to his hands and said, " If you can reach level 5 of the solider realm in the next days, I will take you to complete next mission, so focus completely on cultivating this 'Heaven and earth elemental refining technique'".

"Captain Edmond, can you explain me about cultivation and its realms? ", Ajax asked with curiosity.

Although he trained and meditated daily, he didn't know anything about this cultivation levels.So he asked Edmond about the cultivation

" When one's body force is above 1500 jin before the age of 15, they can practice techniques and become cultivator.

There are two types of cultivation techniques, Main and sub. Main cultivation techniques help in absorbing the essence of nature whereas sub cultivation techniques can be you to attack, defend, support etc.

The essence of nature is stored in their spirit consciousness, and only one type of element can be stored in it, which is suitable to them.This stored essence of nature helps the user to strengthen his body and improve his body force.

This is called Body type cultivation system.

As for the realms,


Elite soldier,


elite commander,


elite general and finally the

king realm.

With soldier as the basic realm and king as the top one and ever realm is sub divided in to level 1-10", Edmond said everything he knows about body cultivation system.

Ajax tried to remember everything.

"Also, there is an ancient cultivation system called summoning, however it's pretty rare here in the Zrochester province", Edmond said slowly.

" Is there no one in Zrochester province? ", asked Ajax.

" There are, but you need to join any of the top organizations, if not you will be killed without knowing how", Edmond replied with a sigh.

"Thanks captain, I will go start cultivating then", Ajax said turned hurriedly.

" Take this spirit ring and check which element is most compatible with you and try to observe that spirit stones. Also don't forget to eat", seeing Ajax in a rush to cultivate, Edmond said quickly.

"ok Captain", with that he ran off to his run.

" This kid", Edmond shook his head and went to his room.

In his room, Ajax quickly opened the scroll and soon he got the system notification


Item name :- Heaven and earth elemental refining technique.

Grade :- Heaven grade

Use :- refines the essence of nature present between heaven and earth

Description :- It's a hazegrove family's secret technique.

rating :- Good

"what???, it's captain's secret technique, but he gave me just like that, why?? ", Ajax wondered why.

But soon he got another notifications


Do you wish to cultivate it???

" Yes", Ajax said yes even without thinking.


Cultivating heaven and earth elemental refining technique consumes 500 units of essence of nature,

Do you wish to cultivate it???

"What??? It consumes essence of nature", Ajax was shocked.

He decided to cultivate tomorrow after all members left for mission.

" otherwise I can't explain how I cultivated this quickly", with that he went to sleep in his soft bed.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》