New Age Of Summoners
41 Level 10 soldier
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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41 Level 10 soldier

Ajax sat cross-legged on his soft bed in his room with a pile of spirit stones in his hands.

Small shining dots of more than one colour, entered into his body from time to time.

One day after another, passed by.

After Seven days,

"offfooooo, finally filled by spirit consciousness", Ajax heaved a long sigh of relief as he opened his eyes.

In the last seven days, he cultivated nearly 20 hours, only rest 4 hours.

With his restless cultivation, his spirit consciousness is completely filled with essence of nature.

"System,Spirit consciousness information,please",He wanted to know exact number of units of essence of nature, so he requested the system.


Spirit consciousness :- 2009 units/2014 units

" Wooahh, that mysterious spirit cultivation technique is very useful. Thanks to it, without any effort my spirit consciousness capacity is increasing", Ajax pleased with that mysterious technique.

"System, Now let's Upgrade my body cultivation", Ajax said in his head without wasting any time.


Consumed 700 units of essence of nature


Body cultivation :- Soldier (level:-8)

need 800 units of essence of nature to reach level 9 body cultivation.


Spirit consciousness :- 1309 units/2014 units

After the upgrade notification another notification about remaining essence of nature, appeared infront of him

'Once again, upgrade my body cultivation', Nodding his, Ajax silently thought in his head.


Consumed 800 units of essence of nature


Body cultivation :- Soldier (level:-9)

need 900 units of essence of nature to reach level 10 body cultivation.


Spirit consciousness :- 509 units/2014 units

"I think, I should go back to cultivation again to upgrade my cultivation", Ajax already knew, he can't upgrade his cultivation that easily.

Bitterly sighing, he went back to his cultivation.

Soon another seven days passed by.

Ajax followed the same 20 hours long cultivation sessions in the last seven days which helped him accumulate around 1500 units of essence of nature.

"This feeling is so good", Ajax always liked the feeling of his spirit consciousness full.

When it is filled completely, he felt his body is full of energy.

But the cruel thing is, he have to level up various things such as cultivation techniques, cultivation levels and last but not least leveling up the elemental spirits.

'Since I can't use elemental spirits openly infront of others, it better to upgrade my cultivation level', Ajax just thought about his cultivation levels.

Ajax took a huge breath and released it, just to focus on the main thing now.

"First, spirit consciousness",

Soon a holographic notification came


Spirit consciousness :- 2020 units/2021 units

"System, upgrade to level 10 of soldier realm", Ajax said system to upgrade his level.


Consumed 900 units of essence of nature


Body cultivation :- Soldier (level:-10)

need 2000 units of essence of nature to breakthrough to elite soldier realm.


Spirit consciousness :- 1120 units/2021 units

"What???", as soon as he saw the required units of essence of nature, Ajax got shocked.

Although he thought, it will increase the required units to reach next realm, but he didn't imagine that the requirement will be doubled.

" I think, I should stop upgrading my level for now then", As it requirement is high, Ajax stopped upgrading his cultivation level.

"System, My data ",

Since he didn't have time to cultivate now, he just want to see his data, whether he can upgrade anything with his remaining essence of nature.


Name :- Ajax

race :- human

Body force :- 3000 jin(+1200 jin)

Spirit consciousness :- 1120 units/2021 units

Main cultivation technique:- Heaven and earth elemental refining technique (level 2)

Body cultivation :- Soldier realm level 10

Note:- Based on the body force of user, he has the strength of Elite level 1 soldier.

Spirit cultivation technique :- Mysterious spirit cultivation technique (level 2)

Spirit cultivation :- Spirit soldier realm level 1

Note:- Based on the essence of nature that can be stored in user's body, he has the strength of Elite level 1 spirit soldier.

Number of elemental spirits :- 3

Equipped items

1) Item name :- Sigmis black pendant

Grade :- medium grade artifact (Evolvable)

Effect :- 40% increase in user's defence

Special effect :- 20 percent increase in attack power when fight enemies.

Special skill :- Summon of dead (level 5)

Description :- Helps the user to summon 5 undead soldiers. (Upgradable).

Number of Summons available :- 5/5.

rating :-good

Description :- It is the final product of sigmis, many years of hardwork and research, However it is upgraded to medium grade with the help of upgrade stone.

Unlocked system features :- User interface, inventory inner world.

The holographic screen infront of him displayed all the details of him and the items.

Soon, his gaze landed on Mysterious spirit cultivation technique

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    《New Age Of Summoners》