New Age Of Summoners
79 I Love Assassin Sec
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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79 I Love Assassin Sec


 Do you want to store the longevity tree in the Inner Wolrd?

"Of course, I want to store it, who doesn't want to store it?", Ajax said smilingly as he confirmed storing the tree.


 The longevity tree is successfully stored in the Inner World and connected to the Inner world.


 Inner World's generated essence of nature is increased by 20 units, reaching a total fo 40 units per day.

Ajax nodded his head in satisfaction.

 From the Ability tree which he stored earlier, he receives 20 units of the essence of nature, and now with the longevity tree, he will receive another 20 units which made his income of the essence of nature to 40 units per day.

Although it's only increased by 20 units, he was very much happy with the free essence of nature which will automatically store itself into his spirit consciousness.

"Ok, Senior Lion King, I will come again in the future if I need any help", Ajax bid his goodbyes to the three spirit beasts and finally moved towards the exit of the Cursed Wilderness.

Before leaving, he didn't forget to summon back all his elemental spirits and the undead water python into his inner world and the Sigmis pendent respectively.

"Those two from the assassin sect who missed from my clutches must have a very good day", Ajax sighed at missing the opportunity to kill the remaining disciples of the assassin sect but didn't bother about it much longer as he swore to take down the assassin sect in the future when he becomes strong anyway.

Although he wanted to kill them, he thought it will be a waste of time to look for them in this Cursed Wilderness and focused on submitting the mission at the mercenary guild and breaking through to the commander realm quickly.

But who would have thought, he will stumble upon them on his way out of the Cursed Wilderness?

But they were not alone, the two assassin sect disciples are fighting a familiar person who he had met before finding the longevity tree.

"Aren't they Uncle Ryan and Jasmine", Ajax saw the assassin sect's two disciples are fighting with Uncle Ryan.

As for the jasmine, she was unconscious on the ground with some serious wounds and covered in the blood.

Uncle Ryan's situation was also not good either.

"It looks like Uncle Ryan can't hold on for much longer", Ajax evaluated the situation quickly and summoned his elemental spirits.

"Spirus, after I distract everyone, go and check the condition on Jasmine without anyone seeing you", Ajax pointed at the unconscious Jasmine and ordered Spirus to heal her.

"Slait, use your sand dunes continuously hindering assassin sect disciples movement",

"Necros use your confuse ray on them, even if it's only for a second, it's enough", Ajax ordered Slait and Necros after that.

"Volcanis, as for you cover me while I fight them", Volcanic nodded at his command.

Ajax wanted to test his battle prowess, so he just asked for some support from his elemental spirits and they will not be seen by others.

"Uncle Ryan is really a good fighter holding one level 10 commander and mid-level commander with a level 8 commander realm strength", Ajax praised as he ambushed the level 5 commander.

But the ambushed failed as that disciple dodged his deadly strike with ease.

Ajax didn't show any fear and continued piercing with his Bloodlust Spear from the inheritance ground.

"Only a Peak Elite Soldier and you dare to ambush an assassin, heheheh", number 2 laughed as he mocked Ajax as he evaded each of his pierce with ease.

"Do you wonder, where your fellow teammates went?", Ajax smilingly asked as he didn't stop piercing.

"Huh?", For a second, the disciple didn't dodge as his legs were stuck in the sand in a moment of his distraction.


The Bloodlust Spear pierced through his spirit consciousness and fell down on to the ground lifelessly.

As soon as the body fell down a system notification chimed in his head.


Killed a level-5 commander realm cultivator,

Gained 500 units of the essence of nature.


Uncle Ryan already saw Ajax when he was fighting with the other disciple but didn't imagine, he will kill that person very soon.

"How?", The leader of the team was shocked to see his teammate being killed by a kid who was not even reached, the commander realm.

"Who are you? Why are you intervening in the affairs of the assassin sect?", He asked fumingly at Ajax.

"Because I love assassin sect", without wasting any time, Ajax took out the Bloodlust Spear from the dead body which is devoid of any blood now and rushed towards the leader.

After absorbing the blood from the dead body, the Bloodlust Spear shined with some light red luster.

"If you are looking for death, then I will grant it to you", The team leader also rushed towards him.

"Don't forget about me", before the leader can move two steps, Uncle Ryan slashed at him with his sword.

The team leader stopped the attack from Uncle Ryan.

At the same time, he saw two Ajaxs rushing towards him with the blood-red spear in their hands.

Jumping back two steps, he freed from Uncle Ryan's sword and focused on the Ajaxs that are rushing towards him.

He waved his dagger at them when they were near to him but to his surprise, he didn't cut through anything solid instead it was only air he slashed.


A blood-red spear pierced through his abdomen and his body is quickly drained by the Bloodlust Spea without leaving behind a drop.

The body became very thin just like a block of dried wood and lifelessly fell on to the ground.

Uncle Ryan puzzled at why the assassin sect disciple waved at the thin air but remembered his niece was injured earlier and quickly came to check on her condition and forget about the small matter of that disciple slashing at the thin air.


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    《New Age Of Summoners》