New Age Of Summoners
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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147 Success

Ajax just shook his head at the system notification which said all three blocks from King realm cultivators attacks and below were completed.

However, he was glad that he was alive.

If not for that last block from the feather, he would have died by now already.

Even though the incoming attack was blocked by the feather, he was knocked in the same direction of Raweth from the impact of that tentacle.

Ajax slowly stood up from the ground to escape.

From the system he knew that the energy barrier surrounding them became unstable, so he thought of escaping immediately.

When the older birdman was knocked into the tree earlier, the energy barrier surrounding them became unstable, so he thought of escaping from the unstable energy barrier and as soon as his ten-day time was up, he could directly teleport back with the help of the system.


 A new mission is generated in the quest tab, please check it.

Just as he was about to escape, he got a system notification, informing of a new mission.


Although he didn't want to check the mission, he still can't suppress his urge and checked it.


 Bonus mission

 Mission name:- Save Raweth (Fire crow tribe childe)

 Description:- A dying genius, saving him will benefit the host in the future.

 Reward:- A special reward box

 Mission failure:- None (Host can skip this mission if he doesn't want to complete it)

"Huh?" Ajax stopped in his tracks and checked the mission once again.

"A bonus mission? I can leave this mission if I want to? But the reward looks good," in front of the rewards Ajax finally accepted the mission.

When he was in Qwerek's house, he asked the system about the special reward box which said that all the items in the Special reward box were only high-level ones.

After accepting the mission, he looked at the Raweth, whose body was bleeding and seemed like he was on his last breath.

Ajax then looked at the battle in front of him between the older birdman and the octopus-like spirit beast which was in a stalemate.

Without wasting any time, Ajax went to the unconscious Raweth.

Placing his hand on Raweth's chest, he tried to enter his spirit consciousness to form a contract.

Since Raweth evolved from a fire crow, Ajax thought he could form a contract just like how he formed with Snow and other spirit beasts.

Ajax's spirit sense easily entered into Raweth's spirit consciousness which was completely red and Ajax felt hot in the spirit consciousness.

"Sorry, but I need that Special reward box"

He found a place in Raweth's spirit consciousness and implanted his spirit imprint.


 The host successfully formed a contract with an Evolved Fire crow.

The reason Ajax formed a contract with it was to take it away from the Five elemental world and to save him from the older birdman.

To be honest, Ajax didn't care about Raweth's life or death, he only cared about the Bonus mission with a special box reward.

Who would care about a stranger's life when his life was already on line.

After sending Raweth into the inner world to heal his injuries by Spirus's healing skill, he got a system notification.


 The ten day time is up.


 The host can now travel back to his world.


 Teleporting host in 10 seconds. The system will send all your elemental spirits and spirit beasts into the host's spirit consciousness.

Ajax already knew that he could only teleport the living beings in his spirit consciousness, so he was prepared to leave anytime.

Just as he had less than 6 seconds, his eyes landed on the huge fruit on the small plant.

Without any delay, he ran towards it with his full speed and plucked the whole plant from the ground.

"System, store this plant in the inner world," he quickly said to the system.

'As soon as the plant vanished from his hand, a portal formed above his head which sucked him directly into it.

"No, give me back my keys,"

When the older birdman saw that portal sucking Ajax into it, he cried loudly and immediately rushed towards the closing portal.

However, before he could reach the closing portal, a huge tentacle caught him and slammed him against a huge boulder.

"Damn you, unevolved thing, you successfully angered me," As soon as he said that his wings opened all of a sudden.

 His wings grew bigger and bigger along with the energy in his body which he collected from years.

A sharp blade which was formed by dark energy appeared in his hand.

The octopus-like spirit beast which didn't come out from the ground fully, waved its tentacles at the transformed older birdman.


Just when the tentacles were about to hit him, he casually waved the dark energy sword in his hands and slashed multiple times.

With each casual strike, he cut off the tentacle which had hardened scales on them, like tofu.

Only with a few slashes, he managed to cut off all the tentacles causing the octopus-like spirit beast screamed in pain before retracting its half-cut tentacles into the ground and escaped.

As it escaped, the older birdman returned back to his earlier form with a tired look on his face.

Aside from tiredness, his face had hatred and anger towards the human brat who fooled him and successfully escaped from his hands.

"Because of you, I wasted my 100 years of painfully conserved energy. Don't let me find you in the future otherwise, I will kill you including the ones around you," the older birdman shouted at the sky, venting his anger towards it.


In the Lightning Hawk tribe, Qwerek's house,

 "Hahaha," a weak looking old man laughed loudly causing all the bird folks in the tribe to shock.

"Is that our usually calm tribe leader Qwerek?"

"Why was he laughing like that?"

"Is he possessed by some demonic cultivator?"

The bird folks in the tribe whispered silently about their tribe leader Qwerek.

"This water is really wonderful, let's see who will suppress our Lightning Hawk tribe anymore Hahaha," he once again started laughing.

"Damn you old prisoner, you dare to kill my grandson with your cheap tricks, I will kill you with my own hands. Just you wait and see," Qwerek dissolved an essence gem into the water which was sparkling in a small cup and drank it before he started his cultivation. 

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    《New Age Of Summoners》