New Age Of Summoners
157 Earth Clone
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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157 Earth Clone

Ajax quickly took out some mini thunder pool's water in a bowl.

Without wasting any time, he kept the broken (Partial) elemental spirit stone in the bowl.

Just like how the essence gem dissolved, the elemental spirit stone also dissolved within no time.

The water in the bowl shined even brighter than before he dissolved the elemental stone.

Seeing this, Ajax was delighted.

"Slait, quickly drink this water, it will help you increase your strength and ….," The chubby Slait didn't even listen to Ajax's words before taking the bowl into his hands and quickly drank without wasting a single drop.

With his actions, Ajax simply smiled a little.

After he finished drinking, he sat down on the floor and began absorbing the energy that was just entered into his body through the water.

Slowly the energy surrounding him began rising, and with a 'pop' sound, the barrier that was obstructing him from entering the elemental spirit commander realm broke with the powerful energy's rush.

"Success," Ajax overjoyed with Slait's breakthrough to the spirit commander realm.

"It's easier than I thought," Ajax didn't imagine that the breakthrough would be that simple.

Waves after waves of powerful energy emitted from the Slait as his cultivation increased rapidly.

".." Ajax was speechless with happiness and continued to observe the changes in the chubby Slait who became even chubbier.

His light brown coloured body became dark brown looking just like a sandman with chubby cheeks.

As the cultivation of Slait's was increasing, he sensed some people outside his door.

He already knows who they were and why they stood in front of his room.

Ajax waited some time for the cultivation speed of Slait's to slow down.

Slait broke through one realm after another easily and successfully reached level 3.

When he broke through to level 3 of the elemental spirit commander realm, his cultivation speed became slow, but still, it's increasing slowly.

Finally, his increment stopped at peak level 3 of the spirit commander realm.

However, Slait was still closing his eyes.

He immediately checked Slait's information through the system.


 Elemental spirit name:- Slait

 Element type:- Earth

 Cultivation:- Level 3 Elemental spirit commander

 Skills:- Sand Dunes (Level 3), Earth shield (Level 2), Earth clone (Level 1).

As usual, a holographic screen appeared in front of him with Slait's information.

Ajax skipped everything as he knew everything except for the new skill 'Earth Clone'.

He focused on the Skill, soon another system notification came.


 Skill Name:- Earth Clone (Level 1)

 Description:- When this Skill is used, a clone which looks exactly like that of the user which has 80 percent of his original strength for 30 minutes.

 Cool down time:- One hour

 Conditions to reach level 2:-

 1) Need 1000 units to the essence of nature.

 2) Skill should be cast 100 times

Ajax nodded his head which was not overly powerful nor weak.

'As for upgrading it, it will take time,' Ajax didn't have any thought of upgrading the Skill, so he left it for the future.

Without disturbing Slait, Ajax slowly opened his door and came out of the room.

"Ajax, did your contracted elemental spirit breakthrough to the Elemental Spirit Commander realm?" Paulin was the first one to ask Ajax about the earlier energy from his room.

He recognized the energy which came out of Ajax's room earlier as he felt similar energy when his elemental spirit broke through to Elemental spirit commander.

So, he excitedly asked as he was the one to fight with Ajax tomorrow in their weekly fight.

"Yes," Ajax replied smilingly.

"Great, let's go all out in tomorrow's spar," Paulin was rarely this excited, which made Ajax puzzled at his odd behaviour.

"Ajax, don't lose tomorrow's spar, I have a surprise for the winner," Edmond looked at Paulin before he said these words to Ajax.

"I will win in tomorrow's spar, Captain Edmond," Ajax's motivation to fight increased after hearing Edmond's words as he replied confidently.

"Ajax let me see your elemental spirit," Lewis tried to enter into the room to see Slait but stopped by Edmond with his single hand.

"Captian Edmond, let me go," Lewis cried as he shouted at Edmond.

"You will see in tomorrow's fight," Edmond chided Lewis and turned to Ajax and said, "I will watch your fight, don't make me feel bored".

Edmond already sensed that Ajax's elemental spirit was stabilizing its cultivation, so he stopped Lewis from entering Ajax's room.

After saying his words, Edmond and his squad members left for their rooms.

Ajax returned back to his room to rest.

However, a sudden system notification came, which shocked him.


 Congratulations, your earth elemental spirit, Slait gained a single skill upgrade for using the elemental spirit commander stone that was mixed with the mini thunder pool's water.


 With the Skill upgrade, any of his skills can be levelled up by a single level.

"There is something like this?" Ajax was happy and immediately chose to level up Slait's second skill 'Earth Shield'.

The reason he chose this Skill was he lacked a powerful defending skill at the moment.

He had many spirit beasts and Elemental spirits to fight alongside him, but none of them had a good defending skill which could defend some powerful attack, so he didn't think much over his skills.


 Slait's second Skill 'Earth's shield' levelled up to Level 3.


 Skill name:- Earth's shield (level 3)

 Description:- A giant earth shield will be formed after casting this Skill. As long as the elemental spirit is connected to the ground, the shield can't be destroyed for 30 minutes.

There is a 50 percent chance to deflect the attack coming from the opponent having one major realm higher than the elemental spirit.

As for the same realm opponent, it's a 100 percent chance to deflect.

Cool down time:- one hour

(System note:- If the attacker has the strength higher than the elemental spirit by two major realms, then the shield can be damaged easily)

"Hahahaha," As soon as he read the skill description, Ajax started laughing like a maniac.

'With this skill, no one from the same realm can do a thing to me,' Ajax thought amidst his laugh.

After some time, Slait finally woke up from his cultivation with an excited look on his chubby face.


3000 power stones =3 chapters/ day

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    《New Age Of Summoners》