New Age Of Summoners
172 Conditions
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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172 Conditions

"What?" Ajax was shocked by the special mission that had no danger rating and no mission failure.

"However, the rewards sure looks juicy," His eyes were always on the rewards section.

Since this mission had two rewards, among them, one depends on luck, while the other one was a guaranteed reward.

"With the first rewards, I can increase any one of my elemental paradises to grade 2, Hahaha." However, at present, he had only one grade 1 elemental paradise in his inner world, there was another one that he still put on hold as he wanted to build an elemental paradise that he required most.

He wanted to wait until his dream awakening was completed to build an elemental paradise for his official elemental spirit.

However, he got another two dark elemental spirits (Shadow element is a sub-attribute of dark).

"Let's finish this finish before thinking about those things," Ajax shook his head and entered into the auxiliary elemental spirit region.


 Suppression by the auxiliary elemental spirit region has been imposed on the host's contracted elemental spirit, Dabrus.


 His strength is limited to level 1 of the elemental spirit soldier.

As soon as he and his contracted elemental spirits entered into the auxiliary elemental spirit region, he got a series of system notifications.

"Huh? The suppression is this strong?" when he heard Dabrus's words, Ajax didn't understand clearly but seeing the suppression that was imposed on Dabrus, which directly brought the level 6 elemental spirit soldier to the level 1 of the elemental spirit soldier, he understood Dabrus's earlier worries.

"Nite, stay alert," Ajax ordered Nite to stay alert as he was the only one who was strong enough to protect them.

Nite nodded his head as he understood Ajax's words and heightened his senses.

Slowly, he moved forward towards a region that looked like a void with many small portals that were hovering in the air.

"Looks like this is a space elemental region," seeing all the portals around him, Ajax immediately concluded this region as a space elemental region.

Ajax stopped for a moment to sense a rich space elemental essence of nature's exact location around him.

Although all the surroundings around were filled with space elemental essence of nature, he was sensing for a rich source of that elemental essence of nature.


Soon, he found an area that he felt had the most space elemental essence of nature and pointed his finger towards it.

Nite nodded his head and headed towards the area that Ajax pointed to check for an elemental spirit.

The reason behind Ajax's logic was, most of the elemental spirits like to stay at a position where the rich elemental essence of nature was present.

Even though they couldn't absorb the essence of nature, long-term exposure to such a rich elemental essence could cause a mutation.

So many of the elemental spirits choose to either hibernate or rest in a rich elemental essence.

"Nite, be careful."

Just when Nite reached the area pointed by Ajax, the land beneath Nite shook before a portal appeared, which tried to suck Nite into it.

However, the beast/dart elemental spirit, whose senses were on high alert, easily dodged the portal, making Ajax heave a sigh.

"Who dared to enter my territory?" A voice came out of a particular portal after Nite dodged his earlier attack.

"Hahaha," In reply to that voice's question, Ajax laughed.

"Why are you laughing?" Seeing a human was laughing at his question, the voice asked in with a fit of anger in its tone.

"I am laughing because I think it's funny. I came here to form a contract with you and you don't even dare to show yourself," Ajax provoked the space elemental spirit with his words.

"Huh? So you want to form a contract with me. Okay then," space elemental spirit slowly came out of a portal and stood in front of Ajax with a proud look on its face.

Ajax observed the elemental spirit that stood before him, which was less than two meters high with a plain silver-colored mask covering its face.

A sliver colored cloak was behind his light black colored transparent body.

"You..." As soon as he saw the space elemental spirit, Dabrus, who stood silently behind Ajax, shouted with a shock on his face.

"Oh, my my, you are also with him," Seeing Dabrus, space elemental spirit replied Dabrus with a happy tone.

"Dabrus, you two know already?" Ajax asked Dabrus with a puzzled face.

Even Nite also looked at Dabrus for the reply to Ajax's question.

"Summoning master, he was the one, who wanted me to become his slave," Dabrus replied slowly.

"So, he was the one who ran with a tail between his legs in a fight with you," Ajax words added salt to Space elemental spirit's wounds.

"Yes," Even though he feared space elemental spirit's battle prowess, he had enough confidence in Ajax and Nite. So he said proudly making space elemental spirit cough blood.

Before Dabrus met Ajax, he met the space elemental spirit who called himself Prophis. According to Prophis' suggestion, Dabrus fought a friendly spar with him.

Amidst the fight, Prorphis announced that the loser should become a slave to the winner since Prophis was in a winning position.

However, Dabrus used his wits and cleverly defeated Prohis, who managed to escape from him.

That didn't mean Dabrus had greater strength than Prophis, so Dabrus feared Prophis would come back for an act of revenge.

"I agree that I abandon the fight, but it was because of my moment of carelessness that lead to it," Space elemental spirit tried to defend himself, but Ajax didn't listen to his words.

"Fine, now let's focus on our contract, okay?" seeing that no one had listened to him, he suppressed his urge to kill Dabrus and continued, "I have two conditions to form a contract with you," a voice came behind that silver-colored mask.

"Huh? What is it?" Ajax asked slowly. 

His plan to provoke the elemental spirit to come out of the portal worked, so he didn't want to miss a chance to form a contract with space elemental spirit, so he asked slowly about the conditions.

"The first condition is, you have to win a fight against my slave elemental spirit," that space elemental spirit waved his hand.

Soon a portal appeared beside Prophis.


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    《New Age Of Summoners》