New Age Of Summoners
205 Zaglanath
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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205 Zaglanath

As the handsome man was making Paulin an official summoner, Ajax looked at them for a moment before sitting cross-legged and checked his recently achieved level 2 spear dao.


    Weapon Dao:- Spear Dao (level 2)

    Type:- Tornado

    Effect:- 1) a 30 percent increase in piercing power with all spear type attacks.

          2) A 10 percent chance to stun an enemy for 3 seconds when the host pierces with a spear.

    Description:- Whenever the host uses a spear, it will gain a tornado effect, and the piercing power of that spear will increase by 30 percent.

"Huh? An additional effect?"

Ajax expected the piercing power of spear attacks would be increased with its level, but he didn't expect that it would also give him an additional effect.

'Although it's only 10 percent chance to stun, it's better than not having any effect,' Ajax thought that the effect was not too powerful nor too weak.

'System, Spear soul,' after checking his spear dao, he asked the system about Spear soul.

Soon a holographic screen appeared in front of him.


     Item name:- Spear soul (Heaven's destroyer spear)

     Grade:- At least legendary

     Use:- It can be combined with any strong spear.

Note: If the spear is not strong enough to withhold the spear soul's power, the weak spear will be destroyed.

     Effects:- A spear body is required for the effects. Please find a suitable spear body for the spear soul.

Description:- An old spear that was destroyed in a great battle between humans and demons.

'As expected of a great spear that was participated in the great battle between the humans and demons,'

Ajax was excited as he read all the details about the spear soul.

Everyone in the Zrochester province knows about the great battle between humans and demons, which was ended up in a draw before it came to a halt all of a sudden.

No one knows why the battle ended abruptly after fighting for a few months.

Nevertheless, it caused great losses on both sides.

So, when Ajax saw the description of the Spear soul, which was awed by its history.

'Even its name is so Powerful name,' 

The name Heaven's destroyer spear sounded very powerful.

When he saw the spear soul's use, he wanted to combine it with his bloodlust spear, but he refrained from doing it as he was in a mysterious cave that he didn't know anything about it.

'Once I am out of this cave, my first thing will be to combine this spear soul with the bloodlust spear,' Ajax quickly planned his actions after leaving the cave.

He also wanted to use his inner world, but fearing that the handsome would notice something, he didn't dare use any of the system features and simply started observing his spear dao.

As he was doing this, the forceful awakening process was also going smoothly at another corner of the cave.

Soon, 3 hours went by, and both the handsome man and Paulin opened their eyes.

When Paulin opened his eyes, he brightly smiled as he achieved what he meant to accomplish in his life.

However, the complete opposite expression was present in the handsome man's face.

"Phew, this forceful summoning is tiring me out," the handsome man shook his head and released a long sigh.

No one said anything, as they could guess how exhaustive it was to make someone a summoner and forcefully at that. 

"Senior brother Paulin, congratulations," Ajax didn't ask whether he was successful or not as he knew that thing was definitely successful.

"Haha, thanks to the demon man, I was able to form my first official elemental spirit," Paulin replied to Ajax, giving the handsome man full credit.

"Demon man, since our rewards were given can you explain to us about this cave?" Ajax asked, turning his face to the handsome man.

"Hm," he nodded his head and started his explanation, "This is one of many fated trial grounds that, I, Zaglanath created to spread the lost inheritances of humans back to the fated humans."

 "Huh?" Ajax and Paulin looked at the Demon man and surprised for a moment before Ajax asked, "Why are you helping humans?"

Ajax didn't understand why a demon was helping humans instead of helping his own kin. So he asked quickly.

"Keke," the handsome man revealed his ghostly smile before saying, "It's because I am a half-human and half-demon. But I was grown in human society by my mother side who protected me until her last breath," the initial ghostly laugh vanished, and sadness appeared in his voice when he said about her mother.

His eyes moistened a little, but he quickly controlled his emotions.

"Before she died I made a promise that I will help humans and not turn to the demon side," The handsome said, suppressing his earlier emotions.

Ajax and Paulin looked at the handsome man who called himself 'Zaglanath' with awe.

Even though Zaglanath said only a few words, they could understand what he went through in his childhood.

It was not an easy thing for a demon to survive in the human world.

They could also assume what his mother went through to raise him.

'It must be very hard for her, right?' Ajax thought in his head when he thought about Zaglanath's mother.

In the history of the Zrochester Province, there were many cases where demons invade some of the least powerful towns and wreak havoc. Killing men from those towns and impregnating the women with their seed was happened various times.

Whenever it happened, those women who were impregnated would die due to the insufficient energy in their bodies for the young ones in them to grow. While some women live.

Among those who come out of their womb, 99 percent would be killed with hatred, and the remaining one percent were like Zaglanath's mother, who protected and made him into a real human.

So, both Ajax and Paulin developed a lot of respect for that woman.

"Yes, it's very difficult for her," Zaglanath said with a sigh.

Ajax was shocked at Zaglanath's words because Zaglanath replied to what he thought in his head.

"After giving birth to me, she started growing weaker day by day. After a few years, it reached the point where she can't even walk on her own," Zaglanath sighed and remembered his hazy childhood memories, but he could still remember some of them very clearly.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》