New Age Of Summoners
206 Returning from the Never-returning cave
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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206 Returning from the Never-returning cave

There were times, I hated humans to my core that I wanted to kill all of them for giving my mother a tough time," Zaglanath said in a cruel tone which made both of them shiver.

"However, my mother was too soft and did not want to see me become a true demon and made me swear not to kill a human unless it necessary," the Zaglanath stopped sying until there.

Ajax and Paulin didn't say anything and just continued hearing his story. However, they were puzzled at the human deaths that entered the cave previously.

"I know, what you are thinking. Those humans who had no intention of helping humans and full of greed couldn't comprehend the weapon markings, so I can't help them, keke" Zaglanath revealed a ghostly laugh which made them shudder.

"Since you completed the trial and comprehended the respective weapon dao, you were qualified to visit my other trial grounds which were situated in the Ylercester Province," he continued explaining more about his trial grounds.

"Huh? More trial grounds?"

They were excited to hear Zaglanath's words. However, their excitement disappeared when they thought about the energy barrier that was restricting the two provinces.

"Yes, but don't need to look that sad, there will be a time for you to go to other provinces, keke," the handsome man replied with his ghostly laugh.

"How?" Paulin asked as he wanted to travel to other provinces to adventure.

Ajax also looked at the handsome man for the reply to know more about it.

"It's ….."

As he was about to explain, the expression on the handsome man became serious.

"I need to close this trial ground, you shouldn't reveal anything about this cave to anyone; If anyone knows about me or this trial ground, then you should forget about living" Zaglanath hurriedly suggested them not to reveal anything about the cave and started disappearing from the cave.

Amidst his disappearing, two small light balls came out of him and entered into Ajax and Paulin's spirit consciousness.

"If you enter the Ylercester Province, then that thing in your spirit consciousness will guide you to other trial grounds to continues your other trials," Before he disappeared, Zaglanath explained with a small smile on his face.

"What? Why he was in such a hurry?"

Although they were puzzled at him, their focus was on the light that was in their spirit consciousness.

They were unable to sense anything from it.

Even the system in Ajax's head was unable to say anything about it. So they shook their heads and left that matter.

"I think we need a lot of time to go to other provinces, hehe," Paulin laughed and said to Ajax.

"Yes," Ajax also agreed as he had two most important things to do in Zrochester Provine.

Firstly, he had to find his friends.

And the second one was to find out the reason for the massacre and take revenge for all the children in the Silver orphanage who were killed very brutally.

As soon as Zaglanath disappeared from the cave, the cave shook for a while before the weapon markings on the cave walls were entirely gone along with the barrier that obstructed their exit earlier.

"We should leave now," Paulin said as he walked towards the exit.

Ajax followed him without any saying anything.

"What's happening here?"

As soon as they came out of the cave, they were shocked by the scenery outside the cave.

Previously the area around the cave was entirely devoid of any life. There was not even a blade of grass that was growing until half a mile radius around the cave.

However, now it was completely covered by the grass which was growing at a visible speed.

"I guess, it has something to do with the disappearance of the never-returning cave," Paulin said looking at the grass that was stopped growing when they reached 30 centimeters in height.

"Looks like it," Ajax agreed as he also thought the same about the sudden growth of grass.


Amidst their shock, they heard a bird cry from afar, which was rapidly flying at them.

The white bird with huge wings quickly landed before them and hugged Paulin.

"Senior brother Paulin, you spirit crane misses you a lot, Hahaha," Ajax laughed at the scene of spirit crane hugging Paulin.

It was none other than the spirit crane that Paulin tamed before going into the never-returning cave.

When they entered the cave, he left it outside to fly until they return back freely. So when it sensed its master came out of the cave, it hurriedly came to welcome him. 

"What do you know?" Paulin proudly said as he caressed the soft features of the spirit crane.

However, the next actions of the spirit crane shocked Paulin.

The spirit crane that hugged Paulin released him from its embrace and stretched its wing as though it was asking him something.

As for what it was asking, Ajax, and Paulin, both of them know. 

"Come on senior brother, show it your love by giving it some water spirit stones," Ajax laughed loudly and looked at his surroundings as he sensed some danger from the surroundings.

 "Dman it, you are becoming greedy. Do you know that?" Paulin scolded the spirit crane at its shamelessness.

Although he said that he took out some water spirit stones and gave it to his tamed spirit crane. After that, he looked at Ajax, who had a grim expression on his face as he checked their surroundings.

"What happened Ajax? Is there something wrong?" Paulin asked Ajax, and he also checked their surroundings. 

However, he didn't find anything, so he looked at Ajax for the reply.

"I felt like we were watched by someone. Maybe I was wrong," Ajax replied Paulin about his earlier feeling.

The reason he assumed like that was even the system didn't alert him about anything. So he didn't pay any heed to it.

Every time there was a danger, the system would alert him or even give a mission related to it.

Since there was nothing from the system, he cared less about it.

"Maybe you felt that changes that were happening sound the cave," Paulin also nodded his head as he was also unable to sense anything, so he concluded it with the changes around the never-returning cave.


 Mission:- The mystery behind the Never-returning cave is successfully completed.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》