New Age Of Summoners
220 Killing the assassin sect“s disciples
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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220 Killing the assassin sect“s disciples

"Please. Let me live,"

"I swear, I will be your loyal dog,"

"Please, it's all a misunderstanding,"

As Braylon was shitting himself seeing the blood-covered Darbaudr's face, his teammates were fell onto the ground and started begging for forgiveness.

"It's all because of him, and he forced us to come along with him after you," As he managed to suppress his fear, he saw someone point at him and complained to Ajax.

When he saw the one who said those words, he was unable to believe his own eyes and puked blood.

"Zak, what the hell are you talking," Braylon coldly looked at Zak and asked.

"Ajax, kill him first, I will explain all you want to know about assassin sect and also, I will become a loyal servant to you," Zak only glazed at Braylon for a moment before begging Ajax.

"Interesting," When he saw how shameless the assassin sect's disciples could become when they face a crisis, Ajax found it very interesting and funny.

Nevertheless, he didn't pay any heed to Zak and ordered Darbaudr, "What are you waiting for? Quickly kill them."




After hearing his young master's voice, Darbaudr quickly finished the rest of the assassin sect's disciples in only a few seconds.

While Darbaudr killed them, all kinds of cracking noises were heard in the surrounding that could raise goosebumps to anyone. Even Ajax was unable to watch the killing as he felt nauseous seeing the bloody scene in front of him.

Except for Braylon, all the assassin sect's discipline hall's number one team was entirely annihilated by Darbaudr within a few seconds.

As he watched the killings of his fellow teammates, except for fear, Braylon didn't feel anything towards his teammates.

'I should inform master about Ajax being the Hawlkpelt family member,'

Even though he knew his chances of escaping from that Barbarian was almost impossible, he wanted to inform his master about that.

However, when he saw that Darbaudr was not killing him, he thought that he finally had some chance of escaping. 

"So, do you have something to ask me?" 

After suppressing his fear, he looked at Ajax and asked.

"Yes, and you are free to not answer me if you don't want," Ajax didn't force Braylon as he already knew where to get complete answers to his questions.

Nevertheless, he just wanted to get a clear idea about the assassin sect's way of working.

If he could get it, then it would be easier for him to go against the assassin sect when he becomes powerful.

"I will answer anything as long as you let me live," Braylon maintained a seriousness as he negotiated with Ajax.

"Hahaha," instead of replying to Braylon, he simply laughed making Brayon's inner rage increase. However, he didn't do anything as he knew he couldn't win against Darbaudr.

Behind him, Bane interestingly looked at Ajax and Braylon as he wanted to know how the deal between them ends.

"Darbaudr, destroy his spirit consciousness," after laughing for a moment, Ajax looked at Darbaudr and said.

"Wait wait wait; you can't do that, please I will answer everything you want to know," When Braylon heard Ajax's words, he became anxious and his hope in escaping hit rock bottom.

All most all the cultivators regard their spirit consciousness as their second life. Once it was destroyed, then their years of painful cultivation would be wasted. And in the future, they would be unable to cultivate and live the life of an average human.

However, he didn't pay any attention to his pleas before breaking his spirit consciousness with a palm technique.


"NOOO," Braylon felt an immense pain when his spirit consciousness was destroyed by the Barbarian and howled loudly.

Never in his wildest dream, Braylon thought that he, an upcoming successor of the discipline hall, became an average person.

'My cultivation is gone. Gone forever,'

After his pain subsided, Braylon's eyes looked lifeless, and he continuously muttered.

'Bane, handle him. Darbaudr, let's go,' Ajax quickly gave an order to Bane before leaving with Darbaudr.

He was in a hurry to save the golden bear king, and there was a high chance that he could tame it. So, he handed Braylon to Bane.

Whereas he and Darbaudr left to the golden bear king's resting place to try his luck.

Soon, Ajax saw the golden bear king which was looking much weaker than before.

He stopped a few meters away from the bear and slowly moved towards it. Behind him, Darbaudr was on his full alert was ready to kill the golden bear king if it made any unexpected moves.

Although he could use his strength to tame to the golden bear king, Ajax rejected it immediately.

As for a reason Ajax rejected it because he got a system notification while he was on his way to the golden bear king's position.


     The Mission 'Save the golden bear king' details are updated.


     If the host uses the forceful way to tame the Golden bear king, then the bear would lose its life resulting in the mission failure.

After he learned about it, he asked Darbaudr to just keep an eye on it while he used his way of taming it.

'Please fuzzball, don't try anything unexpected,' Ajax kept on muttering about it.

After he reached 3-4 meters near to it, Ajax took out the grade 2 mini-thunder pool's water.

As though it sensed something important, the golden bear king immediately stretched its head up and looked at Ajax.

It would be better to say that it looked at the water gourd in Ajax's hand.

Even though it looked at ready to take that gourd from Ajax, it looked at Darbaudr, whose strength it was unable to gauge. So it didn't take any action and looked at Ajax.

"Do you want it?" Ajax heaved a sigh of relief as it didn't attack him immediately and slowly asked.

"..." However, there was no reply from the golden bear king. It merely watched at the water gourd in his hands. 

"I know you understand me. If you don't want it, I will leave now," As he said that, Ajax turned around to leave.


Just as he turned around to leave, Ajax heard a low growl from the golden bear king.

'It worked, hehe' Ajax smiled inward and turned to the Golden bear king.


However, before he could discuss his terms with the golden bear king, he fell onto the ground with a 'thud'.


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    《New Age Of Summoners》