New Age Of Summoners
226 Limitation of Absolute darkness
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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226 Limitation of Absolute darkness

"Both of you go and kill him,"

Although he thought that Ajax was worthy of him to fight, he didn't move as he wanted Ajax to defeat his other teammates.

He wanted to see the true prowess of Ajax.

However, he knew that it was impossible for Ajax to beat his two vice-captains who had the cultivation of level 8 elite commander realm.

'When those two fight as a team, Even I have to reveal all of my trump cards to defeat them,' the captain of mission hall's first squad shook his head at Ajax.

The team's vice-captain looked at each other and nodded their heads at their captain before walking towards Ajax.

 As Ajax was thinking about increasing his spirit cultivation, his shadow clone was busy absorbing the shadow of the two dead masked disciples.



The four disciples were still holding their heads as they howled.

'Sigh, you can't even care for your teammates,' Ajax sighed at the two incoming masked disciples and said.

"As long as we take care of you, everything is ok," one of the two disciples said before he rushed with his other teammate at Ajax.


Along the way, a short sword appeared in each of their hands and waved at Ajax in a perfect synchronization between them.

Ajax didn't dare take them lightly as he knew they were level 8 elite realm commanders, so he used his maximum speed to dodge the attacks from them.

However, even with his maximum speed, Ajax was barely able to dodge the attacks.

Nevertheless, he didn't want to use any of his trump cards yet.

Although Ajax only had the cultivation of level 5 commander realm, his strength was on par with many of level 1 elite commander realm cultivators.

Along with the boost from the sigmi's pendant and his natural inhumane strength, he easily fought with level 5 elite realm commanders.

And, now with the level 8 elite commanders, he felt the blood rushing he wanted.

After dodging the attack, Ajax didn't give them any time to gang up on him with their combined attacks, so he again used his 'absolute darkness.'


As soon as he used that skill, darkness surrounded the two masked disciples that were attacking Ajax.

However, it only lasted for a few seconds before returning to normal.

"What? No effect?" Ajax was completely speechless at his skill.

Since level 5 elite commander realm cultivators were unable to escape his absolute darkness, he thought that the level 8 cultivators would at least have some effect on them.

But, his assumptions were wrong as the two masked disciples were completely fine.

'Looks like it can't be used on them,' Ajax didn't disappoint much about his skill being failing on them; instead, he learned the limit of his absolute darkness and nodded his head.

"Now, it's time to change the weapon, I guess, hehe," Ajax smiled cunningly as he slowly exchanged the sword in his hand with a spear from his spirit consciousness.

As soon as the spear appeared in Ajax's hands, it exuded a majestic presence from it that overlooked all the beings around it.

'It's a heaven grade weapon, but I can't accurately guess it's minor realm though,' the captain of the squad looked at the spear with his shining eyes.

"Kill him and bring that spear to me. I will give the short swords you wanted from the master," He immediately ordered his vice-captains.

When they heard those words, both the vice-captains became excited and rushed at Ajax.


"Young master is very powerful. Even in the Ylercester province, only a few geniuses could be compared with him," Darbaudr, who was watching the fight from afar, praised Ajax for his battle prowess.

'I wonder, who trained him from his childhood,' He silently thought in his head.

Since it was impossible to get those battle prowess without proper training, he thought about Ajax's background.

��Nevertheless, I can see a small hope in taking revenge for my tribe,' Darbaudr's eyes shined with a vengeance when he thought about this.

'When will summoning master make me evolve?' As Darbaudr was having thoughts of revenge, Bane was thinking of his promised evolution.

'Gur gur'

As for Twilight, it was scoffing at the two beings on its back.


"Udo, see there," Edmond pointed at a beast body that was lying on the ground and asked Udo to check it.

After travelling at their full speed for a few hours, Edmond and Udo were able to reach the first battle area that Ajax and the assassin sect's disciples were fought.

As soon as they reached there, Edmond saw a beast body that he was unable to recognize which spirit beast it was from a distance, so he asked Udo to check it.

"He seems to be an assassin sect's disciple that was killed by Ajax and Paulin," Udo was able to guess it with a glance as he saw some assassin sect's clothing on it.

"Weird, how can the assassin sect possess such a cultivation technique," Edmond looked at the body and seriously said.

"Udo, let's move towards the Cursed Wilderness,"

After observing for a second, he was unable to sense anything from it, so he decided to move deeper.

"Edmond, I think its better to spilt up and look for him," Udo suggested Edmond as it was impossible to find Ajax in the vast Cursed Wilderness.

"Okay," Edmond nodded his head in agreement and started their search by splitting into two.


Soon after they left, a silhouette similar to the first elder came to the exact same place and directly went to Erick's beast body.

It was none other than the first elder's clone that was sent to collect the dead bodies of his first two disciples.

When it saw the beast's body, there was a frown on its face.

However, the frown was soon disappeared after a moment.

It immediately stored the body into its space ring before looking at its surroundings as though it was looking for something.

It continued it's search for a while and extended its search radius with the time.

But, he couldn't find anything even after searching for some time.

It closed its eyes and muttered something before leaving in the same direction it came from.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》