New Age Of Summoners
227 Blood absorb
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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227 Blood absorb

Somewhere in the Cursed Wilderness,

'Swoosh' 'Swoosh'

Two masked disciples rushed towards Ajax at an incredible speed.

Although Ajax was barely able to see them, he didn't back down as the blood in him started rising.

He held Heaven's destroyer bloodlust spear in his hand tightly and focused on the incoming silhouettes.



The short swords were thrown at him from a distance that Ajax casually deflected it back with his spear.


After he deflected it, the two masked disciples arrived in front of Ajax, punching him.

Ajax was a little slow in dodging the punches from them, which forced him back continuously.

'Cough….this is what I want,' Ajax coughed a mouthful of blood as he said.

He already expected that level 8 elite commander realm cultivators would be strong, but still, he never thought they would be this powerful.


Without any delay, he rushed at them with his spear activating his level 2 spear dao.

"What the heck!" Both the masked disciples were shocked that their punches were unable to kill a level 5 commander realm cultivator.

However, they quickly suppressed their shock and rushed at Ajax.

When he saw Ajax withstood the punches from his vice-captains, the team's captain looked surprised but soon shook his head.

As they were fighting, Ajax's clone that had Ajax's 50 percent strength took the inheritance sword from Ajax and started to kill the level 5 elite commander realm assassin sect's disciples who were rolling with pain on the ground.

It didn't stop with killing but also absorb the shadows of all the dead disciples.

'Why are these assassin sect's disciples don't care about their own disciples?' Ajax thought for a moment and shook his head and concentrated on the fight.

He used the same trick the masked disciples previously used by throwing his spear at them.


The spear that was still in the bloodlust form pierced its way towards them while spinning itself, creating a great force at its tip.

When they saw the incoming spear, they felt an ominous feeling in their hearts and didn't dare to go against it head-on; instead, they dodged it.

'Hmpf,' After dodging the blood-red spear, both of them harrumphed at the spear that passed them.

However, before they could turn their heads back to Ajax, one of the masked disciples was cleaved by his demon claw.

'Demon claw' was the skill he got from his first official spirit contract.

"Hmm," After piercing the masked disciple, Ajax jumped back and looked at his right hand that was covered entirely in black with demon nails pointing out of his hand.

'I need to upgrade it to level 2,' Ajax shook his head as the demon was not as powerful as he thought.

Although it pierced the masked disciple, it was unable to deal with him much damage as the masked disciple still looked fine even after he stabbed him with the demon claw.

Nevertheless, he felt that it was useful as the demon claw could easily penetrate into the higher realm cultivator's body.


The shadow clone that was busy absorbing the shadows suddenly left its work and entered into the body of the masked disciple from the area where he was wounded.

"What did you do to me,"

Just as he was pondering about upgrading the demon claw, Ajax heard the painful voice of the masked disciple who was clawed by the demon claw.


     The host's clone learned a new special skill that was unique to it.


     Please check the stat's page of the shadow clone.

"What? Is it even possible?" Ajax was similarly shocked just like the masked disciples, but he quickly checked new skills his shadow clone learned.


     Being:- Shadow clone (Level 1)

     Skills:- Shadow absorb, Blood absorb

    Skill descriptions:- Can absorb the shadows and Blood from other beings to level up.

    Skills upgrade:- Absorbing 100 shadows for 'Shadow absorb' and blood from 100 beings for Blood absorb.

    Level upgrade:- Both the skills are needed to be in level 2.

"Woah! Cool," Ajax was unable to control the excitement as he loudly exclaimed.

As Ajax was celebrating for his shadow clones new skills, the masked disciple into whom his shadow clone had entered became as thin as a stick.

After completely absorbing the blood from the body, the shadow clone came out of his body before heading towards the other dead bodies to feat on them.

'What is that thing,' Only then the Captain of that unit looked at it and took it seriously.

He thought that it was some type of cloning technique that was used to assist the cultivator, but now, he looked at it with greedy eyes.

'This kid has more tricks, I should get my hands on all of them, hehe,' He looked at the shadow clone and then looked at Ajax.

'Clap' 'Clap'

"Well, kid, Congratulations. You have successfully piqued my interest," the captain of the squad clapped as he slowly moved towards Ajax.


However, Ajax moved towards his spear and picked it up before piercing the other shocked level 8 elite commander realm disciple with his 30 percent penetration power from his spear dao.

The disciple was still in the shock as he was unable to believe that his partner, who accompanied him from his childhood, died just like that, in front of his eyes. 

However, before he could that of any revenge, Ajax killed him without hesitation as he sensed that they are not like Braylon.

In Braylon, he felt there was some pure soul deep in him, but there was no one who brought it out, so he wanted to give him a chance. Unlike these disciples who were corrupted to the core.

So, Ajax didn't feel anything when he killed these disciples.

"You dare to ignore me?" the captain felt his ego hurt when he saw that Ajax didn't bother to look at him and kill his only remaining teammate.

"..." Ajax was speechless at the captain because he thought that the captain might intercept his attack when he tried to kill the remaining disciple.

'However, he didn't even try to stop me and was angry because I paid him no attention?' Ajax found it very funny.

"I am going to kill you," Seeing the smile on Ajax, the captain howled and rushed at him.

"Really? I heard it many times before. But I am still here alive," Ajax smiled at the captain that was rushing at him.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》