New Age Of Summoners
233 Combined Bloodline
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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233 Combined Bloodline

As Ajax watched the fight between Cortez and his summons while healing his wounds, Ajax received a system notification.


     Congratulations to host for the successful fusion between the bloodlines,


     A new bloodline, Abyssal beast god's bloodline, will replace the existing bloodlines.


     Check more about it in the user interface.

"Woah," Ajax was excited to hear these round of system notifications and immediately checked the user interface.

In the user interface, Ajax saw a new bloodline in the place of his previous bloodlines.

He focused on it to know more about his new bloodline.


     Bloodline Name:- Abyssal beast god's bloodline (Level 1)

     Effects:- 1) It increases all the abilities of the elemental spirits and the host's abilities by a factor of two.

            2) It increases all the abilities of the contracted spirit beasts by a factor of three.

            3) Repeated usage leads to the possible mutations to the spirit beasts.

    Limitations:- Need at least one day to once again use the bloodline after activating it.

   Side-effects: If used before 24 hours, there are higher chances of the host going insane.

     Description:- A fusion bloodline that was formed by combining an abyssal bloodline and the beast god's bloodline.

"Oh heavens, what's with the effects," Ajax was continuously smiling from ear to ear when he saw the effects of the new bloodline.


As he was checking his new bloodline, he heard Twilight's painful cry, which was fighting against Cortez.

Ajax was shocked to see the Twilight, which was maintaining a stalemate with him earlier, was now at a full disadvantage and continuously received attacks from Cortez.

Not only Twilight, but all his other elemental spirits were at a disadvantage against their opponents.


     The enemy has consumed a strength potion along with poison resisting pills.


     The host's elemental spirits and spirit beast lost the boost from the abyssal bloodline.

After seeing the system notifications, Ajax understood the reason why his summons was at a disadvantage all of a sudden.

'Abyssal beast god's bloodline, activate,' he didn't waste any time activating his new bloodline.

As soon as he activated it, all the elemental spirits that were being forced back stopped suddenly, and the energy in them started rising.

Among all the elemental spirits that were present on the battlefield, Volcanis strength reached the same level as he had when he was boosted with the Abyssal bloodline and gained an advantage against Inanis.

Necros's summons also became powerful, and along with his assistance from the back, they were in a comfortable position in the fight with Demis.

Previously when Cortez was about to hit Twilight, Bane, with his poison scythe, stopped the cleave from the halberd.

Although he was only having level 1 spirit commander cultivation, with his level 2 scythe dao, he was barely able to stop Cortez's attacks before gravely wounded by Cortez.

The reason for his disadvantage was Cortez swallowed some poison resistance pills when he saw Bane's first attack without any hesitation, so Bane was unable to use his most important element in the fight.

When Twilight saw that Bane saved its life and was gravely wounded for its attack, it felt rude to him earlier when he was mounting on it.

'You are the worst type of elemental spirit I hate among all the spirits. Although you are an auxiliary elemental spirit, even if your poison elemental spirits begged me to form a contract with them, I would not even take a glance at them. I wonder, how he formed a contract with you,' Cortez mocked the gravely injured Bane as he rushed towards Bane in an attempt to kill him before taking care of Twilight.

As he was running towards Bane, he sensed that Bane's power is increasing even though he was gravely injured, so Cortez increased his speed even more and decided to kill him before he could get that incoming energy completely.



Just when Cortez's halberd attack was about to land on Bane, a silhouette that looked like a huge wine slammed into him and blasted him into a nearby boulder, which was broken as soon as he was slammed into it.

"What is that?" After a few seconds, from the pile of broken boulder pieces, Cortez stood up with wounds all over his body and looked at the thing that attacked him.


However, he was shocked when he saw the attacker and became speechless.

"How is this possible? How many times will it increase its strength?" Cortez asked as he suppressed his shock.

The reason behind his shock was that the attacker was none other than the dragon that he wounded severely earlier. However, it's strength became more powerful than it was injured now, and just with its tail, Cortez had swung away into a boulder.

As soon as it received the boost from the bloodline that could increase its abilities by the factor of three, it immediately used its dragon tail to blast Cortez away and helped Bane.

'Clap clap.'

"Well done, Twilight. This is how you should all be, helping each other,"

 Ajax didn't give any reply to Cortez; instead, he clapped and praised the dragon and Bane for helping each other.


Twilight looked at Ajax and nodded its massive head at him.

As for Bane, his face was unhappy, and he seemed like he was thinking about something and didn't hear Ajax.

'Stop thinking about his words, Bane. Many people fear hearing your name and you are stronger than many other elemental spirits,' Ajax knew what Bane was thinking, so he tried to console him.

However, Ajax was never that good at consoling someone, so his consolation didn't work on Bane.

Twilight, which was beside Ajax, looked at Bane and then Ajax. After looking at Ajax, it shook its head for who knows why and then it seriously gazed at Cortez, who was thinking about its sudden increase in the strength.

'Although all the elemental spirits strength was boosted to the same level as the previous time, this dragon's strength increased more than that,' Cortez looked back the dragon and thought.

'Damn it, it almost reached my strength and it will more time to kill it along with others and I don't have that much time now,' Cortez's face became serious, and he seemed to be in some kind of rush.

'I think unless I use my final technique, it will be impossible to finish these pests and join others for the meeting,' Cortez calmed down a little and looked at Ajax and his team with a cunning smile.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》