New Age Of Summoners
256 Necros“ calmness
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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256 Necros“ calmness

"Why are you thanking me when you are the one who killed him?" Volcanis felt envy that Necros was able to break through to the next major realm and asked him.

"For giving me time to break thought to the elite elemental spirit commander realm," Necros smiled.

Volcanis nodded his head and stared at the three undead summons that had the elite commander realm's strength with awe.

Each of the undead summons had a heavy sword in their hands that made them looked like knights.

"You can summon three of them now?" Volcanis asked Necros after staring at them for a while.

Previously, Necros was able to summon two undead beings, but now, that was increased to three, and also, these undead summons looked even more powerful and stronger than the earlier ones.

"Yes, after my breakthrough, my 'Undead Summons' skill level increased and I was able to summon three now," Necros nodded his head as he explained.

'I hope the summoning master builds one elemental paradise for me soon,'

Volcanis stopped feeling jealousy on Necros and hoped for Ajax to build one fire elemental paradise for him.


As they talked, a burnt silhouette stood up from the place where Volcanis's fire asteroid landed and shouted at them loudly.

"Huh? You didn't die yet?" When Volcanis saw the burnt elemental spirit, he mocked him.

Volcanis and Necros were not as afraid as they were in the starting.

"YOUUU," Vilis angered at Volcanis' mocking and looked into the distance where he saw his teammate was laid on the ground without breathing.

"You killed him?" After seeing Manes' dead body, he was paused for a second and asked Necros.

"No, he was killed by my lackeys, hehe," Necros cunningly laughed as he answered.

"I will make you pay for what you did," Vilis immediately closed his eyes and muttered something.

As he muttered for some time, Manes' dead body, which was laid on the ground, started to hover towards Vilis slowly.

"What is he doing," Volcanis didn't feel good seeing Manes's body floated towards Viles and asked Necros.

Since Necros was also a dark elemental spirit, Volcanis assumed he might know something about it.

"I don't know what it is, but it is definitely not good for us," As soon as he replied to him, he looked at his three undead summons which were closest to the body and nodded his head.

Immediately, the three undead summons rushed after the body to stop it from reaching Vilis.

However, as though the body sensed the three undead summons after it, it increased its speed, and before they could reach half of the distance, Manes' body entered into Vilis.

"What the heck! Is it merging with the dead body?" Volcanis asked Necros.

"No, it looks the same as my devour skill, where we can consume other dark elemental beings to become stronger, but it is not the same," Necros said his feeling about the skill, Vilis used just now.

"Same as Devour, but at the same time not? I don't understand," Volcanis felt his head was spinning with Necros' words as he didn't understand anything.

"When I used my devour, it helps me increase my cultivation by a little permanently, however, this guy's skill is temporarily increasing his cultivation to the peak of the elemental elite spirit commander realm," Necros clearly explained as he noticed the strength of Vilis increased to the peak of the elite spirit commander realm.

"Huh?" Volcanis nodded his head and suddenly shouted, "How can you still say that calmly."

Volcanis felt irritated at the calmness Necros was showing even with a powerful enemy in front of them.

"There is nothing to worry, as long as he doesn't have any more trump cards under his sleeves, we can still win this," Necros smiled as though he was lecturing a junior.

"Hmpf," Volcanis felt irritated by Necros, who acted as a senior when he was way too younger than him and harrumphed.


A few moments earlier, outside the battlefield,

Although Ajax was unable to contact his elemental spirits, he was not worrying much as he had full confidence in his elemental spirits and not to forget the boost they were receiving from the Abyssal beast god's bloodline.

So, he was asking all the questions he wanted to know about the dimensional crevice and who formed this exchange group and how it really works.

For all his questions about the exchange group, Levi simply replied, "You will know after you attend the meetings regularly for a period of time."

After that reply, Ajax stopped asking about the group and focused his questions on the dimensional crevice.

"Are there other dimension crevices?"

"Yes, there are many dimensional crevices other than this one. Also, it was only a level dimensional crevice, so there are many others with higher levels," Levi revealed a piece of important information that Ajax didn't know before.

"Level 1?" Ajax looked at Levi with a shock on his face.

"Yes, the higher the level of the dimensional crevice, the richer will the essence of nature and change is time speed. This level 1 dimension crevice has the same time ratio and the same essence of nature when compared to the outside world," Levi explained slowly and looked at the battlefield, hoping that he could find something.

However, his hope never became true when he looked at the battlefield.

Not only did the black smoke blocked their vision but also the noises from inside the battlefield.

'This world sure is interesting. I should explore more and get to know about all of them,' Ajax thought and asked Levi, "Senior brother, there are many shops and some rules in the dimension crevice, I wonder who governs the dimensional crevices."

Since there were rules in this dimensional crevice, he assumed that there would be similar rules in other dimension crevices. So, he wondered, who punishes, if anyone breaks the rule.

"Huh?" Levi looked at Ajax and asked, "Isn't this your first time to a dimensional crevice?"

"Yes," Ajax replied, nodding his head.

"And you already figured, it is ruled by someone. It took me 3-4 times entry into this dimensional crevice to notice that this crevice is governed by someone," Levi embarrassedly said about his lack of focus on his surroundings and continued, "Every dimensional crevice will be ruled by only a single person and he writes his own rules."

"A single person? Who is he?" Ajax asked, looking at Levi.


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    《New Age Of Summoners》