New Age Of Summoners
259 Necros Meditates once again
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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259 Necros Meditates once again

Volcanis didn't understand why Necros asked him to move away from his current position, but still, he followed his advice and tried to run away from that place.

Just as he took a few steps, Volcanic felt a huge force behind him that reached him within seconds and blasted him off.

'Aaargh' Volcanis shouted as he blasted away and started rolling towards Necros.

Necros immediately rushed towards the rolling Volcanis and successfully stopped him.

"Are you okay?" After stopping Volcanis, Necros heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Volcanis was not injured heavily. Nevertheless, he still asked Volcanis.

"Not dead. Are you unhappy," Volcanis said in a low voice with a scoff. 

However, he felt warm inside that he got such a caring teammate.

"Yeah, somewhat unhappy," Necros said with a nod agreeing to Volcanis' word.

"Damn you, Necros…. Aargh" Hearing Necros' reply made Volcanis angry and made him shout, but before he could complete his sentence, the pain from his injuries made him cry in pain.

"You rest, I will take care of him," Necros shook his head at Volcanis and stood up to look at a silhouette in the black smoke.

"What? Is he still alive?" Volcanis thought that he killed Vilis with his firepower, which changed a little when he received the boost from the Abyssal beast god's bloodline.

However, when he heard Necros' words, he forcefully tried to sit and watched at the spot where he killed Vilis earlier.

Above that spot, Volcanis saw a black silhouette that was integrated into the black smoke.

"Hahaha, you think you could kill me just like that?" Vilis laughed as he mocked Volcanis and Necros.

"Kill him," Necros didn't waste any time he ordered his giant undead summon to kill it.


The giant undead swung its heavy sword at the silhouette in the black smoke. However, the gigantic sword passed through the black smoke as though there was nothing in it.

"See that; you can't kill me," After the giant sword passed through the black smoke, Vilis' silhouette once again appeared in the black smoke and made fun of Necros.

"I admit that you two are more powerful than any other elemental spirits I have even seen with the same cultivation as yours. However, you are going to die now, Hehe" Vilis laughed eerily and continued, "But don't worry, you will become part of me since I am going to consume you, Hahaha."

As he said that, the black smoke covering the entire battlefield came closed towards Necros and Volcanis.


Suddenly, from the black smoke, a silhouette appeared behind Necros and kicked him before disappearing in the Black smoke.

'Damn,' Necros successfully became angry when Vilis kicked him, but he was unable to catch him, and even his giant undead was failed to do anything.


Once again Vilis appeared behind Necros and punched him.

'Calm down, calm down,' Necros tried to calm down and thought, I should kill this mouse that was playing with me before it disappears into its hole.'

Necros was fully irritated with Vilis that was playing with him and compared it with a mouse and tried to think of a plan to kill him.

"You can't do anything to me as long as I have this black smoke, haha," Vilis voice once again sounded from the black smoke.

'If this continues, Volcanis and I would die for sure,' Necros became worried when he looked at Volcanis, who was unable to breathe because of the black smoke around them.

'Wait a second. How did I forget this,' Suddenly Necros thought of something and immediately looked at his undead summon.

'Go and take rest,' Necros smiled at his giant undead summon and ordered it to take rest.

As soon as he said that the undead summon disappeared into thin air.

After summoning it back, Necros looked at the silhouette in the black smoke and smiled before sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed.

'What is he planning to now? Planning to breakthrough once again?' Vilis thought in his head and immediately shook his head and continued thinking, "If he wants to defeat me, he needs to have at least level 5 of the elite spirit commander realm cultivation."

At the beginning of their fight, he saw that Necros did the same thing and breakthrough to the level 1 of the elite spirit commander realm from peak level 10 spirit commander realm, so he thought Necros was trying to the same thing once again.

However, Vilis didn't think much about it as he had confidence that he would kill him before he could even breakthrough a single minor realm.

Vilis didn't give much time for Necroso to complete what he was planning to do, so he immediately rushed towards the meditating Necros in order to punch him to death.

"You belong to a summoning category, and you made a huge mistake by summoning back that giant undead," While he moved in the black smoke Vilis pointed Necros' mistake.

However, Necros didn't bother with his words and remained focused on his meditation.



Soon, Vilis appeared behind Necros and punched; however, Necros didn't even move and showed no reaction to that punch.

When he saw that his punch did not affect Necros, Vilis puzzled and once again punched him.

Just like before there was no response from Necros.

'What kind of skill is this? Isn't he a summoning category Exclusive spirit?' Vilis wondered and soon shook his and looked at the Volcanis who was breathing heavily for fire essence of nature.

Since the entire battlefield was covered by the black smoke blocking the other elemental essences from the outside, Volcanis had difficulty in breathing from the beginning.

However, he used the essence of nature from his spirit consciousness and fought the elemental spirits.

Now, he was unable to do the same thing as his spirit consciousness was almost empty, and he was like on his last leg.

"I will see how long will you maintain that turtle skill of your, before that I will your friend, Hehe," Vilis said to Necros with an eerie laugh before moved towards Volcanis slowly.

While he was moving towards Volcanis, he stops for a while to look at Necros, hoping that he would open his eyes, but Necros remain unmoved from his meditation stance.

"Someone said something about friendship awhile ago, I think we, the dark elemental spirits are all same, hehe" Vilis waved his hands and the black smoke hovering above him started rushing towards Volcanis.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》