New Age Of Summoners
270 Godfather?
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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270 Godfather?

'Who are they?' Ajax carefully observed them and thought about the cultivators who looked young and powerful.

Among the group of cultivators, almost all were having peak commander realm strength and the lowest cultivation was level 1 commander realm.

"Hey Ajax," As he was wondering about the young cultivators, Ajax heard Edmond's voice.

Ajax looked at Edmond, who was waving his hand with a happy expression and felt good that he was able to come back from a dangerous situation.

"Hello, Captain," Ajax waved his hand and walked towards Edmond before asking Slait to take care of his senor brother Levi.


     Mission name:- Escape the current predicament is successfully completed.

     Accomplishment Rating:- A+

     Reason:- The host was able to escape the most dangerous situation using his wits and used the limited resources at his hand. So, the accomplishment rating was given 'A+'.

    Reward:- The Inner World upgrade is available now.


    Since the accomplishment rating is 'A+', an energy orb which can upgrade two minor realms in the host's cultivation. 


    Do you want to upgrade the inner world?

    Yes or No?

As he was walking towards Edmond, the pleasant mission accomplishment notification chinked in his head, making him excited and without any hesitation, he chose 'Yes'.


    The inner world is upgrading. However, the host need not worry about the elemental spirits and the spirit beasts in it.

    Remaining time for the upgrade:- 23 hours 59 minutes

'Huh?' Ajax was puzzled at the upgrading time which was very less than he thought and soon shook his head, 'As long as the time is less, its good.'

'Also, I have a two minor realms upgrade orb, Haha,' Ajax thought in his head as he finally reached Edmond.

"Brat, you are becoming more and more adventurous," Edmond said while hitting Ajax's head lightly.

"Ouch," Although he didn't felt pain, he sounded like he was in pain.

"Stop acting, Brat. Who is he?" Edmond had many questions for Ajax, but he started with Levi.

"I met him in the dimensional crevice and became good friends, and because of me he was injured.....," Ajax explained the outline of the events that happened in the dimensional crevice and omitted about the Exchange group, Levi's background or past and about his elemental spirits.

Edmond became shocked after hearing Ajax's words and became angry, and when he looked at Levi, he nodded his head as though he was satisfied with Levi's behaviour and selflessness towards Ajax.

"Take care of him. People like him are very rare now-a-days," Edmond said to Ajax as he looked at Slait, who was taking care of Levi.

Before coming out of the portal Ajax summoned Necros back in the inner world, so Edmond still doesn't know about Necros and Volcanis.

"Captain, who are they?" After his explanation, Ajax slowly asked as he pointed his finger at the surrounding young cultivators.

"Hahaha," When Edmond heard Ajax's question, he laughed proudly and said, "They are my ..."

"He is our Godfather who saved us from a mad slaughter between sects and top organizations," Before Edmond could say, a young male cultivator came forward and spoke with respect in his voice.

"Huh?" Ajax was surprised to hear that and looked at other cultivators who looked around 15-20 years old who had the same respect in their faces towards Edmond.

"Don't think much about it, Ajax. Let me introduce them to you, these nine cultivators are my godsons and goddaughters," Edmond pointed at the young cultivators and introduced them to Ajax.

"Everyone, this one here is named Ajax. He is the youngest among all of you, so you can call him by his name or junior brother," Next, Edmond introduced Ajax to them.

"Hi there, Ajax,"

"Hello, junior brother,"

All the nine cultivators greeted Ajax with a smile.

"Hello everyone," Ajax also returned a greeting with a small smile.

"By the way, they all forsaken their real names when I saved them a few years ago and took some codes which even I don't remember, Hehe," Edmond rubbed his head and sheepishly said to Ajax.

"..." Ajax was speechless and thought, 'How can you call yourself a godfather then.'

However, he didn't think much and looked at Edmond who continued saying, "Everyone, please introduce yourself, I have something to talk with Darbaudr."

He quickly left the place with Darbaudr.

Before leaving, Darbaudr looked at Ajax and felt something different than before he entered the dimensional crevice, but he was unable to figure it out and decided to ask Ajax later about complete events that happened in the dimensional crevice.

When Ajax explained about the events in the dimensional crevice to Edmond, Darbaudr easily guessed that Ajax left many important details that changed him.

Nevertheless, he didn't ask about it in front of others and decided to ask later when they were alone.

After they left, all the nine cultivators surrounded Ajax and observed him like some kind of creature.

"What are you doing seniors," Ajax felt weird when all of them observed him.

"Nothing," one of the cultivators that looked like a bodybuilder shook his head and continued, "If you remember all our names, we will give you a reward; otherwise..."

He stopped after saying otherwise making Ajax something amiss.

"Otherwise, you have to carry me out of the cursed wilderness," that cultivator said with a cunning smile.

"Huh?" Ajax looked at his body which was the size of a small boulder and accepted it without hesitation.

"I can easily carry a large boulder with my current strength much less you who looks like a small boulder," Ajax said jokingly.

"Let's see," the huge man said nodding his head.


When they heard Ajax's words, all started laughing, but no one knows whom they were laughing at.

"Everyone, say your code names now," the huge man said to his fellow cultivator.

"Moon Shadow, Bright Shadow, Snow Storm, Fearless Gorilla, Dark Flame, Heavenly Raven, Silver Goliath, Kind Mantis, King Killer"

As soon as the huge finished his words, all of them said their code names at once puzzling Ajax.

'Damn, they are playing with me,' Ajax thought in his head but soon shook as his as he smilingly said, "If I said all your codes names correctly, what is the reward?"

What these nine young cultivators don't know was that Ajax had a technique to remember any complex names or codes.

So, he shook his head and asked about the reward.

"If you say it correctly we will give you 1 million spirit stones," a beautiful girl from the group announced the reward making Ajax very happy.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》