New Age Of Summoners
282 Entering the Five Elemental World again
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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282 Entering the Five Elemental World again


 Mission alert,

 Mission name:- Save Raweth's brother.


 Raweth's brother's health condition became severe, so the system suggests the host complete the mission as soon as possible.

'Sigh...Can't I take some rest before completing a mission,' Ajax felt that from the moment he breakthroughed to the Commander realm, he was continuously on a mission hunt and felt tired.

'But I shouldn't abandon his brother,' At the same time, Ajax felt that he should complete the mission, not for the reward but to help Raweth.

Although Ajax doesn't have a real family, he didn't want one of his contracted spirit beast's blood brothers to die when he had the chance to help him.

'I think, upgraded mini thunder pool's water will heal his brother,' Ajax thought in his head.

When the mission was first generated, Ajax didn't have a clear solution to heal Raweth's brother as he thought the grade 1 elemental paradise's water won't have much effect and wanted to find a solution for it before entering the five elemental world.

However, to his luck, the mini thunder pool's grade increased from grade 1 to grade 2 and the water became much more concentrated and the healing properties of it increased when he used the spring of life water to upgrade it.

So, now he had the full hope of saving Raweth's brother after entering the five elemental world.

'Darbuadr, I am going out for a while. Please take care of senior brother Levi and others,' Ajax silently said to Darbaudr through the voice transmission.

'But, young master, it is dangerous in the middle section of the Cursed wilderness,' The barbarian immediately mentioned about the place they were presently at.

'No need to worry, if anything happens, I will call you through the spirit mark,' Ajax said as he ran into the distance while summoning Necros and Slait back into his spirit consciousness.

'Stay safe, young master,' Darbaudr knew that his young master had many secrets and he didn't want anyone to know, so Darbaudr didn't ask anything about it and nodded his head at Ajax''s words.

Others were dead tired, so they didn't ask Ajax anything since they knew he had the strength to protect him and in the worst-case scenario, he could escape using his elemental spirit's summons.

So, they focused on relaxing their bodies.

As for Ajax, he just wanted to move away from them before anyone asked him more questions about where he was going in the middle of the middle section of the Cursed Wilderness.

Ajax didn't travel very far from their relaxing spot and stopped running.

'System, open up the free trip to the five elemental world,'

He checked his surroundings which were devoid of any spirit beasts, so he immediately ordered the system.

The reason he said the free trip was because the system said that he doesn't need to use his chance of entering the five elemental world; instead, the system would open a free path for him for this mission.


As soon as he thought in his head, a portal opened appeared in front of him that looked like a crack in the space.

Without any hesitation, Ajax rushed into the portal and soon the portal closed.


In the Lightning Hawk tribe, Five elemental world,

'Hahahaha,' an old birdman loudly laughed as he opened his eyes from his cultivation.

"Oh Ajax, that water was wonderful. Not only it helped him break through to the next realm but it also helped me understand somethings that I never understood before consuming the water," the old birdman said as he remembered Ajax.

The old birdman was none other than Elder Qwerek, who was tribe leader of the Lightning Dragon Hawk tribe. Whenever he came out of his cultivation, he would think about the young man that came to his tribe at the right time and helped them become the number one tribe among the three tribes.

Along with that, he also helped Elder Qwerek by giving some thunder realm's water which helped him break through his cultivation.

As he was thinking about Ajax, he heard some noise outside his room, so he opened his door with a wave and asked, "What do you have to inform me?"

When Elder Qwerek was in closed-door seclusion, no one dared to disturb him unless there was an important matter.

So, most of the time, anyone wants to inform him, they would just roam in front of his room. When Elder Qwerek opens his eyes, he would sense the movements of the informer and invites him in to ask about the details.

As soon as the door to his room was opened, a middle-aged birdman came into the room and bowed before informing, "The young man that brought the tribe's childe previously came once again; however, there was no sign of our tribe's childe. He said he wants to meet you,"

"What? Ajax came here?" Elder Qwerek was shocked and hurriedly stood up before asking the birdman excitedly.

"Yes, Elder. But he didn't bring our tribe's childe with him, so I guess I will say that you are in the closed-door seclusion" the informing bird didn't notice the excitement in Elder Qwerek's face and said his thoughts about Ajax.

"What did you say? He is the benefactor of the Lightning Hawk tribe, how dare you say that" Elder Qwerek lightly hit the birdman before leaving the room to meet Ajax.

Although he hit lightly, the birdman felt huge pain on his back but it was nothing serious.

'He did help us by bringing our tribe's childe here, but is there a reason to me to receive that attack and what's more, that even Elder Qwerek also seemed excited to meet that Ajax,' the birdman didn't understand why their tribe leader was overly excited to meet Ajax but still he rubbed his back before rushing after Elder Qwerek.

It was not the middle-aged bird man's fault, Except for a few elders who received the thunder realm's water from Elder Qwerek no one from the Hawk tribe knows about Ajax's gift that was invaluable for the Hawk tribe.

So, the middle-aged birdman thought Elder Qwerek was reacting a little too much hearing Ajax's name.


In the main hall of the tribe leader's house.

Ajax was sitting on a sofa and rested his head on it.

His face was full of exhaustion and he seemed too tired as he waited for Elder Qwerek.

After entering the five elemental world, Ajax teleported to a place that was closest to the Lightning Hawk tribe.

However, as soon as he teleported into the five elemental world, he met a group of wild spirit beasts which were having almost general realm strength.

In the beginning, he was excited that while fighting those spirit beasts, his level 1 sword dao which was previously unable to break through to the level 2 sword dao against the fight with the creatures, was easily able to break through to level 2 sword dao within a few slashes.

So, he thought it was easy for him to increase his dao by fighting those high-level spirit beasts.

But the reality hit him very hard that the same process of continuous killing was happening once again.

 He was able to kill a few along with his summons but he could not overcome his exhaustion. So, without any hesitation, he fled to the hawk tribe and came to the tribe leader's house to rest.

"Hello, Ajax," As soon as he heard that, Ajax stood up without wasting any time, and hurriedly asked, "I need room to rest."

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    《New Age Of Summoners》