New Age Of Summoners
283 Meeting in the Hawk tribe
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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283 Meeting in the Hawk tribe

Elder Qwerek was shocked to see the tired look on Ajax's face and didn't ask him anything before ordering someone to show a room for Ajax to rest.

"Thank you, Elder Qwerek," Ajax thanked him before following a birdman to his resting room.

'He looks dead tired. I wonder what happened to him that made him that tired,' Elder Qwerek thought in his head and looked at a servant before saying, "Summon all the Elders, say that I have something to discuss with them."

"Yes, tribe leader," that servant birdman accepted the command and left the house immediately.

'I wanted to ask him something but it looks like I need to wait until he wakes up,' Elder Qwerek shook his head as he looked in the direction Ajax went earlier.


In one of the rooms of the Hawk Tribe leader's house,

"Finally, I can sleep for now," As soon as he entered the room given to him, Ajax didn't wait for anything before collapsing on a soft bed.

The reason Ajax didn't relax in the human world was that the time flow in the five elemental world was fast when compared to his world. So, he thought resting in the five elemental world was the right decision.

As for the reason he didn't rest outside the Hawk tribe was due to a number of the spirit beasts that were lurking around the tribe.

So, he summoned Twilight from the inner world and rode it. However, he summoned it back before entering the tribe as he doesn't want others to think, he came to attack the tribe.

Although it was only a few days for him since he entered the five elemental world last time, it was a few months for the tribe people.

So he didn't want to raise any commotion and dragged his tired body to the tribe leader's house with much difficulty.

Soon, Ajax went into his dreams and thought about all his elemental spirits and contracted spirit beasts breaking through to the king realm and he dominated the entire human world.

In that dream, all the high-level human cultivators kneeled in front of him.

But, what he found weird about the dream was that he still had the same age whereas all his brothers and friends became middle-aged men and Captain Edmond became an old man.

In the middle of his dreams, he started laughing sometimes and frowned at sometimes.

Overall, he was enjoying his dreams of dominating the world.


After sometime

In another room,

"Did you notice that the number of spirit beasts surrounding our tribe has been increasing lately?" Elder Qwerek asked the five elders of the Hawk tribe.

"Yes, leader. Not only their numbers but their strength also increased. The highest spirit beast that I saw had a cultivation of rank 6," The most senior and powerful among all five elders Cretual nodded his head in agreement with Qwerek's words and continued, "I think, that fire crow tribe is behind all this."

"I agree with the first elder in the first point; however, I don't think fire crow tribe can do this. Since they can't control the rank 6 spirit beast, I think there must be someone powerful who wants our Hawk tribe to not exist anymore," the third elder, Kraiww voiced out his opinions about the first elder's view.

"Fire crow tribe doesn't have that kind of strength," The remaining elders also agreed with Kraiww.

"Maybe, you are right. I might be thinking too much about the fire crow tribe," Cretual, nodded his head and agreed with the rest of the Elders.

Even though he was powerful, Cretual doesn't have a hint of arrogance and as long as what other elders said had truth to it, he would agree to it without hesitation.

"Don't underestimate the fire crow tribe just because your cultivations increased after consuming the thunder realm's water. Also, did you forget how fearful we were before the three tribe contest?" Qwerek shook his head in disappointment when he looked at the tribe's Elders who became arrogant after their strengths increased a little with the help of the water that Ajax gifted to his tribe.

All the five elders became silent when they heard the words of their tribe's leader and thought back to the time when they were fearful of the fire crow tribe.

Before the three tribe contest, the fire tribe was the strongest among all the tribes and they feared that the tribe would annihilate the hawk tribe after the contest.

However, with the sudden appearance of Ajax, it not only changed the fate of the tribe but it also increased the cultivation of many tribe members.

"Sorry leader," All of them apologized to Qwerek as they understood their mistake.

"You will never become arrogant if you remember your past, understand?" Qwerek nodded his head and asked.

"Yes, leader. We understood," all the five elders nodded their heads and thought back to their previous cultivations before they even consumed the thunder realm's water.

With the help of the water, the first elder, Cretual had successfully become an elite general realm cultivator and next to him, the second elder, Erek broke through two minor realms and entered the peak level 10 general realm from his level 8 general realm cultivation.

As for the brother, Kraiww and Krail both broke through five minor realms and reached level 5 of the general realm and their motivation to increase their cultivation increased even more with it, making them cultivate even more time than their regular cultivation time.

The only female among the elders, Eica gained a lot from the thunder realm's water as he successfully reached level 5 from the peak level 10 elite commander realm and reached the brothers' cultivation.

"But tribe leader, you didn't say how you get the thunder realm's water," Eica always wanted to know how Qwerek got the water as it was very helpful for her in breaking through minor realms. So, she asked him.

"Haha," in response to her question, Qwerek laughed and looked at other elders.

Except for Kraiww's face, all other elders' faces were filled with curiosity as they looked at Qwerek as though they wanted to know about the source of the thunder realm's water.

"Kraiww, why don't you say it. Since you seem close to him?" Qwerek looked at Kraiww and asked him to answer Eica's question.

"Me?" Kraiww was surprised and looked at Eica.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》