New Age Of Summoners
295 Truth
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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295 Truth

"Yes, he said that my first son will become the chosen one of the tribe but I didn't like that since I wanted to become the chosen one of the tribe from my childhood which you know already," Krico said as he clenched his fists tightly.

"Why? Isn't your son becoming a chosen one is not good?" The masked birdman was disgusted with Krico when he heard his words.

Initially, the masked birdman only had hatred towards Krico but now, after hearing his words, he felt disgusted with Krico and ashamed to think that Krico was his childhood friend.

According to him, when a father hates the talents or was jealous about his own son, then that birdman was the worst kind and should be killed without mercy.

"How is it a good thing? I will remain as the chosen one's father whereas my son will be the hero and the chosen one of the tribe," Krico angrily said as he punched a pillar in the main hall which had collapsed even before his punch could land on it.

"If you hate him that much, then why did you allocate all the tribe resources to him and you personally took care of him all these years and it would have been a wise decision not to follow the old priest's word, right?" The masked birdman asked with the same disrespectful tone.

"Haha, here comes the interesting part. While I was frustrated about it and decided not to follow the old priest's words, then I found a secret technique that could transfer all the strength and talent of one person to another. Then I decided to follow the old priest's words and transfer the strength and talent of my son into me. So, I nurtured him and poured all my resources into him, haha," Krico laughed as he explained about his reason to nurture Raweth.

"Damn you Krico, you have become a monster. A TRUE MONSTER," the masked birdman cursed Krico but soon he calmed down as he wanted to know more about it.

"But that damn son of mine, disappeared without a trace," Krico didn't mind the masked birdman's cursing as he was busy cursing his own son.

"By the way, we are off track from the main topic. The reason I mixed the special green liquid in my wife's food was because of that damn old priest said that my second son will be the reason I will die. So, I tried to kill my wife even before my second was born," Krico proudly said as he did something great which made the masked birdman feel even more disgusted and wanted him to leave from the main hall.

"Stop right there. Don't you want to know why I killed you a grandfather-like old priest?" Krico chuckled as he stopped the masked birdman.

Hearing those words, the leaving masked birdman stopped and turned back to look at Krico with an angry face.

"Because he found out about my plans and tried to spread it to others, so the poor old priest died just like that, in my hands, hehe" Krico eerily smiled as he showed the gripping action with his hands.

"Why are you saying all these non-sense with me?" 

Even though he was very angry that he wanted to make Krico into pieces, he knew that he was far weaker than Krico and the most important thing was he had a family and friends that he didn't want to harm. So he suppressed his anger and asked Krico.

When he saw the calm masked birdman, Krico was surprised and rubbed his chin as he thought, 'Damn, why is he still calm?'

In his view, the masked birdman was a hot-blooded one and would do most things without thinking but just like him, he also changed in his behaviour making Krico surprise.

"I wanted to share all these things with at least one person, and I selected you as that person," Krico replied and all of a sudden he was jolted by something and looked into a distance before saying to the masked birdman, "You can leave now and I hope you will not divulge the information I shared with you."

Krico hurriedly said to the masked birdman to leave.

However, the masked birdman felt something fishy when he looked at Krico's actions and asked, "What should I do to your second son."

He just asked that question to buy some time to observe the actions of Krico, so that he could find out what was happening with him.

"Just stop supplying the medicines to him and he will die sooner anyway. So let him die just like that. If Raweth comes back in the future, I will say that he died because the poison spread all over his body. Since he has a lot of respect towards me, he will believe me and then I will continue my plans with him. I hope he comes back," Krico initial speed in his explanation increased by a lot as he hurriedly said and waved the masked birdman to leave the main hall.

Krico knew that Raweth was still alive as he had Raweth's life stone with him, so he decided to take the action of cutting off the medicinal supply to Raweth's brother.

The reason he didn't kill Raweth's brother who escaped death by coming out of his mother's womb just when the poison was about to take effect, was for the sake of Raweth.

Raweth's sole motivation to cultivate and become powerful came from his unhealthy brother.

He wanted to become powerful to find a cure for his brother but what he didn't know was there was no cure for it.

Krico used that point for his benefit and decided to encourage him that he would find a cure if he entered the general realm within 20 years.

For years, he suppressed his rage towards Raweth's little brother but at the same time he enjoyed the suffering that Raweth's brother was going through.

However, just when he thought, all things were going according to his plans, Raweth disappeared withoout a trace making him restless.

So, he no longer waited and directly stopped the medicine supply to him which would increase his suffering for a few days before he died.

"I hope you won't regret the decision you took today," the masked birdman just said his final words as he left the main hall of the tribe leader's house.

'I have to do something and make him pray for what he did to my father and the old priest,' 

After leaving the tribe leader's house, the masked birdman clenched his fists and swore to take revenge for all the things Krico had done one day.

'Also, I hope Raweth finds the truth about his father and what kind of things he did,' He thought to himself as he continued thinking, 'I will help your brother supply the medicines secretly without that damned Krico's knowledge. So, you better hurry and come save your little brother,' The masked birdman sighed as he thought about Raweth's little brother.

After sighing for a while, he disappeared into thin air before looking at the tribe leader's house which was covered by another soundproof barrier making him shake his head.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》