New Age Of Summoners
303 Qwerek becomes serious
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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303 Qwerek becomes serious


As he was sighing, he killed another spirit beast that rushed toward him which he managed to kill without much difficulty.

'I will improve my skills until the four battles are finished,' Ajax shook his head and once again concentrated on improving his skills.

'If I feel tired then I will let my summons take care of these spirit beasts,' Ajax didn't want to use his elemental spirits or spirit beasts as the fight was still not very difficult for him.

Also, most of the rank 5 and peak rank 4 spirit beasts were taken care of by the 12 Hawk guardians leaving only low-level rank 4 and below that for him. So, he took his time to kill the spirit beasts while improving his battle skills.

So, he didn't want to use all his trump cards in the beginning itself and saved them for later when he needed them.

Soon, he continued his slaughter and the system notifications kept on ringing in his head which he asked the system to mute it for some time.


As Ajax started his slaughter, the elders also started their fights with the rank 6 spirit beasts.

Erek and Eica started fighting the spirit infernal which was completely covered in orange flames.

The spirit infernal's attacks were mostly defended by Erek with his bulk body whereas Eica was attacking with her powerful attacks whenever she found a chance.

The other team of the elders, Krail and Kraiww were in perfect synchronization in fighting the black yetis which looked like an evolved spirit beast but in actuality, it still doesn't have sufficient intelligence to think like a proper evolved spirit beast.

However, it was able to command its minions to attack them which made their powerful attacks stop in the middle.

Instead of saying it was commanding its minions to attack them, it's better to say that the minions were willingly sacrificing for their king which made the brothers think that the Black yetis was commanding them.

"Big brother, this black yetis is irritating me, let's show it the true attacks of ours," Krail was irritated at the disturbance of minions and suggested his big brother Kraiww unleash their true attacks.

"Sure, let's finish this up and assist others," Kraiww also felt the same and without any delay, he agreed instantly and stopped attacking the Black yetis.

As soon as Kraiww agreed to that, they both took out a sword from their space rings, but they didn't attack the black yetis instantly; instead, they clashed at each other for 2-3 times as sparks of lightning generated from the collision of the swords entered into their body.

Just as the sparks of lightning entered into their body, their bodies started shining like lightning and their speed increased by multiple times.

"Brother, it's been a while since we fought like this," Krail smilingly said to Kraiww as he rushed to attack Black yetis.

"Yes, it's been a while," Kraiww nodded his head and followed his brother to attack the rank 6 spirit beast.

Soon, the previously disadvantageous fight turned into a stalemate between the brothers and the black yetis.

Among all the three elder teams, the first elder solo team was managing better than the other two teams and the fight was better than a stalemate.

Cretual used his powerful lightning skills to continuously stay in the upper hand in the fight with the twin-tailed lynx.

As the elders were busy fighting rank 6 spirit beasts and 12 hawk guardians were busy fighting hundreds of rank 5 spirit beasts, the fight between the tribe leaders was still going on.

"Krico, why don't you care about your tribe and still behave like a fool even at a time like this," Qwerek's both hands were covered by lightning and his long white hair was fluttering in the wind which made him look like a lighting god that descended from the immortal world.

"Stop playing dumb with me. I know you are hiding my fire crow tribe's genius in your Hawk tribe," Krico said while wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth.

Looking at both their appearance anyone could guess who was in the upper hand and who was in the losing end.

Krico's entire body was covered with many wounds and his original black robes were completely drenched in his own blood.

"What are you talking about? I think I hit your head very hard earlier?" Qwerek didn't understand what Krico was saying and thought that he was blabbering some non-sense before his death.

"I said don't play dumb with me," Krico was angered as he took out a doll-like item from his space ring.

As soon as it came out of the space ring it's size increased from a few inches to 10 meters humanoid monster that had no face.

"I now know that I was played by that old slave to come here and challenge you, who is much stronger than you. But don't worry, I will kill you even if I have to sacrifice myself," Krico thought back to the events that happened for the past few days and understood that he was fully played by the older birdman.

Even at his death door, Krico was unable to resolve his past grudges with Qwerek and decided to sacrifice himself and kill Qwerek with an artifact that the older birdman gave to him before coming to the Hawk tribe.

"Whatever, I thought you are my rival but you are just another loser that doesn't accept reality and feel jealousy at other's strength," Qwerek shook his head recalling the previous words of Krico who said that he didn't care about the tribe.

Before today, Qwerek knew that Krico was cunning and could do anything to gain power, he never imagined that his priority for the power overshadowed his entire tribe when he was in the tribe leader's position and felt that he was the worst kind of birdman he had ever seen.

After saying these words to Krico, Qwerek pondered about Krico's last words that said something about being played by the old slave.

'Is he talking about the older birdman from the ancient ruins?' Qwerek frowned when he related Krico's words with the older birdman.

'If he was really played by that old slave, then his target must be my Hawk tribe and all the spirit beasts that were attacking us is also his plan. Damn it, I have to activate the emergency signal as soon as possible,' Qwerek felt that a disaster was upon his Hawk tribe and thought about activating some signal.

"Hahaha, there is no one that could save you Hawk tribe now," As he was feeling anxious about the older birdman, Qwerek heard Krico's words; however that was his last words that he had spoken before being swallowed by the giant faceless doll.

"What the heck! What is that thing?" Qwerek didn't see that giant doll before and didn't know what it could do.

 However, from the looks of it, Qwerek was able to say that it was not as simple as he thought.

'I need to quickly finish this giant doll and should activate the emergency signal,' Qwerek's face turned serious as he showed a resolute expression on his face.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》