New Age Of Summoners
313 Kitty
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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313 Kitty


 The skill 'Absolute Darkness' has lost its effect.


 The infernal spirit's spirit consciousness will be returned to normal.

"What the hell? How can Absolute Darkness lose its effectiveness when I used it with Necros' blind skill,'' Ajax became anxious as he felt that he would not be able to tame the infernal spirit's spirit consciousness form if it returns to its original form.

After seeing the two system notifications, Ajax got the answer to his previous question of why the spirit consciousness form of these rank 6 spirit beasts were cute.

It was because of the Absolute Darkness skill that suppressed the spirit consciousness of these rank 6 spirit beasts with the nightmares and made them impossible to reveal their true strength.

Since these spirit beasts were way more powerful than him, even when he used the 'Absolute darkness', the spirit beasts were able to form the spirit consciousness forms.

But, only miniature versions of their own bodies were able to form.

'If I used 'Absolute darkness' on rank 4 spirit beasts, they would die on the spot just like the middle-aged man in the dimensional crevice; however, these spirit beasts were able to even break my skill. Damn it… once again strength plays an important role, Ajax cursed at his own bad luck and tried to escape from the infernal spirit's spirit consciousness.

However, a strong hand caught him and made it impossible for him to escape.

'Hello brother, let's talk,' Ajax knew that the hand belongs to the infernal spirit's spirit consciousness after reverting to its true form and turned to face it to talk with it.


As soon as he looked at the true spirit consciousness form, Ajax was met with a loud roar that made his spirit consciousness form shake a little.

'I need to think of a plan to escape from it,' Ajax started thinking about a plan but before he even started thinking about it, he saw the huge tiger face come close to him.

'Sniff' 'Sniff'

It sniffed Ajax's face before turning its attention to the primitive stone in his hand and gulped the stone.

After gulping the stone, it freed its grip around Ajax's waist and placed him on the ground and it looked at him.

'Huh? You want more?' Ajax was surprised that the humanoid tiger didn't do anything to him.

'I think it wants more of these primitive stones,' Ajax smiled when he thought about this and slowly took out the low-level spirit primitive stones from the inventory.

'Even though you didn't reply to me, I know you need these stones,' Ajax slowly called it with the low-level primitive stones in his hand.

As expected, as soon as he called it, the 4-5 meters infernal spirit that looked like a humanoid tiger walked towards him.

Although Ajax had many mid-level primitive stones, he didn't take out yet, as he had thought to use it after tempting the infernal spirit with low-level primitive stones.

'Good boy, come eat this and gain some intelligence so that you will not become the pawns of others,' Ajax talked to the infernal spirit but he knew that it would not understand a thing about what he had just said.

'Gulp,' the infernal spirit swallowed the second low-level primitive stone and looked at Ajax with pitiful eyes which didn't match its current size.

'Okay okay, I will give,' Ajax slowly fed one primitive stone after another and at the same time he used his other hand to pat its tiger head that was bigger than the football.

'Now is the time,' Finally, after feeding it nearly 5 primitive stones, the infernal spirit's spirit consciousness form started taking time to absorb the primitive stone it gulped.

When he saw that, Ajax immediately took out the mid-level primitive stone and fed it without hesitation as he continued patting its head with his other hand.

The infernal spirit became excited when it looked at the mid-level primitive stone, it didn't eat; instead, it looked at Ajax and roared at him in a low voice.

'What?' Ajax was shocked that it might have seen through his plan; however, looking at his gentle look on its face, Ajax quickly rejected that thought and asked it.

'Roar' 'roar'

It kept roaring at him as though it was trying to say something but it was no use as Ajax didn't learn spirit beast language till not because he didn't find a reason to learn it.


When the infernal spirit saw that Ajax was not understanding a thing of what it said, it became angry and loudly roared at him before biting his hand.

'Hey! What are you doing? It's not my fault that I am unable to understand you,' Ajax became shocked at the sudden transformation of the infernal spirit and shouted at it.


 Infernal spirit has initiated the spirit contract with the host. Do yuo want to agree to form the contract with it?

Only when he saw the system notification, Ajax understood what that infernal spirit was doing and became happy.

'Agree, I agree,' Ajax immediately agreed, thinking that the infernal spirit might lose interest in forming the spirit contract with him.


 Congratulations to the host for successfully forming the spirit contract with the infernal spirit.


 Mission progress:- 2/3 . Only one more to go host.


 Now, the host can communicate with the infernal spirit through the spirit contract.

Within a few seconds, he got the system notifications informing about the success of the spirit contract and the mission progress.

He didn't bother paying any attention to the mission progress and looked at the infernal spirit that released his hand from its mouth and waited for it to tell him what it was trying to say to him earlier.

'Roarr roar'

The infernal spirit kept on roaring for more than a minute before stopping its roaring and looked at Ajax with an expectant face.

"So, you want to give this primitive stone to your life partner," Ajax understood everything that infernal spirit was trying to tell him from the moment he showed it the mid-level primitive stone.

From the spirit contract, Ajax was able to understand and asked it once again to confirm with the infernal spirit.


The infernal spirit nodded its head agreeing to Ajax's words.

"No problem, you consume it, I have another one with me. We will give it to your life partner," Ajax smiled at the infernal spirit and finally understood the reason it attacked the Hawk tribe.

It was asked by the older birdman to attack the Hawk tribe in return, he would give a mid-level primitive stone, which could be used to heal the sickness of its life partner.

"I will help your life partner, don't worry," Ajax patted its tiger head as he said with a smile on his face.

However, the infernal spirit didn't consume the mid-level primitive stone immediately; instead, it looked at Ajax for a moment before gulping the stone.

'Now, let's go to our final target, the twin-tailed lynx,' Ajax said and came out of the infernal spirit consciousness.

'Monkey, leave the kitty. It's one of us now,' As soon as he came out, Ajax ordered the Black yetis to leave the infernal spirit that had just awakened, from its embrace.

'Boom' just as he ordered the black yetis, Ajax heard a low noise from the distance.


6000 Power stones:- 2 Extra chapters

8000 Power stones:- 5 Extra chapters

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    《New Age Of Summoners》