New Age Of Summoners
316 The Older Birdman Moves
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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316 The Older Birdman Moves

As soon as they heard the familiar eerie voice, all the elders, 12 Hawk guardians and even Hawk tribe's elite tribesmen became tense and anxious.

It was because they know that the voice belongs to the acting ancestor of the three tribes in the Shixato wilds.

Recently, the tribe leader and the five elders of the Hawk tribe revealed some of the terrifying facts about the acting ancestor from the ancient ruins.

The facts were that the ancestor was actually a slave that was sealed by their Lightning Dragon Hawk emperor and he would help the three tribes from any outside danger; however, he had gone mad due to having sealed his power and wanted nothing but to destroy the three tribes.

After knowing these facts they were even terrified to go out of their tribe even when they knew that the older birdman could not harm them directly.

However, all of a sudden they heard his voice and unconsciously shivered.

"How are you, my dead little Hawks," The older birdman appeared at the same place where the giant faceless doll sank into the ground.


As soon as the old birdman spoke a loud blasting sound could be heard by everyone and they looked at the sound and their shivering stopped by looking at the person that was coming from the smoke.

He was none other than the Hawk tribe's tribe leader Qwerek, who used his one of the powerful attacks to blast thousands of spirit beasts that were surrounding him.

And after using that attack, he immediately rushed towards the tribe and stood in front of the older birdman without any fear on his face.

"Hehe….You have become more powerful than that old lightning dragon hawk emperor when he was at your age. I wonder what miraculous encounter did you have in those barren Shixato wilds?"

The older birdman started with his eerie smile and questioned Qwerek about the secret behind his strength.

"Old slave, how did you enter into my Hawk tribe without my permission?" Instead of answering his question, Qwerek questioned in return while raising his brows.

'Where is the loophole in the hawk tribe's barrier that he managed to gain entry without my permission,' Although Qwerek looked fearless on the surface, his mind and heart were totally in a disarray about the appearance of the older birdman in his tribe.

He doesn't want to show the worry on his face because he knew that the moment he showed it, all the elders and others would lose hope and become utterly hopeless.

At the same time, he continuously thought about the barrier that prevents the older birdman from entering the tribe.

Not only Hawk tribe but the other two tribes also have a similar type of barrier that prevents the older birdman's entry into the tribe unless the tribe leader deactivates the tribes, the older birdman could not enter the tribe.

"How did I come here? Of course, I have my ways...hehe," The older birdman replied to Qwerek and asked, "What treasure did you get that helped you increase your strength this much in a short time?"

The older birdman wanted to know which item helped Qwerek to become powerful before leaving this world. So he once again asked the same question.

"Haha… I have my ways," Qwerek also replied in a similar way that made the older birdman enrage.

"Ok, fine. The giant faceless doll you fought earlier absorbed the energy from the barrier core after it was destroyed by you. So indirectly you helped me. Now say what is that item?" the older wanted to know about the item and quickly finish what he had planned earlier.

"Hahaha… why should I say to you?" Qwerek laughed as he mocked the older birdman; however, inside his heart, he cursed himself for not being careful after destroying the giant faceless doll.

'I need to waste as much time as possible before the lighting dragon hawk emperor does something for us to escape from the current predicament,' Qwerek thought in his head and decided to waste time with the older birdman as he had less confidence in winning against his fight with the older birdman.

"Because I will kill you and your tribe members in a way that could never imagine….hehe," the older birdman was never worried about Qwerek and he exactly knows what his weaknesses and strengths were.

"Huh? I think you are forgetting something here?" Qwerek puzzledly asked the older birdman pointing his finger at the older birdman's abdomen.

"Huh? Do you mean the seal placed by your real ancestor? Hehe," Looking at his own abdomen, the older birdman started laughing and stopped abruptly and replied, "I found the way to kill all of you with my own hands"

As soon as he said those words, the older birdman disappeared from his original place and appeared behind Qwerek flickered his finger on Qwerek's back.


Just as the finger touched Qwerek, he lost his flight and crashed into the ground.


Qwerek stood up from the ground by removing the rocks away from his body and looked at the older birdman who was still flying in the air and asked, "How are you still fine, even after attacking me, the hawk tribe's leader."

"Hehe...since you look like a little lost birdie, I will say it," the older birdman continued with his usual eerie smile and said, 'Because you killed the fire tribe's tribe leader Krico, I now have the chance to kill everyone from your hawk tribe in the name of justice...hehe.'



When the elders and the tribe leader heard those words, they were shocked and looked at each others' faces.

"Yes, since you killed Krico, I have to avenge him by killing you. However, since all the elders will come in my way when I kill you, I will kill them too and the seal in my spirit consciousness will not do anything to me..hehe" the older birdman said his plan of killing all the hawk tribe.

"But..but why won't that seal act on you?" Qwerek finally understood the older birdman's plans and why he made Krico challenge him to a duel. However, he still didn't understand why the seal wouldn't do anything to him?

"Because the seal was not placed by the lighting dragon emperor alone but the other two great ancestors of the tribe also helped him and added a condition to it...hehe," the older birdman stopped for a moment and continued, "They added 'avenge their tribe leader if he was killed by anyone even if he was the tribe leader of the Hawk tribe leader' and that was also agreed by your own great ancestor. A great ancestor indeed….hehe,"

When Qwerek heard those words, he was speechless and didn't understand why his great ancestor agreed to that weird condition while sealing this old birdman.


A few moments ago,

"What the hell! He came sooner than I expected," When all the elders were in despair, Ajax was the only one who was elated at the appearance of the older birdman in the Hawk tribe and exclaimed at his speed.

"Come on come on," Ajax looked at the twin-tailed lynx and waited for the system notification to come.

He didn't wait much time before a series of system notifications flooded in front of him.



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    《New Age Of Summoners》