New Age Of Summoners
318 Necros“ eerie smile
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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318 Necros“ eerie smile

"You little birds think that you can win against me just because of this little formation?" the older birdman laughed for a while before mocking all the hawk tribe members that surrounded him.

'I know that it is not strong enough to kill you, but all I want to waste as much time as possible for my ancestor to send some help,' Qwerek was not dejected by the older birdman's words as he knew that this sealing formation was only a temporary solution to stop the older birdman.

'Waoh it looks cool. If it kills or injures the older birdman, it will save me a strength potion; however, I think it's not possible,' Ajax thought the formation looked majestic but when he saw the aura around the older birdman, which was raising slowly, Ajax shook his head and took out the level strength potion and was about to give it to Necros who just made another minor breakthrough after consuming some many spirit beasts that he killed earlier and reached level 8 of the elite commander realm.

'With this level strength potion, Necros' strength will reach the peak elite general realm and can fight the older birdman on an equal footing,' Ajax thought as he finally gave the strength potion to Necros to drink.

'Necros, drink this and you will be strong enough to fight that old birdman,' Ajax said to Necros.

When he heard Ajax's words, Necros' eyes shone as he recalled the previous time's helpless situation he had against the older birdman.

Due to insufficient strength, he was unable to help Ajax last time but now with the strength potion, he could vent out his previous anger and present anger towards the older birdman.

'Ajax, don't use any items for now, when he breaks free from the sealing formation, you can use it and we need to waste as much time as possible before my great ancestor sends us help,' Just when Necros was about to drink the strength potion, Ajax received a voice transmission from Qwerek that made him stop Necros from consuming the strength potion.

Although Qwerek was unable to see what Ajax was trying to do, he was sure that Ajax would do something. So, he asked him to stop his trump cards for now and use it when the older birdman breaks the sealing formation open.

'Great ancestor?' Ajax didn't understand Qwerek words completely as he asked Qwerek in the same voice transmission.

'My tribe's great ancestor, Lightning Dragon Hawk emperor, will do something to help us as I already sent him an emergency signal earlier,' Qwerek explained about the emergency signal to Ajax.

'Okay,' Ajax nodded his head and watched the laughing older birdman in the barrier.

" think a little formation like this would seal me?" The older birdman's laugh became louder and louder as his aura also stopped increasing.

Although Ajax doesn't know exactly how much his strength had been raised, it looked that Qwerek's sealing formation would not last much longer.


With a loud explosion, the barrier that was blocking the older birdman from moving away exploded all of a sudden and all the elders and the Hawk guardians were blasted away by the explosion.

"See that...Just with my aura alone, I was able to break you 1-5-12 or whatever sealing formation," the older birdman said with a shrug and walked towards Qwerek as he continued saying, "Let me tell you another bad news in a good way. The emergency signal you sent earlier to your so-called great ancestor was blocked by me and got destroyed...Hehe. Even if you waste another 10 or 100 years, your great ancestor would not even know about what happened today."

When Qwerek heard the last words of the older birdman, he felt all his hopes in saving the tribe were disappeared and completely covered in despair as he didn't know what to do now.

"I know what you are thinking from the beginning by wasting my time and waiting for your great ancestor...Hehe. You are all just small birds in front of me trying to outsmart me. But bad luck, you need more wits to outsmart me like that human brat there," After saying that the older birdman rushed towards Ajax to kill him.

According to him, among all those who were present around him, only Ajax was a variable who was capable of doing something unexpected, so he wanted to clear this variable first before slowly taking out the rest of the Hawk tribe.

However, before he could reach Ajax, he was once again stopped by someone.

It was not Qwerek but Necros, who had an even more eerie smile than the older birdman as though he was waiting for this chance from some time.

'What?' The older birdman didn't expect Ajax's elemental spirit that only had elite commander realm strength earlier; however, now had the peak elite general realm and only one step away from the Elemental Spirit King realm.

Just a few moments back when Ajax heard the older birdman's words, he didn't waste any time and immediately ordered Necros to consume the level 3 strength potion which would increase the strength by three major realms but the only limitation was that the increment could not break past the King realm.

And the reason, he chose Necros to consume the strength potion was among all his elemental spirits Necros was the strongest one and he had one over-powered skill that would help him fight against the older birdman with ease.

When he heard Ajax's order, Necros immediately drank the potion and blocked the older birdman's attack without much difficulty and since he could resolve all his previous grudges with the older birdman, he eerily laughed.

'Necros, you only have 10 minutes, so complete this within the time,' Ajax silently said about the time limit for the strength potion and order him to complete the fight in 10 minutes.

Necros was not happy with the time limit as he liked his present feeling of 'I can do anything now'.

However, he didn't dare to complain to Ajax as he knew how rare the item he just used now and thought to torture the older birdman as much as possible within 10 minutes.

"You….. HOW DARE YOU," the older birdman was enraged when his hand was caught by Necros and loudly shouted.

"Hehe...hey old birdie, how do you want to die?" Necros noticed that the older birdman didn't like his eerie smile, so he, on purpose, asked the question with his eerie smile.

When he heard that, he got irritated and along with the eerie smile on Necros' face the older birdman's aura started rising to the peak elite general realm.

But before he could reach peak elite general realm, he was slammed into the ground by Necros. 

Necros didn't stop there and continued punching the older birdman in the ground without giving a chance for him to stand up from the ground.

Ajax looked at the fight and felt satisfied with the Necros' strength and rushed towards Qwerek to help him up.

'Don't worry Elder Qwerek, I got it under control,'


Just as he consoled Qwerek after helping him up from the ground, Ajax heard a loud boom from the place where he just came and immediately looked towards it and was shocked by what he had seen.


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    《New Age Of Summoners》