New Age Of Summoners
329 Breaking the Barrier
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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329 Breaking the Barrier


With a loud sound, both Ajax and the masked birdman fell into a dark room.

"Ouch," Ajax rubbed his head as he looked at his surroundings which had barely enough light to look a few meters around him.

In front of him, the masked birdman also stood up and checked his surroundings with a flame in his hands and immediately bowed before saying, "Grand Elder, what are you doing here?"

Ajax looked in the masked birdman's direction and noticed there were a group of old and middle-age birdmen sitting cross-legged.

"Huh? What are you doing here, Captain of the 15 crows?" The old man at the front stood up from the ground as he replied to the masked birdman with a question.

"I came to kill that damn tribe leader of ours," the masked birdman gritted his teeth as he said to the Grand Elder of the fire crow tribe.

"Did he come back to the tribe?" a middle-aged birdman beside the Grand Elder, hurriedly asked with an anxious voice.

"Yes, I think his body is destroyed in the fight with the Hawk tribe leader and but his spirit might be hiding in this house since the barrier around the tribe leader's house is still intact," The masked birdman looked at the elder, who asked the question and briefly explained the events that had happened in the Hawk tribe.

"Then we might have a chance to break this barrier that is blocking us from going out," the Grand Elder looked excited after hearing the masked birdman's words and immediately took out a rhombus-shaped wooden token that had weird markings.

After hearing the Grand Elder's words, the masked birdman didn't ask any questions as he was able to understand why all the elders and grand elders were struck here and looked at the wooden token in the Grand Elder's hands.

"Every one, take out your tokens," The Grand Elder closed his eyes before ordering the other tribe members around him.

Soon, every elder and even the masked birdman took out a similar-looking token from his space ring.

"Transfer all your energy into the token before transmitting that energy towards my wooden token, when I ask you. Do you understand?" The Grand Elder's voice sounded very serious making all those present in the dark room shudder.

"Yes, Grand Elder," Except for Ajax, everyone nodded their head and followed the Grand Elder's words.

'Woah, looks like something is going to happen here,' Ajax's interest in their actions increased and expectantly looked at them.

"Now, transfer that energy to me," The Grand Elder's voice shook the silent dark room once again as the energy beams from all the wooden tokens shot towards the Grand Elder's wooden token.


As soon as all the energy entered into the Grand Elder's wooden token, a much bigger than the previous small energy beams shot towards the barrier and made a hole in it.

As soon as the hole was made, the barrier slowly started to disappear which made all the members inside happy.


Just as the barrier disappeared Ajax excitedly shouted; however, he soon remembered he was surrounded by a bunch of fire crow oldies and covered his mouth.

"By the way, who is this human brat?" One of the elders curiously asked about Ajax.

"He is the one who saved Raweth and brought him back to our tribe," The masked birdman didn't inform about Ajax's details much but introduced him in simple words.

"Oh, good," When they heard the masked birdman's words, all of them nodded their heads and felt grateful.

Everyone in the fire crow tribe knows how important Raweth was for their tribe and when they heard that he was being on a mission for a few months, they were worried.

Since Ajax saved their tribe's hope, they felt grateful but they were in a hurry and were unable to thank him properly before rushing out of the room.

'Uff…,' Ajax heaved a sigh of relief and scolded himself for losing focus on his surroundings.

The reason he excitedly shouted was that he finally saw the system notification he awaited and it appeared at the same time when the barrier was destroyed by the elders.

After seeing that notification he was very excited that he could finally leave this five elemental world and go back to the captain Edmond and others. So, he unconsciously shouted out loud making other elders pay attention to him.

As all the fire crow tribe members were moving towards the door, Ajax followed them while checking the previous system notification.


 The host has successfully completed the mission 'Save Raweth's little brother'. So, the host can leave the five elemental world.

'Finally, I can leave the five elemental world, but Elder Qwerek said he wants to talk to me about something,' Ajax thought back to the time when he left the Hawk tribe in a hurry and shook his head before asking the system, 'System, can I stay a little longer here?'

Even though he wanted to leave the five elemental world, somewhere inside his heart, he wanted to stay and let his elemental spirits and himself train in the five elemental world for a few more days. So, he asked the system about it.


 Since the host went through great trouble for a 'B' danger rating mission, the system can give three time periods to stay in the five elemental world. Please select one of them.

A single day.

Five days

Ten days.

'Huh? Interesting...interesting,' Ajax nodded his head for such a considerate system.

After thinking for a moment he said, "System, I choose to stay 10 days here."

The reason he chose that ten even though he wanted to return back to the human world was that he remembered the previous mission reward about becoming a rank 4 alchemy master with the system help.

So, he decided to stay in the five elemental world, since the alchemy ingredients in the five elemental world were easier to get than the human world.


 The host's stay in the five elemental world has extended to 10 days.

Note:- The host can not leave the five elemental world in these 10 days.

'Okay, I am only staying an extra 10 hours. So there is nothing to worry,' Ajax thought and calculated that total time he was staying in the five elemental world with the human world.

Even though it's been two days in the five elemental world, only two hours have passed in the human world and even with the additional ten-day stay in the five elemental world, Ajax would be away from Captain Edmond for only 12 hours.

So, Ajax was not worried and decided to stay in the five elemental world.

'I can leave the five elemental world with rank 4 alchemy master's knowledge...Haha' 

Just thinking about his alchemy master's rank made Ajax satisfied and made him laugh.

He soon suppressed his happiness inside his heart and followed the elders towards the door.

However, just before they opened the door, the door opened itself and a black silhouette entered the room and said in a low ghost voice, "Hello, my dear elders. Where do you think you are going?"

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    《New Age Of Summoners》